So much for tuning in today were going to check out this one, the apexel professional macro lens. This is a lens that you can attach to pretty much every smartphone and im going to take pictures with and without the lens attached on several phones. So we can compare side by side, whats the difference and if it makes sense to purchase this lens researching this lens a little bit. I saw a couple of negative reviews on amazon coming from people who didnt know how to actually use this lens. Well, it specifically says macro lens that is a lens thats supposed to go close to subject to capture a lot of details that you normally wouldnt see the lens is made of metal and it is real glass. The build quality is really good and the finishes are premium. Other people stated that the plastic clamp would break easily well duh. It has a security screw. That is a feature that a lot of these attachable lenses dont have and its not made to over. Tighten it its just made to secure it in place, so it should be hand tight and not more. Of course, if you over screw it, it is plastic, it will break so such negative reviews need to be removed and are not rectified. Having this lens attached to my samsung galaxy note, 10 plus, i was really surprised to see how close i was able to focus on a subject and how sharp the images looked on the display and heres.

My first test shot unbelievable that this is coming from a cell phone. The only way to focus is to change the distance to your subject and to control on the display, if its sharp or not, and now im trying to recreate the same photo without the macro lens and heres the comparison side by side. We can clearly see more details on the photo that was taken with the macro lens so now im taking a picture with the iphone 12 pro max first without the lens attached and now lets see if theres a difference when were attaching the apexl macro lens to The iphone theres absolutely no point for a side by side comparison. I spotted a small fly on a leaf, but for some reason my iphone was not able to get it in focus. Now i attach the apexel macro lens and wow. What a difference. I tried to recreate the same image with the samsung galaxy note, 10 plus and for some reason it focused better than the iphone, and we got at least a picture of the fly. Of course, it was nothing in comparison to the image we got with the apex and macro lens attached, and here are the macro shots of the iphone and the samsung side by side. The first picture is a plain image: coming from the samsung galaxy note, 10 plus and now im, focusing on the same subject with the macro lens attached, and it is clearly not the same image were getting so much more details and sharpness with our macro lens.

This photo was taken directly with the iphone 12 pro max and now im. Attaching our macro lens, of course, were getting so much more details, but i also want to mention the bokeh. Our out of focus background is nice and soft Music. While you have a longer minimum focusing distance when youre shooting on your regular camera with your phone, you can get so much closer. Attaching the apexl macro lens and with such results, the world becomes your playground. Now that youve seen the results. What are your thoughts on the apexel professional macro lens? Is this something you would purchase? Does it make sense to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you like, this review, leave a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button thanks.