Welcome to my review of the tcl 20 r5g smartphone. This was very kindly sent into me free of charge by the manufacturer. No money has exchanged hands. They havent asked me to say anything in particular just going to share with you my experience of using this over the past couple of weeks, so lets get on with the review. This is the tcl 20 r5g smartphone, its a very affordable budget, friendly smartphone comes supplied in this box on the side of the box. It says hi res audio, on the back of the box. It just gives some of the specifications im going to go through just the the main specifications with you now, including the fact that this has got a six point. Five: two inch screen 720 by 1600 pixel resolution 13 megapixel rear facing camera; four gigabytes of ram, a dimension, t 705 g processor and also 4500 milliamp hour battery. That battery keeps this running easily a day between charges. Now, before we take a closer look at the smartphone, this is the rest of the box contents. We get a quick start guide, we get safety and warranty information. We get some information about their support services. We also get a sim removal pin to change the sim card now. Im in the uk, so ive got a three pin uk charger usb on this end. Three pin plug on this end, folds down flat for travel, makes it nice and portable. If you are buying this in another country, obviously check with the retailer, but you should get a country specific, usb charger inside the box, and then you also get a usb cable, its usb a on one end and then usb c on the opposing end to charge Your smartphone and then, of course, you get the smartphone itself, its a nice large screen on this 6.

52 inches very, very comfortable to hold in the hand it comes pre installed with quite a few apps. This is the the pre installed apps, but theyre easy to uninstall. If you dont want them, but do take into account, there is a quite a bit pre installed on here. We can also swipe across to see all the other apps on this screen and you can choose either to have an app drawer when you install or not so that is an option and you can change that in the settings now lets have a look around the Phone, so the front facing camera is just here its a little sort of pinhole camera weve also got the various controls for multitasking, going back going home, starting the google assistant, for example, and then round on the side. Weve got the volume up and down and also the power button, and then across the bottom, weve got speaker microphone and a usbc charging socket. We take a look around on the back. Weve got a rear, mounted fingerprint sensor just here and then weve got the camera array just here as well. Camera uses ai its also got a macro lens in it, and its a very, very good series of optics on here and ill show you, the photos, ive taken with this in a short while across the top weve got another little microphone. Weve also got a three and a half millimeter audio jack, so lets just power off the screen and im going to tap this rear fingerprint sensor.

You can see my finger just moving a little bit at the back and im going to tap it again now and you see unlocks very very quickly. I have had 100 accuracy with this fingerprint sensor during my review period, so im really impressed with that. What im? Equally impressed with is the camera lets. Take a look at some of the photos ive been taking with this. The camera is nice and responsive actually and for a phone at this price point youre getting really good photos, not the highest resolution. You can get, but certainly very good detail and its super quick to focus and take the photo im really pleased with the color rendition. On these as well, we swipe across you can see the detail on this one very, very nice indeed, another one here got nice and close to this, and this was in less than perfect lighting conditions and again, a really good result and take a few more weve Got some more fabrics here you can pick out the fabric detail and last but not least, this one here, picking out all the hairs really clear clean photo, so the photo quality is very good and im equally impressed with the video quality as well. So this is a really snappy performance. Hasnt got the fastest processor in, but youve got to take into account that this is a budget friendly smartphone. This is coming in a very competitive price, and for that price you are getting good performance, a really nice quality screen.

It goes up nice and bright as well at the moment, were under half brightness at full brightness, perfect for using indirect, sunlight, very, very clear screen, and it just feels like a good quality smartphone, its made primarily of plastics but theres, no creaks. The finishing is good and youre getting a nice large screen for your money, good camera performance, google play store supported. This is a really good choice of smartphone. If you are on a budget, this is the tcl 20 r5g, so thats it for this review. If you enjoyed it, please do hit that, like button dont forget to subscribe to the channel as well, and if you want to pick up one of these for yourself, there are links down in the video description, theres, also a link down there to the manufacturers website.