Now this retails for about 130 usd um its, not a brand, that im familiar with, but i was looking at some options from ulefone, which looks to be like a competitor, and i came across this phone, which will seem like a great value. Okay. So before i get started with the review, if you find this video helpful or any of my other videos, please consider liking and subscribing and lets get started. Okay, so a few tech specs about the phone, so its a 5.7 inch ips screen its a hd resolution of 720 by 1440p and uh 283 ppi with a screen ratio of 18 to 9. So definitely not one of the sharpest displays out there at 283 ppi. The cpu is a mediatek helio, 822 cpu running at two gigahertz and has three gigs of lp ddr3 ram in terms of storage. It has 32 gigs of on board storage, which can be expanded with a micro sd card up to 128 gigs for a total of 160 gb, which is quite a lot like i mentioned its a 50 580 milliamp hour battery and the waterproof rating is ip68 rating And an ip69k rating for protection against dust, high temperatures, high water pressure in the front theres a 5 megapixel uh lens there and at the back theres a 8 megapixel sony imx 134 lens. Now you can see theres a flash here and looks like three modules for cameras, but only one of those modules is populated as far as i can tell them, after reaching out to the manufacturer and theres a bluetooth, thats running bluetooth, five and theres android 10.

I did update the phone and it capped out at android 10, so i doubt theres going to be any future upgrades in terms of weight, its actually not too bad. Its 261 grams ive held much heavier phones that werent rugged. So this is actually not bad for a rugged phone um. It supports up to 4g no 5g and in terms of the dimension, so its 6.2 inches tall 3 inches wide and 0.54 inches high. So, really not that bad for a phone thats rugged in terms of a form factor. So one thing i forgot to mention earlier when i was going over to specs is that this phone does have nfc and if youre not sure what that is, that just means near field communications and thats. Usually, what allows you to tap the back of your phone to pay for purchases? Okay, so before i get into the rest of the review, i wanted to go over a couple of potential deal breakers now considering the price of the phone at 130. Us you know thats to be expected, but this phone has no wireless charging. Its only three gigs of ram, like i mentioned theres no type c charging its only going to be micro, usb charging. Okay. So considering that this is a rugged phone, as i mentioned, the design is actually not too bad. I do like it with these little pops of green here, its not really not a bad looking phone also like i mentioned its not overly thick, unlike other rugged uh smartphones that ive seen and it does have.

You know a nice textured finish on the back here, that you can see and it carries around on the phone which really does help and theres. Also, these little uh ribbing features here or these little protrusions here just to protect against uh drops it could just bounce or absorb some of that, so in terms of the design, its really not really not a bad looking phone taking a look at the front of The phone theres, a 5 megapixel camera there front facing speaker and there is an led notification light that pops up when you have notifications missed calls. I dont have anything so its not lit right now, but it is a great feature to have on phones at the back of the phone. It looks like theres a four camera module, but it actually is not so we have a flash here and opposite of that is a 8 megapixel sony sensor. The other two modules appear to be dummy modules or just placeholder modules. Maybe these are filled on higher end phones. The bottom of the phone has a micro usb charging port, which is a bit disappointing. It would have been better if it was type c. The current spec so youre still going to have to keep one of those cables and theres also two downward firing speakers and a microphone. The top of the phone also covered that it houses a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which is really appreciated. Taking a look at the side of the phone, there is a volume rocker here and a power button, and these have good travel distance when theyre pressed.

The only thing i wish is that they werent smooth and that they had a bit of a texture for additional grip, so on the opposite side of the phone thats, where the sim card and memory card tray is so what makes this phone truly rugged? Well, like i mentioned earlier, it has passed 10 military grade tests to get the a10g rating that it has. It is waterproof up to 1.5 meters or 5 feet for about 30 minutes and its also drop proof from about 1.5 meters or 5 feet as well, and it is fully dust proof and its something that i truly do believe, because these are sealed quite tightly. Okay. So if youre buying this phone for its ruggedness, you may actually be dropping it. So i cant extend my camera that high, but its extended three feet up. So what im gon na do is im just gon na take this phone and drop it from three feet. Now i have a video ready here: im just gon na play it its very hard to see the word huge makeup against so speakers working fine lets take a close look. Let me turn the screen off no damage on the screen. Corners, no cracking! Nothing is out of place, so that was a three feet drop and it is rated for up to a five foot drop. This phone does say that is, it is waterproof right here. So what im going to do is im just going to play this music here and drop it in the hair, make sure to sound this little Music, Music, foreign Music, all right, so that did really well.

