So lets starts friends. Today i talked to about toppo reno 6, pro 5g thats like a iphone 13, so you are new here. So please subscribe my channel and click the bell button for never miss an update Music, operino 6, pro 5g inbox content, user manual, sim ejector, 2 layer, phone 65w, fast charger, usb data, cable type, c safety guide protective case, slash back cover and dopplerino 6 pro 5g. Music design awesome design in a word, rear panel ag glass protection, triple enhanced camera setup and matte texture, finishing dot, awesome, looking Music color, color variant, stellar black and aurora Music hand feel sick and feel 6.5 inch display height about 160.8 millimeters width about 72.5 millimeters thickness About 7.99 millimeters and weight about 188 grams, wonderful feel in hand and stylish and smoothly operating Music right side, power, button and left side volume, button upper side, secondary noise, cancellation, mic dot, lower side, main speaker, primary mic type, usb c port and sim card tray use. Dual sim card, but no dedicated memory card slot security sensor in display security sensor works so fast and position is better, although face unlock work is so smooth. Music, sound quality is best in high volume level. No sound broke down in music and call level if dual speaker or stereo speaker is added in better. This reno 6 pro display size, 6.5 inches full hd, plus amoled display screen ratio, 92.1 resolution fhd plus 1080 times 2400 pixel, refresh rate 90 hertz options, 90 hertz or 60 hertz display pixel density 410p display brightness 750 nits display protection, corning gorilla, glass, 5, dot, good Option in 90, hertz refresh rate for display basil area is so thin and get upper display is punch, hole, selfie, camera multitasking and many apps operation in one time is better experience and also use l1.

So you can full hd video strumming in netflix and the other side, Music network and connectivity. Both sim 5g enable and wi fi six and bluetooth: v5.2 Music sensors, all type of sensors in added in operino 6 prolag geomagnetic sensor, proximity sensor, optical sensor, accelerometer gravity, sensor, gyroscope, pedometer, color, temperature, sensor chips, cpu qualcomm, snapdragon, 870, cpu cores octa core transactor 6 nanometers Into core 2 4 gigahertz cortex a78 model and 2 gigahertz cortex a55 model gpu model, adreno 650 Music memory in ram ram, 8gb 128 gb and 12 gigabytes, 256 gigabytes tram type lpddr4x at 2133, megahertz 4 by 16 bits external memory not supported usb version, usb 2.0 Type c, usb otg supported reverse charging price unofficial price in bangladesh base variant, price 33, 000 taka to 38 000 taka speed test, read speed 807 mb per second and write sped 452 mb per second thats good geekbench score single core 723 and multi core 2120. pub G call of duty, as for 9, smooth play in opporino 6 pro, but some lag in graphic level, but over is ok. Music, heat level, long time use mobile data watching video and playing game its hot, but no tension sometime break it stay cool camera, rear 50. Mp, main camera af supported closed loop focus, motor 6p lens 16 mp ultra wide angle, camera 5p lens 13 mp, telephoto camera colon 5p lens 2mp macro camera, colon 3p lens and front 32 mp, lens 5p ff best selfie camera photo capture overall, good performance, rear camera Supports up to 4k 30 fps dual view.

Recording slow motion is okay and use g camera with api support, Music battery dc 7.74 volts 2250, mr 17.02 watt hours rated and 2250 mr 17.41 watt hours typical equivalent to 4500 mr fast charge. Super book 2.0 super book book 3.0, pd 9 volts, slash 2a qc 9 volts, slash 2a full charge in 45 minutes overall use battery backup one day and heavy gaming 10 to 12 hours, Music operating system, color os 11.3 based on android, 11, Music, good side and Bad side, bad side, real panel use, ag glass protection, but good in corning, gorilla glass may be used, speaker is normal, but good and stereo speaker may use and most important annoys in absence and also price range is high. Maybe 28 to 30. 000 is okay, good side outlook is operino 6. Pro is awesome. Its premium feel like a apple iphone display refresh rate best. Brightness is ok, dot and camera is good, but selfie camera is best. One overall is better.