Really only one thing that lets this phone holder down, and that is the clamping mechanism which holds the actual little attachment point to the bicycle itself. Ill talk about that a bit later on, because the phone holder itself is excellent. I think that this phone holder represents the best price to quality ratio of any bicycle phone, mount that ive tried or know about. So this topeak smart bag or a smartphone dry bag costs about 25 pounds in britain about 25 euros in the eu or somewhere between 20 and 30 dollars in the us. So its not super super cheap, but its also not that expensive, especially when you consider that you know you can find 50 or 100 phone mounts out there, and i know people who have used some of those and they seem to have just as many problems as Ive had with the cheap ones, and the main problem with the cheap ones is that they usually have a kind of a ball joint mounting system with a little plastic screw that acts as a clamp and that usually, eventually just breaks and ive. Also, just had the plastic split as well: ive had this particular dry bag for six months and really had no problems at all with it. It basically consists of an inner, clear plastic sleeve, and this outer sort of black protective layer and theyre, either glued together or sonically welded. Something like that that outer piece just provides a bit of protection and acts as the mounting surface and the clear inner sleeve is what actually provides your waterproofing and even though this is coming apart.

A little bit here on mine thats not affecting the waterproofing at all, because its just the bond between those two materials, its not that inner, clear plastic itself. The way this works is is really simple. It comes in a couple: different sizes, theres, a five inch version, a six inch version, a version for the iphone and the iphone plus. But if you buy this, you have to be careful because um you have to look on the product specifications and find the actual dimensions and compare that with your phone. For example, in my case, i have the six inch dry bag. My phone is a motorola g30, which is a six and a half inch phone, but it actually fits perfectly inside this dry bag. So it just slips in like that. Then you have a little roll top closure theres a little like a zip block type closure. Here. I never really even use that i just roll it shut, and then you get a little flap that closes with a velcro and thats perfectly waterproof. Ive never had any problem with water getting into this phone holder, and one thing i have done to this is ive cut a little slit in the bottom here to put a charging cable through. That works perfectly im, not really sure why that isnt there from the beginning. I guess a little water could leak in there, but i havent really had problems and this hasnt torn away from where ive made that cut so thats, one really small modification ive done but thats.

Basically, the toe peak smartphone dry bag, its pretty compact, pretty light, seems well made and its very durable. The other thing i guess i could say about this – is it does discolor very, very slightly in the sun. Mine is just slightly yellowing, but its still perfectly clear. Where the screen is – and i actually know somebody who has had one of these for like five years and its still functional, so it does seem to last for a long time, whereas in the past, ive always bought the cheap ones and sometimes theyve lasted a week. A couple weeks and then theyll split or the mounting system will break something like that. But now let me talk about the mounting system and in order to do that, im going to switch the camera angle. So i can show you what im talking about all right. So now lets take a closer look at the mounting system of the toepeak smartphone dry bag, heres, the bag itself, and in case you couldnt, see earlier. The outer black protective plastic is just coming away from the actual waterproof sleeve just slightly in the corner. But since theyre separate pieces, its not affecting the waterproofing and yeah here, you can see that they are separate pieces, theyre, just sort of glued or welded around the screen itself and the actual clip is sort of sewn to this outer protective sleeve and its actually very Stable – and this is a very hard plastic, so its quite durable heres – the mounting system – this can be mounted either that way or turn 90 degrees.

If you want to mount it on your handlebars, because the phone can then slide in either that way or if the whole mount was turned that way as well and once it is slid in it, just clicks into place and theres a little release button underneath so Thats all very secure – and i have no problems with this system at all – this plastic square is also very hard and very durable. What i do have a problem with is how this black square actually gets clamped to your stem or handlebars, because, as you can see, you can actually turn this its, not super easy but relatively easily, and this mount is actually quite new because i recently replaced it. But what happens is over time. It loses its clamping effectiveness and ill show you that now and then this just just becomes looser and looser, and eventually you just cant, tighten it to an acceptable level and you have to replace the mounting clamp, luckily theyre, very cheap theyre like two or three dollars On amazon, but it is annoying and its something that i think toe peak should address. So the way this works is you have this plastic piece and its clamped on with this plastic strap and its attached through this plastic bolt, and the problem is that this is all plastic. This is a allen screw, but its a plastic allen screw and if you undo that you will see that its actually, this kind of a worm screw type design.

Hopefully you can see that and then this all comes off actually its a separate piece. So perhaps finding your own clamp would make this stronger. I havent really thought about that, but that is a possibility, but we dont need this right now, im just going to show you this actual clamp and the way this works is the little gears on this warmer screw fit into the grooves on the strap and as You turn it tightens, and you basically put this around your stem or handlebars, pull it to a reasonably tight point, put the warmer screw in and that will then allow you to tighten but ill show you the problem, theres actually two problems that can happen. If i go ahead and tighten this, hopefully this is showing up on the camera. You can see its pulling the strap through, but at a certain point it slips and theres two ways that its can slip right now. My allen tool is actually slipping in the screw head. You can see that there its its actually its actually just slipping through there and that limits how tight you can make this. But the problem is its just really not tight enough. It is right now. This is actually quite good, but the other thing that happens is over time. The plastic grooves will will wear out and ive also had it where the screw will start slipping across those grooves. And then you really cant get this tight anymore and eventually all the plastic wears out and you have to replace the clamp and that is the biggest problem with the toe peak smartphone dry bag.

I still think its a very good bag, as you can see with a new clamp, you can get it. You know quite tight. This is actually quite hard to move now, but over time this will all just start to loosen up and wear out, and then it just becomes harder and harder to tighten, and eventually you have to replace the mounting system because it works well when its new, i Still think its a very good phone mount, but if they did something like that, it would be an excellent phone mount and i know a way they could do that this black plastic block here is a click fix gopro gopro mount. I dont have the adapter part here, but your gopro attaches to another plastic piece which fits over that block. You can mount this anywhere, such as here ive got it on a toe peak bar extender, but i could mount that on my handlebars or stem as well and rather than a plastic strap. It uses a metal strap and that metal strap fits through a metal piece inside this block and then, when you tighten this allen screw it pulls the strap through and tightens that, and that is a very, very secure mount. This is pretty much immovable. I can barely move it and if the phone mount used a strap like this, it would be really really excellent, but as it is, the strap is somewhat problematic. In my opinion, um, but yeah thats thats, the video for today.

I hope you enjoyed um if youre. Looking for a phone mount, i definitely recommend checking this out. I i like topek products in general, and i think this is a pretty good product um and its much better than those cheap ones which i forgot. I mentioned that the strap is similar earlier, but the strap actually is different on the cheap ones. It uses a plastic screw that you just turn and that will either crack or where you have your ball joint, that cracks and ive also had the screen split off. On those, whereas here the inner sleeve is actually separate on the cheap mounts, youll just have a front cover welded to a black plastic outer sleeve and that can actually just split so much worse design. I hope thanks again for watching uh hope you enjoy the rest.