You could see everything sealed up. Um, discharging port here sim card tray there and a headphone jack there to get into the phone. You have two options: one is face unlock and the other is by pin or swiping. There is no fingerprint reader anywhere on the phone now face, unlock its really hit and miss and its not something. I would try, especially in dim lighting, okay, taking a look at the screen on the phone, its a 283 ppi screen or pixels per inch. So its definitely not a high end screen and you can see the text is clear, but its not going to be super crisp or sharp. Now the refresh rate on the phone is low, im pretty sure its at 60. I can find official documentation on that, but thats, one of the reasons why the battery life is also great. Now one thing that i was impressed with is the max brightness. You can see it does get quite bright now. This is great for indoor use its more than adequate shaded areas when youre outdoors, but in direct sunlight. You may want it a bit brighter, but given the price of the foam, this is fine. Taking a look at navigating around the phone, its pretty fluid moving around the screens – and you know it does seem to load fairly quickly. I think im being restricted by my internet speed right now, im kind of in the basement here, but you can see its still loading pretty well.

If i go into youtube and i go back, let me just reload the home screen here: theres a there. You can see theres a bit of a delay it. You shouldnt, take that long and again im being limited by my internet speed, but once you do start you know, loading around everything seems fine. If i play a video, you can see, i mean in terms of video quality, seems fine, its not glitching or hiccuping, and when i put it to full screen mode, there was a bit of a delay there. It took like a little bit of a second or under to go to full screen mode and then back out of full screen mode back to the home screen. Its okay, like i said nothing to write home about, but for casual use. Itll get you by. If youre planning on gaming on this phone, be warned like i mentioned, you know, were just a two gigahertz cpu and three gigs of ram youre, not gon na, be able to play many new games. Now, if i just start, this temple run game here as long as youre playing something thats around this level of you know, demanding specs, then youll be okay, so it still runs okay enough, but you can see there are some pickups and things like that. In terms of the max output for the volume its not that bad so ill play this video Music, so you can hear that max volume is quite loud ill show that again, Music in terms of the cameras on this phone, theyre, really basic cameras.

So the front five megapixel camera works and it looks like it applies some type of skin softening, but youre mostly going to want to use this back camera here, which has the sony sensor on it. So you can see, as i look here, you know its maintaining focus pretty quickly and then once im ready to snap. You know it takes it very quickly and then i can just click this to review it now. Let me just go to widescreen, so you can see everything is in focus so its well for quick snaps, but you know its not going to be anything amazing. You know youre going to want to post on social media now. These are some photos i took on the weekend. So even though its a little bit backlit, you could see, everything is in focus and you know exposed fairly decently. I also did take a video and you can hear the sound pickup is pretty good of that seagull. Flying down there, so its good for general use. Okay, so lets talk about the battery life, so, like i mentioned this, one has a 5580 milliamp hour battery, which has a sizeable battery and even with the screen, brightness maxed out. You know this is lasting me. You know three four five days even now, keep in mind i dont have bluetooth turned on and i leave my location office im just running off the wi fi. But if im watching videos – and you know i could have the sound pretty loud – do a little bit of light gaming – the battery life is really good on this.

So youre not gon na, be charging this too often to get an idea of how good the battery is on this phone im gon na play a video, its not gon na be full screen, because i wan na have a real time showing of the battery drain. But im gon na let the video play for about five to ten minutes and you can take a look at the battery discharge rate in terms of software. Like i mentioned this, one comes with android 10 and i checked for updates and it doesnt look like its going to get out of android 10. in terms of bloatware, though it doesnt come with too many apps on here, theres some bv apps for black view, but The one app that was very handy is this toolbag app, so you can see it has a bunch of stuff like compass, sound meter, pick hanging uh, gradienter height measure protractor, so it looks like its really geared for someone who would be in constructions or their traits And they actually seem well calibrated like i didnt, calibrate anything and just right out of the box there, you know everything seems seems pretty pretty well functioning. Is this phone worth the price i think in 130? Us it is worth the price, but its gon na depend on your expectations and what your use case is, so this phone really is meant to be kind of knocked around um. Like i mentioned, it does show that its waterproof hair and its also shock proof over here.

So its really meant for situations or people who are going to put their phone through. You know a little bit of a beating, so if you have a child who always loses their phone or is always damaging their phone, this is probably going to be a great option for them, because youre probably not going to cry if something happens to it. So let me know what you think about this video or, if you think this phone is worth it for the price.