Is it worth the buck or product review, but nonetheless ive done a handful of these and believe it or not? Some of these you know not so expensive items have really turned out to be worth the buck. So im not doing im not doing this video in my usual setting, because my background is under construction. So i dont want to reveal too much because its not really done, but i thought id shake short share with you guys, my wardrobe and makeup and my lovely nails, which i did not make mention before, because or maybe i did. Maybe i did showcase them in one of my hauls but yeah the packaging. You can see the nails, im wearing and theres actually still more. This is pretty woman. Faux nails brings 24 in a case, as you can see its five dollars from five and below so worth it, and it comes with nail glue that works. Like you know you just again like every normal nail glue, you have to hold it down for a couple of seconds to make secure the nail so worth it this pattern. I cant tell you how many compliments ive already gotten from it. So i am not disappointed with five and below to be perfectly honest, and i may go back aside from the gadgets that i bought recently. I might go back for maybe some holiday nails. I still dont know necessarily what im wearing so thats. Why and they still they have, they already are sporting pushing out new products for the holidays, but i didnt see anything that was like eye catching like these nails.

I mean i cant tell you. People are still ive worn this so for a week and theyre still in good condition, and i cant tell you how many compliments ive gotten so so worth this. This this brand is really you know, and i hate saying it, but i kind of prefer them better than i did l.a colors i like colors was, i dont know for me they were just a little too sharp but thats. My interpretation, maybe other people who have bought the brand, are fine with it. I think these are perhaps because they are filed down to like almost a rounded tip. You know that theyre pointy but rounded, but again i havent had any issues and and yeah. I think they can be easily removed. I think past the week. I think i might take them off, but ive been very pleased so and this uh really nice sombrero fall like sombrero. I think you know looks very nice and chic and who tells me that who can tell me that this is from five and below its very nice, nice suede and it comes in tan and black, so ive reviewed these products and highly suggest you getting them. Especially. You know if youre in the whole fall aesthetic pumpkin, spice everything youre doing some window shopping with the girls or just going on a sunday brunch which thats, where im coming from uh. This is ideal, looks really nice and chic ive already reviewed the iconic light bulb puck light worth.

The five dollars now were going to move into the smart vlogging kit uh, which includes pistol, tripod shotgun microphones. What is with these titles, though, like really a universal phone? Mount 36 bulb led light and uh reading going back based on their packaging in the back. They suggest to have two double a batteries. Alkaline batteries so lets open this bad boy up and lets see if it was really worth the five dollars. No im sorry. This is their ten dollar markup because they do have a few items that are a little above five dollars, so stay tuned, yall, so ive opened the packaging. It has three stickers. I will say its a little on the rough side for me to open, but i in opening it i discover – maybe i just didnt, read the packaging correctly. It is by a iconic too. This is um. I believe there are instruction manuals on how to set up um, the tripod and whatnot and the lighting, and this is the packaging that comes in the package, so lets see. If we can put this together lets see. Okay, ive placed two double a batteries, and this is the light portion of it theres an on and off switch in the back, so lets hit that i wont put it towards the camera, because its a little but its intense whoa. But, unlike other things that i bought at five and below, which is a little too bright, theres a dimmer theres a dimmer, so you can lower the intensity not by much but okay well, see if this reads well on camera um.

I was really interested because of this, and i was interested in their mic. Their microphone so ill see. If this all comes together, but yeah, look, you can make it intense or a little on the softer side, not bad that this is a good portion to this and the off switch right there and now were back im not going to lie. Uh did try to follow the instructions as best as i could that were a little complicated for me they were sorry, but i think i got it going at least as a hand. Portable thing it has for a tripod um, which you can stand. I think you would have to flip like what do they call it here, um the universal phone mount. So i would have to flip this if i wanted to do like their tripod version of it. So if im doing my video vlogs as normal, i can i can stand this up while im recording and then i have my light and my mic on just want to show you the alternative. So this is the you know, handheld version of it if im out in the street or something or im interviewing someone, i can do it and im on some red carpet by chance, yeah thats, my portable version – and these are this – would be like the tripod version Of it has these little two legs but again, like i said i would have to reverse the mount, so i can keep that sitting nicely right now.

I have still the handheld version lets try with light for a sec, so you can see the whole thing. So you can see now with the light that does kind of give me a lot of nice light. I dont know how it would read on camera because its kind of giving me a blurry thing – i dont know if its my camera, hmm weird um, so well. Try that out um with another setting and it has a little mic and the mic is supposed to connect to my cell phone, so hmm lets see. If i can record audio.