This is a going to be a review, but its not going to be a review really because im, not a qualified phone reviewer but heres. The thing im going to put review here because i typed orbik maui review into google search engine and no videos popped up. Apparently, no one on youtube has done any kind of a review of this phone. You know so its a very uh, i dont know i mean orbik, you know ive heard of motorola nokia, but orbit. This is a stinker. This is a crap phone and ill just go over a couple things about the phone. Before i ran about some of the crap things about it now theres the box, the phone came in. It came with some kind of a tool: utensil uh, maybe thats – to pop out the sim card. Im, not sure you got the box here. This is an empty box because the phone is charging. Oh yeah im doing a phone review without the actual phone huh thats. The instructions for the phone im not going to get into the instructions, but you know its all. You need to know about the phone theres a little insert a collectible insert and then thats just you know, thats just some plastic covering now getting into the tech. Specs of this we got up to 256 gigabytes of expandable memory. The speed is 1.3 gigahertz, quad core processor and the weight is 1.3 ounce. Now the thing about that processor, the quad core 1.

3 gigahertz processor, is that is about 20 times more powerful than the in television amico, and yet this phone was only 30 bucks. This phone thats, the – i i i would say the best point of this phone. The best thing about it, the only good thing about it, is its 30 bucks, and that is a lot less in the in television amiko. In fact, if i were to do a comparison between the orbik maui, which is a crap product and the intellivision amico, i think this would probably come out ahead. A 30 dollar smartphone would come out ahead on the intellivision amico do a lot more with it. Have a lot more fun, probably a a bigger, better game library. You know that might trigger some people, but you know just speaking of truth. On that i mean, maybe you could do some things with the amico. You cant do with this, but i i dont know you know honestly putting up this 30 smartphone in 2021, which, with much higher specs versus the amico, i think thats a fair comparison but anyways and a lot of you uh that are looking for obrecht maui review Are like what the hells in in television miko? Ah, you dont need to worry about it. So what makes this phone crap well id say first off the reception now when it comes to recording recording audio, you know using an app not that bad, not that bad at all, but when it comes to trying to hear people and listen to them on the Built in mic, not so good, not so good, but it doesnt just stop there.

I mean the basic function of a phone would be talking to someone and listening to someone. The listening to someone part is not that good on the orbit. Maui from my personal experience now i had a motorola before this and when i was going to youtube videos, the volume was about twice as high than it is here. The volume is terrible when you crank this thing up all the way. Youre, like really you pitiful phone, is that the best you could do, but i would say, and theres a lot to really. I could rant about about this phone, but the worst thing about this phone by far is the fact that i didnt have this problem with the motorola okay im trying to go through a playlist on youtube, some music channels. They have playlist or you know any kind. Any kind of thing youre doing on this phone, if you put it in your pocket, you can have it in your pocket for like 30 seconds and instantly youll be somewhere. You have no idea how you got there. Just barely i dont know what it is. This is the only smartphone ive ever seen where its just so freaking sensitive the screen. Everything about it is so very sensitive its like triggered people they get triggered. When i talk about how trash the amico looks, you know compared to a thirty dollar smartphone, its so sensitive and thats. Ultimately, the big reason i was probably gon na go with something anyways because, like i said this was temporary but thats.

The big reason i just cant deal with i cant vibe with this, i cant rock the orbic maui im. Sorry so yeah leave it in the comment section down below if you have even ever seen this phone. If you know anybody with this phone – and just you know, bless their hearts, this is this is a terrible, terrible product. Uh for the price i mean theres, worse ways: you can spend 30 bucks, i suppose uh, but yeah.