I have the iphone 13 pro max 1100 bucks, oh yeah, well, for 900. I have something better, its the new google pixel 6 pro. Not only is it prettier, but it has features that your phone does not have like. The new action. Panning feature im going to show this off to you and youre going to be jealous. Mr popular phone in this video were testing stills only but were recording a lot of this video with the phones. So look in the corner to see what were filming with subscribe to see the future review where we cover the video capabilities. Tony try the action panning mode and see how it works. Heres a standard photo taken with the iphone and you can see chelsea looks like shes parked its missing that key part of storytelling, which is movement. The iphone does allow you to change its live photos to a long exposure mode, but you can see its very shaky looking. This is created by averaging a bunch of separate images, but, as a result, the movement isnt smooth the iphone also made no effort to stabilize non moving subjects. The pixels long exposure isnt perfect, but it does tell the story. You can tell shes driving and not parked theres, some fringing and the transitions from still to moving parts of the background. Theyre not perfect, but this is better than i could get with any smartphone or even a real camera, because a real camera isnt smart enough to separate the foreground and the background subjects they would both be shaky with this long of an exposure.

I love that google is integrating advanced storytelling into their cameras right. That was the long exposure mode now lets try the action pan mode from outside the car. I know the perfect location its cold now were going to test out some panning shots switch to action. Pan follow a moving subject and snap most cameras give you a picture that looks like the car is parked, but the pixel blurs the background, showing the motion telling the most important part of the story. Heres. What the iphone produced it sucks were in devils, hop yard state park where theres a big waterfall, so youre going to be hearing some voiceovers because its too loud, but while were here, lets talk about the design. Ive got this iphone its got. The hard edges kind of like the iphone x did, whereas my pixel has some nice soft edges to it, and it has a really beautiful screen which is hard to show on camera. It kind of makes it look like you have a printed photo under glass. It has a really beautiful look, im shocked, but i actually like that design better and without the case, i like the black stripe that you have across the back better too its just more modern and beautiful, and it feels better in the hand because this is actually Like its uncomfortable to hold without a case, whereas that feels so soft and natural, and even though the screens are almost like exactly the same size, your yours feels smaller.

It fits in the pocket better yeah. It feels a little more comfortable, but i will say its so streamlined its kind of slippery, so im definitely going to put my case on right away. I feel like, as design goes, the pixel definitely wins this, but both these cameras can do long. Exposures so were gon na grab a tripod and uh go. Try them out with the waterfall, as professional photographers were used to carrying a tripod and a big camera and an nd filter for this type of shot. Nice. The pixel doesnt need a filter or a tripod. It fits in your pocket and if it falls in the water, its waterproof again using the iphones long exposure mode, this is the best we could get handheld. The iphone will blend the photos together, but it doesnt stabilize them the pixel intelligently blends them together. So the still parts are sharp and the moving parts are moving again, its not perfect. We can see this still part here got a little bit blurred out as it got grouped into the moving water. I put both cameras on a tripod and you can see that dramatically improved the iphones picture, but the pixel didnt really change how it processed the iphones exposure seems longer and the water seems smoother. But if you zoom in youll, see a flaw in the iphone processing see this repeated pattern that happens because theres a little gap between each of the individual pictures that the iphone takes and the iphone isnt smart enough to create an artificial motion blur out of it.

The pixels exposure isnt as long, but it more intelligently blends it into one long exposure. Turning off the long exposure lets compare the sharpness of the main lenses to me, the pixel looks a little sharper. I see more detail in these leaves and this tree checking the foreground. Look at this white birch theres, so much more detail in the pixel picture than there is in the iphone photo. The pixel is definitely the better landscape camera. We decided to test the selfie cameras at the falls and you can see they have very different image processing the iphone really raises the shadows and eliminates all contrast in the faces. You can see the pixel leaves in the natural shadows under the eye for better or worse. I think here the iphone processing looks a little bit better, but the pixels processing is a little more natural. You can pick your favorite. I tested the macro capabilities by focusing, as close as i could to this rose. This is the google pixel, and this is the iphone. The iphones new macro lens is just astounding thats, a win for apple walking back after dusk. We spotted a hawk in a tree and decided to test out each cameras. Telephoto lenses. The pixel has drastically more detail with its 105 millimeter equivalent lens the iphone 77 millimeter equivalent lens just doesnt show enough for far away subjects the pixel wins. I tried taking pictures of birds at my feeder, but i could get the telephoto lens on the pixel to properly focus.

The cameras on our phones are looking more and more like professional photos, but why do professional cameras have huge lenses like this its so they can have a larger aperture thats. The part that opens up like your eye and lets in more light. Why do you want to let in more light? Well, it makes cleaner photos, but it also makes the background more blurred. So you get more subject. Separation. Let me show you what i mean with a traditional camera. The photographer chooses the aperture at the time of shooting, measured in f stops higher f, stop numbers offer less background blur lower f, stop numbers, offer more background blur and bigger bokeh balls for more information check our award winning photography book stunning digital photography now lets see What the same photo looks like with the google pixel and the iphone using software based background blur, instead of a big old lens like that, in my opinion, the iphone photo on the left is over. Processed apple always removes all the shadows from your face and puts this weird, yellow tint to it. The pixel actually looks better from a distance, but lets zoom in the iphone has a nice even transition to the artificial background blur that looks completely natural. The pixels transition is harsh and artificial. The worst part about the pixels 2x mode is that its actually a crop from the wider angle lens, thus its really low resolution, and then the pixel adds a whole bunch of sharpening to try to make it better.

