At least that doesnt involve self abuse and or possible jail time. But if you want near demand the ultimate pixel experience, you will have to stump up a couple hundred quid more for this here. Pro model, its bigger its better in some ways, at least, and its still got that wide boy camera bump, and it definitely still makes my pp tingle with delight ive, been testing the pixel 6 pro for a full month now, ive. Actually, my sim slapped in there full time for the last couple of weeks, ive been giving it a really thorough going over. So here is my full in depth: pixel 6 pro review and for more the latest and greatest set. Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers now as a bit of a short ass with teeny weeny hamster hands, im more attracted to smaller phones like the original pixel 6, rather than 6.7 inch beasts like this here, pixel 6 pro this full on heifer May have skinnier bezels than its sibling and not actually weird much more to boost either, but it is still a proper two hander that said, havent also recently used the obscene shiny house, brick. That is the iphone 13 pro max. Well, suddenly, the pixel 6 pro doesnt seem quite so ridiculous, besides obviously being bigger than the pixel 6. The pro model also sports a polished, alloy frame and boosts the durability, with some shatter resistant gorilla, glass, victors slathered across the back end and what a back end it is as well, certainly the kind that lingers a long time in the memory with that unique camera Bump, which isnt so much of a bump, more of a watch still i do like googles design, which is attractively, symmetrical and suitably shiny.

You will find that even a light bit of fondling does quickly caught to the back of the pixel 6 pro in all kinds of smudgy grease. But thankfully, this bright white finish does a pretty good job of masking all of that greasy crud. Otherwise, you can also grab the pixel 6 pro in stormy, black or sorta sunny, which is another kind of bright, happy effort which makes me kind of puke in my mouth a bit every time i see it sort of sunny after a month of serious testing. I grilled a glass victors corten on the back is still free of scuffs, but the display has been scarred with some light scratching, so i would highly recommend slapping some form of screen protector on that thing to protect your premium very expensive, shiny, new toy, the good News is no sweat whatsoever. If you do, i want to rock the pixel 6 pro by the pool, or you know in a bathtub something i like that, because its fully ip68 water and dust resistant. Now, if you have already seen my pixel 6 review, youll already know im a bit of a fan of android 12. on the moist pants scale were talking full on tropical showers. Here the new theme and tools and those aesthetical tweaks help to freshen up the ui. While the new privacy and security features offer a proper bit of peace of mind and then theres the tools that google finally got around to chucking in, like a dedicated gaming dashboard and a proper one handed mode hip, hip huzzah here on the pixel 6 pro youve.

Basically got the exact same software experience as on the original pixel 6.. So if you want to in depth look at some of those great new features, the new ui and everything definitely go check out my full pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro tips and tricks guide, which is live right now that covers all the stuff. I was just banging on about and more besides and, as you might expect, from a dedicated google blower, you get plenty of dedicated software support as well up to five years at least guaranteed. So if youre in it for the long haul, no worries there. Now, one issue that i had with the original pixel 6 was the less than fantastic optical fingerprint sensor, which is one of the weakest that ive used in recent times and sadly its the same ball lake here on the pro model as well. Frankly, it is very uncooperative. Sometimes it takes a couple of porks to recognize you, even when your pans are perfectly clean and dry and if they are moist or grubby, then frankly, good luck, of course. That wouldnt be quite so much of an issue if we actually had fierce unlock support here on the pixel, but once again, android does not support that shiz, not one bit so much like on apples iphones. I found myself inserting my pin more often than i would hope to ever do on a modern smartphone on the storage front as well.

