I have a really cool one, for you guys were going to be taking a look at poetics newest line of cases here their neon series. Now i have never tried these out yet, so i am very excited to check these out. Weve got one for the pro max. Weve got one for the 6.1 inch 13 pro and weve also got one for the 6.1 inch iphone 13.. As you guys know, you cannot mix and match these two because of the camera. Bumps 13 cases dont match the iphone 13 pro, so you got ta have a separate one, but lets go ahead and crack these open and see what weve got inside. So this is a cool new packaging, something i havent seen before from poetic. So it looks like you just pull here. Maybe peel this side out, maybe thats the right way to do it. Maybe not – and you slide it out like this: okay, okay, so thats interesting, its kind of like a box inside of a box learn something new every day. So here is the case itself. Oh, that looks nice look at that. That looks like nothing else on the market right now drop test military standard protection. This is interesting upon first inspection, because i havent reviewed a case like this, so i need to take an in depth. Look at this. These little pockets right here are actually air vents or they look like vents on the inside, but obviously they dont go to the outside, still sealed, but theyre kind of like air pockets on the inside, and this definitely feels like a two piece case.

But it can. Okay, it can come apart. Okay, i do quite like that design. So lets grab the 13 pro max dummy here, because i do not like the size of these enormous phones, but there, it is in this case in this case, looks really slick so on the back. Here you guys can see its got. This orange trim all the way around very minimal branding right here, just as poetic its minimal in the sense its not in your face, but at the same time you can definitely know as a poetic case. These provide definite grip right here for your fingers when youre holding it on the front here you guys can see. These corners are great if you do drop your phone, its going to probably hit there first and youre going to want some bounce from that sides. Here, cutouts looking great same with the bottom and this side as well, very good camera raisivity here, so you dont have to worry about that on the front. The raisvity is also good. Lets check out the button feel because thats very important feels very good, no issues there. You guys can probably hear that heres how it looks like if its just sitting on the desk looks really cool, very different from any other case on the market that ive seen or reviewed. So far now i dont know how many people are going to notice this, but theyve, actually even indented, just the slightest bit around this earpiece thats attention to detail right there.

Most people will probably never notice that. So this looks really good here. Im going to open up the others and well put them on the other dummy phones, so this ones for the 13 pro so slide this out, and here it is, and it is the exact same color. Actually, this ones a little lighter, not sure if thats on purpose or not, but its a slightly lighter shade of orange lets, just go ahead and put this one on my actual phone just for fun here to see how it looks and to see how it fits Here so we will go ahead and put it in there make sure its snug and boom just like that. You guys can see that extra cutout up there that i was talking about exemplifies it, because my phone is gold and that looks slick feels really good. In the hand, button feel is very good. This actually feels like some decent protection here. If i did drop my phone, you guys can see the two different sizes. If you want a pro max good luck to you, they are way too big in my opinion, but this is just right even with a case. This feels great in the hand, same exact features of the other one, but lets go ahead and open the last one. So im gon na flip this one over here, so you guys can see okay, so this actually has pull tabs here and here so i guess poetics testing their new packaging on me here see how i do this.

I cannot press in so i dont know, but just rip that out its very satisfying. I will say that i just im not sure im doing it right, lets open this up and see what weve got exactly the same as the others lets see, which color its closer to so this ones really dark. For some reason, this one seems a little brighter. So theyre all slightly different, but pretty much the same. Theyre all orange lets go ahead and grab the dummy unit. There we go just like that. Everything is exactly the same as the others, so i dont have to go through all of those details again, but here you guys can see the lineup iphone 13 iphone 13 pro and the iphone 13 pro max in their neon series. So this is a new series. Ive never reviewed them before, but i really like them. They look cool and theyre, just something different, its not something you see every day got these nice grips on the back and the nice pop of color check these out for sure links down below.