Its made by kamika is the model cvm vm 10k for whoo its a complicated name. This specific version of the model, the k4, has an extension to mount a small led light that is not included in the box. Personally ive used the aperture amaran light with it, which is a great quality light at a relatively affordable price. It does fit perfectly on the kamika grip kit. If you dont want a light adapter, you can buy another model, the k1 to the k3, but i strongly believe that the k4 model that i have with me to test is the best model that you should use in the long run. Maybe you dont need a light right now, but if you do in the future its easy to install – and it works perfectly with the microphone and the smartphone grip Music, the vm10 number in the product name is important as it refers to the actual microphone which can Be bought separately and right now you are hearing me talk on that microphone, so you can judge your by yourself about the quality of the recording of this microphone. The vm10 microphone is a really good microphone for the price. The sensitivity and sinal to noise ratio is actually quite good in real life performances. The polar pattern is super cardioid, so it will record more in front of it. This is important, as you should point the microphone at the subject. You are recording the audio when you install it on the grip, it can only be flipped by unmounting the microphone from the hot shoe.

It takes less than 10 seconds to do so. The shock mount does the job, but i did prefer the old version. The vm10 included with the grip is the second version of this model indicated by the 2 in the name for the standalone mic, only a cable for smartphone is included in the box for the kit. What i like about this product is the fact that the cable is detachable, so we can use it on a smartphone or on a camera, a dslr camera, for example. Unfortunately, they only have provided the cable for the smartphone in this kit. If you buy the microphone alone, you will get both cables, but dont forget that you need a 3.5 millimeter jack on your smartphone. For this to work or the appropriate adapter for your phone. I was able to test the mic directly on my wife, lg v30, but the 3.5 millimeter to lightning adapter was necessary for my iphone. All in all i wouldnt say the microphone is a pro great microphone, but its certainly serviceable and even better than serviceable. Its very good for any starting youtuber or creator with proper recording software and technique. Your audience ears will be happy. You will also get in a box. The might windscreen and the my queen buff now lets talk about the video grip kit. Now the build quality is great. Really, the price of the kit is not cheap, however, compared to other grip on the market, but does come with good materials and a solid construction.

The end grip does feel premium with the soft touch material, all the grip pieces, the extension the knobs are made of metal. The only part which is in plastic is the smartphone holder and the plastic is of way better quality than most others ive already own. Instead of using a spring mechanisms, it uses a knob that you have to turn. I think i like that, because big phones are often difficult to install with some spring holders. Finally, the kit comes with a nice little case. The one photo i can find for this product is that its not compact it doesnt fit in the case when its not in use. You have to dismantle the old kit, so you can fit the pieces. In the case, i would have prefer a bigger case that can hold all the grip: hey meow. This is a minor nitpick. I think all in all this product is good. Ive used this microphone for a long time and its great for the price. The grip itself is of higher quality than many other similar products on the market. The price is not cheap, but thats up to you to decide if you are ready to pay what they are asking for, just be sure to choose the right version for your need. K1 to k4. I think the main use for this kit is vlog. If vlogging really, you could use a cage or something smaller for other purposes, but a comica kit is super comfortable for vlogging.

So thank you all. It was take that see you next time.