Another minor grumble there. The fact youve got no micro, sd memory card support to expand that storage, but at least you do get 128 gig minimum. Otherwise you can double that to 256 if youre liking. It is, of course, ufs 3.1, so nice and nippy, especially good when youre loading massive games like gentian impact stuff, like that now one of the benefits of grabbing this here pro model over the standard pixel 6. Is that bigger sharper screen? It is a 6.7 inch. Oled display that will have your peepers cream in if peepers are actually capable of creaming that is, and thats actually quite a horrible image. So moving on thanks to the supremely crisp quad, hd plus resolution and bright punchy, color output, hdr streaming is supported. Conjuring up stunning natural visuals, otherwise anime fans should definitely be satisfied with that lush output. As for the brightness levels, while they, thankfully skill all the way from super dim for comfortable late night, viewing all the way up to oh wow, my retinas are actually on fire. Supremely bright output for when youre battling against really strong external light, and likewise the refresh rate also has a much stronger range compared with the original pixel 6 as well drop it as low as 10 hertz. When absolutely now, it is happening on screen to preserve power and boost it all the way up to 120 hertz for your supported content, and that besides the size and the resolution of the display is the main benefit of grabbing the pro over the standard.

Pixel 6.. Im also a fan of the pixel 6 pro stereo speakers, which pack a perfectly respectable punch that audio does not distort on higher volumes and on the high volume it is powerful enough to cut through plenty of background, while the bluetooth, 5.2 chops are also perfect. For wireless streaming, i didnt experience any kind of judders or shaky connection shenanigans, even when i was planting my way through merry old london town at kicking out time. Its just a damn. Shame that once again, theres absolutely subtle, headphone jack action on here, just like with most of the pricey flagship smartphones, its just really irritating that nobody else is following in sonys footsteps and bringing back that 3.5 mil jack now performance on the pixel 6 pro admit they May not be quite as beefy as on some rivals like the samsung galaxy s21 ultra for instance, but i did find that every deer player was supremely smooth here on the google pixel 6 pro helped along admirably by the 12 gigs of ddr5 ram that tensor chipset Had all of my apps running perfectly, even when i was nipping between quite a few in quick succession, while gaming is a more pleasurable experience here versus the standard pixel 6., while the dinkier blower tended to heat up under gentian impact related duress, this pro can handle Bonkers anime shenanigans with a metaphorical spring in its step and yeah youve even got a gaming dashboard now, so you can block notifications capture your finest online moments and, yes, it is quite a basic gaming mode compared with a lot of rivals.

Just look at what sonys doing on its xperia flagships. For instance, the sheer volume of features that thing manages to pack in uh, considering its a fresh new gaming feature as well, definitely very impressive indeed, but heres hoping that that will get upgraded with all kinds of great new tools really really soon. And, of course, the tensor chipset also packs in support for sub six 5g. Here in the uk as well, so youve got strong connectivity. There youve also got a tasty bit of wi fi 6e action and, of course, an industry leading security partition for safely encrypting and storing your most private privates, and this pro model even packs into the ball for ultra wide bands at comstec as well. Something not found in the original pixel six, so you got full support for that. Precision tracking fishes like tile now lets talk battery life which, on the pixel 6 series, has proven strangely controversial when it really shouldnt have after my original pixel 6 review. As i absolutely adored the battery life – and i still do – i had a few comments saying: oh thats really really strange, because weve heard the battery life is absolutely crud and i did a bit of digging. It appears that one prominent uh us based youtuber has more that the battery life was a bit crap on the pixel six. I was really confused by this, because id had the exact opposite experience. So i spoke with all of my uk tech nerds journal family, who were just as confused as me because theyd had the same experience.

They thought the battery life was brilliant and i obviously cant comment on this other guys experiences with the pixel 6 or the pixel 6 pro. All i can say is that here on the pixel 6 pro i found the battery life was fantastic, even at the longest. Most arduous days, i would have the screen on for about seven or eight hours id use it as a sat nav for an hour or two ive had plenty of play with that camera, shooting photos and video as well a good bit of gaming on the side. Some video streaming lots of music and podcast streaming in the background as well. By the time i finally crumbled up onto my mattress travelled up under my duvet. I still had generally have like 15 to 20 battery life left on this thing, and if you took it easy, you could probably get two full days out of a single charge. If you do want to moan about something you can moan about the fact that you dont actually get an adapter bundled in the box, and it tops off at 30 watts which isnt particularly nippy, compared with a lot of uh, even quite budgety, uh smartphones. These days, although you do at least have support for wireless charging, if you have another qi pad or stand knocking about the place, youve got reverse wireless charging youve also got adaptive charging as well, which seems to work very nicely indeed here on the pixel 6 pro.

