The galaxy s20 fa after 10 months of its launch. This phone was released at 2020 and it was considered the best phone to buy for its price, which was around 700 bucks, which now is around 500 bucks because, as i mentioned its been 10 months, i think this has been released. Im gon na show you im gon na make a little unboxing just to show you how it looks when you open the box for the first time just like that. This right here is the manual with the pin that you can use to get to the same top Music. Then you have the phone just like that, no case without the phone you have right here, which is a little piece of paper, but something the charger is fast charged, not that faster, its just 15 watts, but its fast charged. And then you have the cable not too long. To be honest, that is Music amoled, okay display, which looks amazing. The chipset is an exynos 990 or it can also be qualcomm snapdragon 865. The version where you live. If you are in the united states its going to the qualcomm, but if you live outside the united states, its gon na be the excellent. The cameras are one of the best things of the s70 f8 prevent my pixel sensor with everyone. Why? Because of his picks, which are basically basically the same, the panel chooses the camera is basically they the way too good for its price, which is around 300 bucks lower than the earth 20.

. You can take great photos. You can play video games. The most popular video games without a single problem is the best follower for this prize 500. Bucks that you can play even mobile in high definition with 1200 hertz in this display, which is amazing, im about to show you how you can play godmother. No luck! No ghosting! Everything is okay. High definition, 1200 hertz in this display, which is amazing, look look how fast it is Music you can play whatever you want: every single game in the market. Overall. This is the best budget phone you can buy from this year 2021. Because of this pro at this price of this, with screen battery the cameras, the 100 hertz of on this display its all good, all 500 bucks.