Besides its shortcomings, we thought that it was still a solid daily driver for its below 6 000 pesos price tag. Now infinix is back with this hot 11s and it sure got notable upgrades while still maintaining an entry level price weve been using this for some days now and lets see if this is the phone for you keep on watching for our full review Music coming in With a refined design, the infinix hot 11s has a wavy pattern at the back. That gives a gradient look when viewing the phone from different angles. Up close youll also see some subtle shimmers that actually give a graphite illusion on the upper left. Youll find its protruding oblong shaped camera module that houses, the triple rear cameras and the quad led flash also found here at the back are its fingerprint scanner and a simple infinix logo. Well from afar, it can be mistaken with a glass build. However, when holding the phone youll immediately notice, its all plastic curved body with a glossy finish, thats insanely prone to fingerprint smudges thats, why we highly suggest placing a case on now, despite the plastic material, the hot 11s is rather hefty at 205 grams, but nonetheless, its Still comfortable to grip, what we have here is in the polar black color, but it also comes in either green, wave or seven degree. Purple four buttons and parts situated on the left side is a triple card slot for two nano sim cards and a micro sd card for up to 256 gigabytes.

Meanwhile, on the right are the volume rocker and the power button that are all easy to reach; theres. Nothing on top but theres a slogan embedded that says the future is now okay, then heading over to the bottom. We get a 3.5 millimeter, audio jack, primary microphone, main loudspeaker and a usb type c port, which is nice to see since the hot 10. S still had a micro usb port up front, this infinix hot 11 s sports, a 6.78 inch ips lcd display with fairly slim bezels and a punch hole notch on the upper middle right below the earpiece, its a slightly smaller display compared to its predecessor. But this seems to be a tad bit more vibrant. Specifically, it has a resolution of 2480 by 1080 pixels, a pixel density of ‘9 pixels per inch, a 90 hertz refresh rate option and a 180hz touch sampling rate. It might not be as good as an amoled screen, yet it still offers a smooth and bright display with bungee colors and decent viewing angles. Overall, this display is alright its something youd expect in its range and its good enough for browsing through your social media. Apps gaming and streaming videos for protection. It has a layer of negd, norix t2x1 and a pre installed screen protector on top in the settings. You can turn on the dark theme. If you prefer toggle the refresh rate to 16 90 or auto switch, then you can also adjust the touch, sensitivity and speed.

Additionally, from the drop down control center, you can use the peak proof button that will trigger a transparent black layer on the display. So your screen isnt easy to read for people around you, as for audio similar to other infinix smartphones, its backed with dts sound for a better audio experience. So you can customize the equalizer. If you like, we get a dual stereo speaker setup that can surprisingly get loud enough for a small room without sounding too teeny. Then again, the quality is fair within the highs and mids, but not so much on bass. Talk about software. The infinix hot 11s runs on android 11 skinned with xos 7.6 from the get go theres a lot of things going on its bombarded with bloatware and some pre installed, apps that you most likely wont use, but you can uninstall the majority of them anyway. Personally, im, not a fan of the default ui look, but thankfully infinix has numerous free themes in the x theme. App that definitely looks better. There are also free, wallpapers and fonts here that i know a lot of people can appreciate still in the xtheme app. You can also customize the animation for whenever someone calls you and its called video show for other features: theres app, lock, app, freezer social turbo for whatsapp, clone, apps, multi window and digital well being and parental controls. So the hot 11s is available in either 64 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes of internal storage.

The unit we have has 64 gigabytes and we get a usable 50 gigabytes right out of the box. If thats, not enough, you can opt for the 128 gigabytes variant or expand it via the micro sd card slot. Under the hood. This infinix hot 11s is powered with a mediatek helio g88 chipset, together with a mali, g52 mc2 gpu and four or six gigabytes of ram. What we have packs four gigabytes of ram the performance isnt that big of a leap from the hotend ss internals, but it still is an upgrade and it can deliver well for basic to moderate day to day use like web browsing, video streaming messaging and calling for Gaming theres a game mode in the settings that you can turn on for a boost and quick assistance. This phone can handle graphically intensive games such as genting impact, pokemon unite and asphalt 9 in low to medium settings. It does heat up when used for extended periods of time, but not to an alarming level. If youd like to see the benchmark scores that we got well flash them now, Music for security, you can unlock the device via face recognition and a side mounted fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner responds quickly while the face unlock works well with some struggle under low light scenarios. Okay for connectivity features, it comes with 4g lte wi, fi, bluetooth, 5.0, gps, screencast and theres. Also an fm radio app pre installed when it comes to battery.

We get a 5 000 milliamp capacity, which is lower than the 6 000 milliamp capacity on the infinix hot 10 s. Nonetheless, this is compensated with its 18 watts fast charging tech, since its predecessor still had a micro, usb port and a 10 watts adapter. When we ran it through, the pc marks work 3.0 battery test, while the 90 hertz is turned on, it got a decent 9 hours and 26 minutes. Meanwhile, in our standard video loop test, wherein we loop a 1080p video at 50 brightness, zero percent volume, airplane mode turned on and at 60 hertz refresh rate, the hot 11 has yielded 12 hours and 14 minutes, which should be enough for a whole day. If youre, not a heavy user, moving on to cameras, its triple setup at the back is composed of a 50 megapixel main a 2 megapixel depth and an unspecified ai lens, then for selfies it has an 8 megapixel front shooter. The camera. App is a lot similar to most android smartphones today, so getting around shouldnt be a hassle. It has additional nifty features such as short video beauty, portrait super night, google lens, and you can use the fingerprint sensor as a quick shutter button. Quality wise shots taken with the rear camera, often look well detailed, with good colors under good lighting conditions. It also produces very good hdr once you focused it correctly. However, sometimes you might want to take more shots, since they can be overexposed.

Its standard mode gives a nice depth effect, giving some professional looking photos and generally theres not much difference when you use the high 50 megapixel lens, but of course you can expect higher quality. If you ever need it, you can manually zoom in from 2 times 5 times and up to 10 times, and even so it can still show good, undistorted details. As for night photography, its super night mode can make night shots, look brighter and more detailed, plus. We like how it doesnt take too long to take a shot flipping the selfies under good lighting conditions. You can expect sharp details with still a soft effect on skin tones. Take note that it falls more on cooler tones but either way, theyre still pretty good for social media posts. As for videos, you can shoot from 720p 1080p and up to 2k without any stabilization on board. There are more camera features here that you can play around with such as ar shot slow motion, panorama, documents and time lapse. Alright lets finally talk about price. The infinix hot 11s is available in two configurations. The four gigabytes plus 64 gigabytes is available for 6990 pesos, while the six gigabytes plus 128 gigabytes is priced at 7990 pesos for its price. I can say that its worth your money, but for the extra 1000 pesos youll get more with the six gigabytes plus 128 gigabytes variant. If you are to buy this phone, make sure to manage your expectations, its not highly dedicated for gaming.

But it is a reliable daily driver for casual use. The battery did get a slight downgrade from its predecessor, but its well compensated with the usbc 18 watts fast charging and yeah that wraps up. This review guys share with us what you think about this infinix hot 11s. In the comments would you buy one? Let us know too and if you enjoyed this video, be sure to drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content hit that bell icon. So you dont miss any future uploads and be sure to visit for the latest tech news and reviews.