Some of the specs and what they do so lets start off with one of my biggest pet peeves is whenever my grandparents they are, they they are like. Well, i have a phone that functions, so i dont have to upgrade it well. Thats not really that true, because of these reasons well batteries the deteriorate over time, which means that they wont last as long as a new. Also most of the statistics on those funds. Arent very good, like they probably have an lcd panel, 60 hertz and ill get into that stuff later into the video. But the thing about those phones is its just how they get old and they just dont work as well. But people who arent as into tech, wont really notice it and theyll just keep on living with it, and this is what this video is about to help you with so lets start with heart. Hearts is the amount of time your screen can refresh per second. So most screens nowadays can refresh between 60 and 144 times 60. Being the absolute is, the least in 144, i would say, is the most. I know that there are some phones that have 1 65 hertz displays, but those arent actually that common but 60 hertz displays theyre, good and stuff, but theyre, just not really stellar. So 60 hertz is like its its okay for watching its good for watching videos and stuff its just not so good for like scrolling through instagram or twitter, or something like that.

90 hertz thats thats, just like an average, display its good at everything and then 120 hertz its really good. In 144 hertz i mean its just probably the best that you can get on a flagship level smartphone right now and now were also going to be talking about screens. So lcd displays the main difference between lcd, oled and amoled, and demo led is that lcd displays have one light, backlighting everything, so the blacks will look a lot brighter than they should so oled. What oled is is its a lot more light. So then, the blacks are more spread out and amoled, just better oled and demo thats, better amoled, so yeah also we we should also talk about cameras as well. So the main thing that you look for in cameras is probably the megapixels in it. The megapixels is the amount of detail that can pull in uh. I dont actually know what megapixel stands for, but i i know that it determines how much detail your phone can bring in, but theres one example. But there are some examples where megapixels dont actually matter on a camera, like think of the galaxy s21 ultra its its got 108 megapixel main sensor, but the issue with it is it it can only take 12 and a half megapixel photos in videos. So i mean the 108 megapixels isnt actually going to be used that often and its the same thing with some other things like i dont know like some phones have like 50 megapixels or something, but they can only take like 8 megapixel photos and stuff like that, Its just weird, i dont understand why they put yeah, but also you want to look at the saw the hardware as well on the inside of the phone, because you want to see how big the battery and stuff like that is and thats going to be.

A great transition into our next topic, which is batteries, so what you want to look for in a battery is having at least 4 500 million powers. Milliamp hours is um its not actually how long it lasts in hours, its just a measure on how large the capacity of the battery is, and you will also want it to have at least 20 watts of charging, which is how fast watts is how fast your Phone will charge um when it comes to this also um, you also you want to get probably. If you were to get a refurbished phone, you would probably want to get one that says it has a new battery, because if it doesnt have a new battery, then, as i was saying before, the battery will have deteriorated and it wont last as long like whats Happening with my phone ill explain some of the specs on my phone later, but um. Also. We should also talk about the chipset, so chipsets are probably the brain of the phone, so the cpu, the gpu. So what you want in your chip is probably either going to be. Probably what you would want, as a chipset in your phone, would either be an apple chip for apple phone, so like an a15 or a14, or something like that bionic an a12 biomic or something. But what you would want on an android phone is either a snapdragon 88, a snapdragon, 865 plus or a mid range snapdragon, 730 g, i would say, or the three chips that you should look for.

I mean i dont really know too much about that stuff, but those are the three chips i would recommend other than the snap snapdragon 730g. I wouldnt buy it the phone that that has one of them unless it was under 500 or so dollars, but the other two. Those are flagship, spec levels and also theres, some other chips like the exynos chips, the google tensor chips, but those are exclusive to some phones, so im not really going to be reviewing those, but now were going to go on to what i like for my phone. So i want a camera that can take 15 megapixel photos. I dont say it wants the sensor to be 15 megapixel, but i wanted the software to be able to process it. Some 15 megapixels. I also want at least 120 hertz in amoled oled or dam oled, because um im a sucker for that kind of stuff.