But it just ends up making your skin look terrible. I promise i dont really look like that. Pixel photo shooting into the sun. The pixel did much better. It focused more accurately and had less flaring when in full sun. The iphone screen is noticeably brighter. If we compare the iphone to our canon r5, you can see the canon r5s colors are much more natural and the iphone seems to wash out all the detail from your face. We can also see what real optical bokeh transitions look like to further test bokeh falloff for flyaways. We recruited our furriest model. You can see the pixel better exposed for pixels eye, whereas the iphone let it go very dark, but zooming into these bokeh transitions. You can see the iphone is nice and smooth rendering it just like a real camera. Would, whereas the pixel draws harsh lines between the foreground and background and doesnt smooth out those transitions, so they both look. Fine zoomed back, but zoomed in the iphone definitely looks better. Now well dim the lights light some candles and test low light wide angle portraits the pixels artificial bokeh really creates background separation, focusing your attention onto chelsea instead of the distractions. The depth mapping is really good. The front of this map is sharp, while the back is nicely blurred and the transition between the two seems very smooth great work. Google, the pixels night sight algorithm stacked, multiple images in low light to smooth out chelseas face.

As a result, her skin looks way better than the iphone in these conditions. The iphone doesnt even have a wide angle portrait mode. You can see in this low light scenario. The pixel did a better job of blurring the background and produced clearer images, thanks to also combining the portrait mode with night sight. The pixel won the wide angle portraits, but the iphone won the telephoto portraits. This is because of a design decision that apple and google made apple, put in a 77 millimeter telephoto lens with depth, mapping and thats what they use for the telephoto portraits the pixel put in 105 millimeter telephoto lens thats, better for far away subjects, but it doesnt Use it for portraits. Thus, it had used the wide angle lens for the telephoto portraits, which resulted in cropping, which resulted in lower quality but in wide angle situations, maybe more common in the real world. The iphone completely lacks that depth. Mapping foca capability, the pixel, made the wide angle lens the depth mapping portrait lens. Thus, you have the option of wide angle portraits, which you completely lack on the iphone so which works better, for you depends on whether youre more into traditional, portraits or wide angle, natural environment, portraits lets look at some more shots that we took in a coffee shop. The pixel crops in a bit on its wide camera but also blurs the background. The bokeh created, subject: separation that blurred out this unnecessary employees only sign which just serves as a distraction on the iphone the skin tones are more natural on the pixel 2, whereas the iphone skin tones are orange and over saturated in this backlit photo.

You can see the iphone made my face completely orange. The iphone also recovered detail on the background, which was probably better left hidden, while the pixel might be a little under saturated. I like the fact that it let the background become overexposed, since it is a distraction. Anyway, zooming in we can see the pixel sensor is far more detailed. Oh, i really got ta pluck some of those black hairs. Realistically, both those smartphones produce excellent, portraits in different situations. If you want to learn more about making portraits check out our award winning video book with more than 20 hours of video stunning digital photography, more than 2 million people have learned photography this way in the last decade, whether using a real camera, a drone, a smartphone, The concepts of lighting posing storytelling are all the same check it out and help support this channel now im going to test both these phones for astrophotography pictures of the stars. This is something that used to be reserved for huge cameras with big, fast lenses on a tripod, but im going to do them both hand held the super wide lenses on both the smartphones produced, absolutely terrible results. Switching to the main lens you can see, they both did an amazing job of hand held astro photography. These constellations are so much clearer on the pixel and if you really zoom into the iphone, you can see movement. This is camera shake that the iphone didnt successfully eliminate the google pixel just does much better processing of these astro shots.

You can also put both these on a tripod, just as any real photographer would for astrophotography, and the iphone has a cool advantage here and thats magsafe magsafe is this magnetic system where you can stick chargers or wallets or other things onto the back, but you can Also buy this tripod mount. Let me attach it bam. No quick release plate turn it horizontal vertical, whatever the pixel will only do this with the case off its not quite magnetic enough to go through the case. Lets take a look at the results, its all right. I caught the pixel just in time, but maybe dont use magsafe for the pixel. The iphone kept the shutter open for 30 seconds, while the pixel kept it open for a full four minutes lets zoom in the iphone over sharpened the stars. Thats. Why you see they? Each have little shadows: all the stars are also little lines on the iphone, because the stars actually move through the sky. The pixel is smart enough to cancel out those movements. It actually acts as a star tracker and by staying open eight times longer. The pixel pulled even more stars out of the sky. The pixel did something even a star tracker. Couldnt do and thats keep still foreground subjects sharp. You can see it masked off this tree to keep the branches sharp way better than the iphone did, but you can see an artificial line where the pixels movement masking stopped capturing all the stars.

Behind these tree branches, most people wouldnt notice it. I tried taking a selfie with the stars in the background, but i couldnt see the screen so its not a good selfie, but you can see the iphone lit up the screen and illuminated my face, but also somehow managed to balance the exposure and get stars in The background they completely blew away the pixel. So if you want to take starlet selfies, i guess you get the iphone. The pixel 6 pro has the superior camera and is the way better option. It does have some weaknesses. The iphone was better at the telephoto portraits and the fake bokeh in that telephoto mode was way better way. Smoother. It was a little better, but you have things like the action panning and the long exposures that the iphone cant do at all. You also dont have the 105 millimeter zoom that the pixel has also, i like the processing better for landscapes and things like that, theres more saturation, theres. More contrast, they look a little bit richer, clear winner. For me, the pixel 6 pro the best smartphone camera for stills photography, weve advertised one more thing, its also better in low light, which is not some trivial place to win. How many of you have taken pictures in clubs or at restaurants and its all like smudgy and ugly? This looks way better in low light. Okay, okay were gon na test. The video capabilities next subscribe to see that and in the comments down below, tell us which two smartphones youd like us to compare in it looks better too.

It has a better design and i, like the screen better im, not taking this wind lightly. Im gon na keep driving at home. You can turn off the cameras, but im gon na keep going. This goes on forever.