I just have the feeling that, since this is really a professional camera in a smartphone, i have to secure my camera lens properly and im just going to show you very quickly how i did it and inexpensively heres my x70 pro with the provided case, which uh Leaves the sides bare which i prefer and uh im not using this as my phone right now? I bought it really for the camera and the abilities of that camera and the zeiss association and what ive seen on the internet so im using this as a camera. For the moment there are some language, chinese language issues that i have to overcome, but i have the play store and everything else in there, so im quite happy with it and heres how i i fixed it now as a camera, i use my cam kicks bluetooth, Trigger all the time, just about all the time – and here comes my cat and what youre looking at is the back of the case of the vivo x70 pro plus, and what i did is. I got some velcro and i cut a strip here and here and i duplicated that right at the lens area, which you can see right here. Sometimes it pops up – and this cover is nothing more than a piece of hard plastic from the case which i cut out and painted black and inside. Here i put some microfiber cloth in there and the idea is – and you have velcro here and here and here and here and you cant – walk around as a professional photographer or anything and not have your lens protected.

You have your keys in your pocket and everything else. So the way i protect it is, i just slip this right on here, just like that, and i got all the protection in the world since im, not using it for a phone. I keep my trigger here. Otherwise, i keep it around my neck with a little lanyard, but the cam kicks trigger works perfectly and uh thats. What i wanted to show you so, when im ready to shoot, i put this down here and im not going to lose it and it works. On my holders on my tripod and everything else is not in the way its really not that thick its not inconvenient to have, but knowing that im not going to scratch these beautiful lenses here is worth the effort and thats all. I want to show you so you can you do this, adapt this to any phone actually and it didnt cost me more than a dollar or so in american money. So um i keep shooting the thing for the third day and uh, not because its me, but because of the camera, i keep saying its amazing amazing, amazing and theres a link there to a page i created on facebook. So you can see some of my work.