Basically, learns your charging habits and make sure it just trickle charges up until the point where you normally spring out a bed that should hopefully help to prevent long term damage. Of course, the pixel feature thats been getting the most attention outside of that battery. Is the camera tech, and here, on the pro you get the same 50 megapixel primary camera sensor as the pixel 6, complete with optical image stabilization, and it is once again a proper cracker, especially if you take a lot of shots of family friends and other things With faces skin tones and other hues are accurately captured in pretty much any conditions indoors or out, while the portrait mode again does a solid job nine times out of ten. When things do get dim, however, the pixel 6 pro can struggle with motion, and while the 12 megapixel ultrawide angle, shooter works well in good light. This too starts to stumble when conditions get dark for video. You can shoot 4k resolution footage with the same impressive color accuracy as well as crisp audio capture and the option of swapping between those three main lenses, as you record thats right outside three lenses, because youve got a third lens here on the pixel 6 pro, which Is the big camera upgrade versus the standard pixel six, and this is a 48 megapixel telephoto snapper, which serves up a four times, optical zoom or 20 times maximum zoom with digital cropping and while the pixel 6 pro is no s21 ultra in this regard, this lens Is ideal for getting closer to kids and cats at play, without actually disturbing them? Returning fine, looking picks up to around the 10 times, zoom mark up front on the pixel 6 pro you have an 11.

1 megapixel selfie snapper, which boasts a slightly wider viewing angle than the original pixel 6, but it does serve up very similar picks. As long as the lighting is decent, your selfies will be fine, but in softer light, youll get a lot of green and the pro really starts to properly struggle. And while you can shoot up to 4k resolution, footage here on the pixel 6 pull with a slightly more zoomed in uh affair, if, if you like lets lets, definitely never do that again, i thought the footage was really fine again if youre trying to shoot indoors. Itll be a bit grainy and not particularly accurate colors or any of that stuff. I i do vaguely look this pill, but its not quite 100 right and the pixels are, as usual, quite light on bonus. Camera features, but the magic eraser tool does a great job of wiping out any fellow humans and other background clutter to clean up your picks, definitely well worth checking out. However, i would just stay clear of the freshly motion mode, which, frankly, is just a bit of a bulky gimmicky thing that more often than not just doesnt really work very well. Anyhow, thats. A brief summary of the pixel 6 pros camera tech. But if you want a more in depth, look at the hardware and the software as well and definitely go check out my full pixel 6 pro camera review ive also compared it side by side with the original pixel 6 to see what the difference is and that Theres, my full final frank review of the google pixel 6 prof ive, been using it for a full month, actually had my sim in there for a couple of weeks.

As my full time, smartphone ive got to say, i really enjoyed using it gone with it very well indeed, its certainly expensive, its very pricey in deeds, but it is a solid all around experience. There are very few flaws to speak of here, certainly compared with the the new iphones thats for damn show outside of the usual grumbles, like you know: no headphone jack, no expandable storage, yadda yadda. If you are still undecided, whether you should get the pixel 6 pro or just the standard, pixel 6 well, ive done a full side by side comparison with them, both as well to show you exactly how they stack up against one another. But id say long story short like if you want that more flexible camera tech, if youre going to be doing a lot of gaming and if you prefer your handsets to be absolutely friggin whopping huge, then the pixel 6 pro is a worthy upgrade. Otherwise, to be perfectly honest, id be very happy just with the standard pixel 6, which is a bit more compact, which is what i prefer and its a hell of a lot cheaper as well. So have you been uh rocking the pixel 6 pro in your pants? Slash bag be great to hear from you down in the comments below and please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest deck.