Mobile gaming is a reality today. Its natural for many of you, including who use cell phones for basically everything., And you know that there are many different types of games, services and different ways to play on your smartphone.. The most common is with the hands through touch.. However, some games require more elaborate controls and more complex commands, so we need an external controller.. To our delight. Most of the controls today are paired via bluetooth with cell phones and can be used by them, including the Playstation and Xbox controls.. But there are other types of controls made and designed exclusively for cell phones.. Today were going to check out the Backbone, a controller made for the iphone that turns your cell phone into a kind of Nintendo Switch and allows you to play games with more comfort and tranquility.. This is not a sponsored video, but the guys at Backbone sent us this one. So we could test it and give you my impressions thanks guys And in addition to showing you Backbone and talking about my impressions with almost 2 months of testing. Lets also talk about different ways to play on mobile that you might not know so stay until the end. Leave the thumbs up, show the video to a friend and subscribe. If you like videos like that, it gives us that extra strength to do more, ok, The Backbone, is an amazing controller made exclusively for the iphone it works with any iphone from the 6S model to current releases.

. You attach it to your cell phone through the lightning port, and it doesnt need to be recharged, since it uses a little bit of the cell phones battery to work. Just download the official application connect and youre done its working.. The packaging is very beautiful, and the product has the look and construction of something robust, well built and premium.. The buttons are very good and ergonomically fits well in the hand being super comfortable.. The shoulder buttons draw attention for their quality., In addition to the traditional buttons expected from every game: controller. The Backbone has 4 other specific buttons. One to access the Backbone app and its features another to take screenshots or make screen recordings quickly, another to muteunmute and another. To access your friends activity. By the way, a very cool feature is that if you and your friends have Backbone, the app notifies you of their activities, the last games they played and its even possible to receive notification when your friends are starting a game so that You click on the notification and enter with them, including voice party using the Backbone app itself.. Their official App does a good job of showing you which games are compatible and even puts available. Services like Xbox Game, Pass Xbox Cloud, Gaming, Playstation, Remote and others on the home front.. It has official support for Apple Arcade, allowing you to be able to play various games from Apples, gaming, service.. The thing works so well and so smooth that it feels like its Apples, own peripheral.

Game streaming. Services will depend on other factors to work such as connection distance from servers etc, but as a rule, if they are compatible with Playstation or Xbox control, they are compatible with Backbone. At the bottom of the Backbone. You will find a traditional headphone jack if you want to use a wired, headphone plus a lightning input for you or use a headphone that uses this input or charge your cell phone while you play, which helps to prevent the battery from running out. Its good for When you want to relax and play lying down, for example, or in the bathroom who knows, And if you dont have a console, it can be an interesting accessory to play Xbox Cloud Gaming, a Microsoft service that Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have access to and that runs Games via streaming with very little lag, which is pretty cool. Services such as Xbox and Playstation, Remote, which stream but depend on you having a console connected to the same Wi Fi, also work well, depending, of course, on the Wi Fi speed., The downsides. First of all, the Backbone, unfortunately doesnt work with any case requiring you to remove your iphone from any case before plugging it into the controller which can leave your phone vulnerable. So you have to be extra careful.. Second, its iPhone only.. So far, we dont have an android version, which is a shame. Who knows in the future. Thirdly, the price. Its coming out at 99 bucks.

, Its not cheap or abroad, but its much more affordable than here. Around. Here I found it on Amazon for around R 1300.00, but this value may go up or down since the dollar is going crazy and our country is always more complicated., So its not an affordable price unfortunately.. However, if they are interested, there is a link in the description. Or if you can buy it outside, and someone brings it to you, it might pay off more., But lets go to the tests.. First, I tested native mobile games either from the Apple Arcade or free games from the app store. Backbone is not compatible with all of them, because compatibility comes with every game., Its the developer, who needs to add support for external controls to the game. Brawl Stars. For example, doesnt support controls only touch. Pokmon Unite is a curious case because on Switch it has support, but the mobile version does not support so far. Controls. Other big games that are also unsupported are PUBG and Free Fire unfortunately., But other games do like CoD Mobile and its amazing. How similar it feels to playing the game with a controller like BackBone to playing CoD on consoles.. The buttons are the same even to perform the movements.. I can say that CoD mobile is a game that transforms when you use an external controller.. Another game that also benefits from the controller is Genshin Impact which, after the tutorial on touch, you can access the menu and select the controller and play like in video games.

Get angry. Besides having more control over the movements. I feel that when we play with touch the hand gets more tired than in Backbone.. I also tested Asphalt 9 and its another one. That transforms. Gameplay is much cooler than on touch.. Then I went to test the streaming services and I tested the Playstation Remote as well as the Xbox Remote.. These are apps that you download to your cell phone and control your video game by streaming. Works for PS4, PS5 XBOX, One and XBOX Series.. The issue here is that you need to have the console at home on the same wi fi network, that the cell phone is on.. Then they meet and you play on your cell phone. When accessing the console, turns on and runs the game and you control and see on your cell phone.. I was surprised by the lack of delay. I tested God of War, which ran at 60 frames on my cell phone as it came from the PS5 streaming from the bedroom. Other games that ran smooth were GTA V and Far Cry 6. Really impressive.. Here you can see me playing on my cell phone and in the background, the TV with the PS5 on being controlled by the cell phone.. The delay is barely noticeable.. The internet here is 300 mbs of download it worked. Surprisingly well., Then I went to test Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is Microsofts new service in BETA, and here things get even more interesting because XBOX Cloud Gaming doesnt require you to have the console in your house.

. The Ultimate Game Pass subscriber has access to Xbox Cloud Gaming and because processing is done via the cloud on Microsoft servers you can play on a mobile phone that is not top of the line depending on your connection.. Currently, the service still has some bottlenecks noticeable. In more demanding games like Gears 5, but when it runs well, you dont feel delay. For me it caught in a few moments, but when I could control it, it ran smoothly.. Another game I tested was Hades which maybe because it wasnt as demanding as Gears, ran better.. I tested Psychonauts 2 and it was also smooth.. Remember that Xbox Cloud Gaming is in BETA, so a lot of things will still be improved and what is presented is already very promising., And it can now be accessed by you. If you have a Game Pass subscription, even allowing you to play by touch some games which have been optimized for this., I tried playing Gears with touch and it worked. The problem is that Gears is a fast paced game that requires a lot of commands, so it gets more complicated.. Simpler games tend to work better on touch but feel free to venture into more complex games using touch and tell me how it went. Will you like it Overall, I really enjoyed Backbone. Well constructed buttons, with a better grip and an excellent fit in the hand., Its a type of accessory that can help turn your cell phone into a more viable gaming machine, especially ones that are a bit more complex And require or support control.

, I swear to you that Ive never taken a test like this before and the difference between playing with a dedicated controller and playing by touching the screen is stark, Games really change and unfortunately you can only see if you play them yourself. For now, you ll have to believe me, but if you can do the test, even if pairing an XBOX or PS4PS5 controller, I recommend that you try it out. And as for streaming services, I think its the future. Soon the internet will have enough speed for us To be able to play wherever and whenever we want via streaming., It should take another decade or two, but I think it will come. And you.