So i got this from amazon. Okay, there are a lot of varieties and models of the so lets. Unbox this one okay, whats inside and then later on, uh. I will share to you how to use this one, quick review or uh and then thats it Music and then try to open this one again, normal usb and micro usb. So not just types. You know, and then mine was manuals and okay, smart mic and qr code. Okay, you can use this qr code parameter uh compatible, okay, uh on succeeding. You know after uh, maybe after split minutes uh. I also i im going to teach also how to get that. One and what exactly? Okay, Music foreign? There are three types: white black and this blue okay, my kit on your little is smart. My silver modeling permission, three colors uh, black blue and the white one, its a good one, its a good product, so Music. And then you can start rock and roll blogging. Okay, you can produce your golden boys, Music, so Music. So after clicking the smart mic, plus app atomic gigging main screen, so you are connected and you are now ready to rock and roll and automatic and download automatic to your gallery.