But nonetheless, with this new smartphone, the moto e40, the company has their sites set on the sub 10 000 rupees price segment. So should you purchase the moto e40 or not lets find out Music? We can consider hitting that red subscribe button for awesome tech content and also turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest videos, hello, everyone amania from mr phone – and this is my review of the moto e40 lets – get started starting off with The design so the best thing about the moto e40 is its tall, build, making it relatively easier to maneuver with one hand, apart from the thick bezels at the front which, by the way, are acceptable for the price point. The phone looks and feels good in the hand, despite featuring a plastic build, the moto e40 feels solid and the textured back feels nice to the touch. The moto e40 comes in two color options: theres this pink clay, and then there is this stealthy. Looking carbon gray color option, which, in my opinion, looks very classy at the rear, you get the classic motorola batwing logo that comes with an embedded fingerprint reader for authentication, as always pretty fast and accurate in unlocking the smartphone theres a headphone jack at the top. A single bottom firing speaker, which gets surprisingly loud, google assistant, gets a dedicated button that is present above the volume keys by the way, the buttons offer amazing tactile feedback on this phone theres.

Also, a dedicated micro sd card slot for expandable storage to up to one terabyte, along with two nano sim slots, moving our attention to the front theres a 6.5 inch hd plus lcd panel, which is quite decent. The plus point here is, of course, the 90 hertz refresh rate, which paired with stock android, really adds to a fast and sippy user experience, but otherwise in terms of quality as well. The ips display on offer is good. Brightness levels are adequate for indoor usage, although i did find the panel to be reflective outdoors watching videos or playing games was also a fine experience, since the color reproduction of this display is good, so no major complaints regarding the panel honestly, i think its good for Content consumption, although i would have loved to see a slightly brighter display and a less reflective one considering outdoor scenarios. The moto e40 is powered by the unisock t700 soc, coupled with 4gb ram and 64gb storage, and this solo variant costs 94999 rupees handling. The software is stock, androids, of course, there wasnt any bloatware pre installed, which is good news, but the moto app, which is kind of a stable by now in motorola smartphones. That application is not here so many customization options that motorola smartphones are known for. Well, you dont get them on the e40. Then again, if you go to the gestures, menu and settings, you will find some features that are unique to motorola phones, which is great otherwise.

Performance has been good for the most part on the moto e40 app opening times are decent. In fact, i think stock android on a whole uh does give this phone an edge over its competitors when it comes to speed and performance. Multitasking was also fine, considering theres. Just a 4gb ram on the smartphone and in general usage, which mostly involved with casual stuff like watching videos calling browsing the web checking social media. I had no issues whatsoever with moto e40 in regards to speed performance and thermals. The unisoc p700 was mostly able to handle everything that i threw at it with ease. As a matter of fact, the 90 hertz screen is also a huge contributor to fast and fluid performance. That said, dont expect the smartphone to run your high performance games such as call of duty, mobile or bgmi. So i tried a crd mobile on the smartphone and one this phones, hardware, isnt designed to do that kind of stuff. And even if you do run, such a game expect longer load times and not the best graphics. On to the endurance bit and the 5000 image battery of the moto e40 shines. This phone consistently used to last me two days on a single charge, with medium to heavy usage, so definitely great optimization and for those wondering my usage generally involves making a lot of calls using social media such as instagram and twitter. I use them a lot. Uh texting on whatsapp teams and telegram uh watching a lot of youtube videos, and i also try to watch a movie or at least a series on netflix every night, a series by series.

I mean a few episodes on netflix every night, so considering all that superb battery life on the moto e40, although the charging times are painfully slow, courtesy of the 10 watt charger that comes bundled in the box. Apart from this, the phones earpiece sounded loud and natural for calling purposes. I also didnt face any issues regarding connectivity and network reception. However, not having the support for a 5 gigahertz wi fi band did mean that i had to live with relatively slow internet speeds at home. Finally, lets focus our attention on the camera, so the rear gets three lenses. A 48 megapixel main snapper paired with a couple of 2 megapixel macro and depth. Sensors at the front is an 8 megapixel camera for selfies. Given adequate light. I found the main camera of the moto e40 to click decent photos with good color reproduction and i actually found the colors to be closer to the source, so that was good. Photos were detailed, especially when you look at close up shots again. Excellent details in photos. Theres also macro camera that does a decent macro stuff, but apart from this, the moto e40 also impressed me with portrait mode shots again. Edge detection was good and the phone also did a fine job in dealing with human skin tones. Now, where the camera does falter is during the night that is in not so good lighting, so much so that even things like hdr or night mode, werent able to help much there.

As for the front camera performance, the moto e40 generally takes nice and sharp selfies in good lighting. Although portrait mode selfies often messed up the colors and exposure. As for the selfies taken in the night, they were nothing to write home about in terms of video recording. The moto e40 can shoot up to 1080p 30fps videos and its output. Well for a budget phone color and contrast looked good and even the shakes were minimal. Of course theres no stabilization, but apart from the pros when it came to the cons, i also couldnt ignore the cameras tendency to show jitters and i even noticed issues regarding focus hunting, sometimes so right now, im recording from the front facing camera of the moto e40. This is the 1080p 30fps video sample and it is the kind of output that you can expect uh from the smartphone, so yeah thats about it uh. Let me know how does my audio sound? How does the colors look, of course, needs work with uh? You know dynamic range in hdr performance, but were talking about a phone that costs less than 10 000 rupees, so nothing much to complain here, but otherwise colors. If you look at my skin tone, it does look good but uh. You guys be the judge. You guys. Let me know how does the overall output look like? How does my audio sound in the comments below cheers to summarize at 94999 rupees, the moto e40 checks most of the right boxes.

It comes with a clean software experience, a solid battery life, a good display with a 90 hertz refresh rate and a dependable day to day performance. Even the camera, for that matter is capable of producing good shots, given theres good lighting. However, when it comes to the cons, the moto e40 wasnt up to the mark in the video recording department or in fact, while using the camera in not so great lighting, apart from that, a motorola also could have at least given a 20 watt charger in the Box with that said, if youre looking for a sub 10 000 rupees smartphone, that, as i said, offers a dependable performance, its made for android theorists and it comes with a long, lasting battery life. In that case, the moto e40 is undoubtedly a solid pick, and that was my review of the moto e40 so guys. I share all your thoughts and queries with me in the comments below, as always, for all the latest in tech stay tuned to mr phone ill catch you all in the very next one.