This is a rugged android smartphone. That is also relatively price, conscious. In fact, you can find the base model for around 170 bucks theres, also a version that sells for a hundred and ninety dollars. That gets you an upgraded eight gigabytes of built in ram, which is, i have to say, very competitive for the price and it also packs a mediatek helio g80 processor, which is octa core and clocked at 2 gigahertz. So this processor is going to be a little bit faster than the predecessor, which was the original bison that came out earlier in the year that used the mediatek helio p60 in terms of benchmarks. This new g80 is about 20 percent higher in terms of antutu accents. Here that theyve coated in rubber making it shock proof its also going to be fully waterproof. So you can even dunk this into a pool. Unfortunately, it does have just a rear kind of mono speaker, but we also have a camera cluster composing of a 48 megapixel sensor from sony, along with a dual tone, led flash 16 megapixel wide angle lens, which is 117 degrees and a 5 megapixel micro lens, which Is not really as great but its there, and we also have a thermometer built on in. This is one of the other features that is new on the bison pro compared to the earlier bison. Of course, i personally think its a little bit of a gimmicky function, but if you do want to measure someones temperature in a pinch to see if they have a fever, its now built on in you can also measure the temperature of other objects, including food.

As well so it does have a few uses. Now we also have a barometer for measuring your air pressure, thats also built on in including a compass. There is nfc on here for a contactless payment, 4g lte, unlocked quadband and otherwise doesnt have wireless charging, but pretty much everything else has been built in including support for a few customizable shortcut keys, one on the left and one on the right just like before, which You can program to launch different things at a click which is neat the rails here are made out of aluminum and feel pretty tactile and responsive. We still have a standard headphone jack on the top and, aside from the 128 gigs of built in storage, which, by the way, is pretty good for this price, you also can expand that further. Finally, there is a side mounted fingerprint scanner which i have found to be pretty good and responsive in testing. Placement is easy to reach, and it takes just a split. Second to unlock usually works a little bit faster than some of the newer under display fingerprint scanners. Its not the fastest in the world, but its reliable now, otherwise, the screen on the front. We are looking at a 6.3 inch, full hd, 1080 plus ips lcd display, so it has pretty decent viewing angles, but arguably it can get a tad brighter. That would be even better since it is marketed as a outdoor rugged. Phone colors do look quite punchy and vibrant, which is good now.

Otherwise we do have a little bit of a bezel, but not too bad overall still is decent in terms of its compactness. For a rugged phone packing, a 5 000 milliamp hour capacity battery which, by the way, can be charged using 18 watts, charging using type c taking around two hours or so to fully charge up so not the fastest, but also not bad. Considering we have a relatively large size built on in now, theres also a front facing 24 megapixel sony lens for the selfie camera, which is also decent. To be honest, the camera sensors on this phone havent been really upgraded compared to the original bison, which packed pretty similar specifications, in fact, theyre using almost identical parts there, but thats not a bad thing. That phone did pretty well for a budget device. Here is the interface its pretty simple, but we have the ability to toggle between the modes like a ultra wide just by tapping on that dot over there. It does take a moment to kind of process its not quite as instantaneous again as a flagship processor, but not bad theres. Also, the aforementioned micro lens that you can tap on the other side to activate in this mode. You have to be within just a few centimeters of your object. Some folks say that micro lenses can be a little bit gimmicky. They would rather see lets, say a zoom lens, for example, but overall i still think that there are cases where it can be fun to play around with and under extra.

You can also find a panorama mode, a pro mode that does give you more granular level of control over things like iso and exposure, which is nice, and you can even find a night mode, although this is no match for lets, say the iphone or pixel, but Its still neat to have and can slightly brighten up images if you are in slightly darker environments. But again there is no optical image stabilization, so you still have to hold relatively still there. You do get a ai mode which can intelligently detect what youre pointing at and slightly change the properties of the photo, including the colors, for example, pointed at this flower and youll see that it is recognized that it is truly a flower and right now, its just Bumped up the kind of exposure, the colors, the saturation a little bit versus. If we now have a piece of paper here, you can see that it will recognize that this is text and heres a closer look at some additional images i was taking with it recently, including some close up micro shots again that micro lens at 5 megapixels its. Not going to be the sharpest and definitely will struggle under movement, but it can still be fun to occasionally play around with. Here is one taken with just the regular sensor identifying this as a plant and overall, not too bad. If you are in brightly lit environments, at least that you can still get plenty of detail with the main 48 megapixel sensor for zooming in and cropping in its nothing extraordinary, especially here in 2021 standards, where we expect a lot now from our smartphone cameras, but definitely For a budget phone i would say it does the trick a few more samples with the close up lens, which again is actually pretty fun to occasionally play around with video quality.

On the other hand, is just so so again, theres no stabilization, so it can be a little bit jumpy, but in brighter environments it works just fine and you can capture up to full hd, but no 4k. As far as screen on time, im getting roughly seven hours or so, and that is with moderate usage with wi fi – turned on watching some youtube videos again that is decent and especially with the larger battery. Here its definitely going to get you at least through a day, if not longer, if you are using it even lighter and overall definitely no issues here in terms of battery endurance. The overall software experience, which is powered by android 11, is also fairly up to date. Even though i know, android 12 has officially dropped just last week, but for what it is, it still feels pretty fresh in terms of having access to all of the typical functions. Swipes in terms of gestures for multitasking things do look pretty clean and we dont really have too much bloatware going on, which is good, and in this toolbox we have things like the aforementioned thermometer. For the most part, it actually is not bad in terms of its accuracy, its definitely been improved compared to the yuma digi a9, which i found it to be a little bit hit or miss. In terms of at times, you needed to do a few measurements to get it working, but on here it actually kind of works on the first try, which is pretty neat just point.

It kind of a few centimeters away from whatever object and then just tap on measure, and it will get you the measurement there just in a second afterwards, you can also save your records and take a closer look at how things have fluctuated. Other functions on here include the aforementioned barometer, a basic compass which is also built on in nothing really too new, but you can also find these on here, which is neat like i mentioned overall, its, not bad in terms of the responsiveness and overall, the helio g80 Is a relatively decent mid tier processor performance is comparable to a qualcomm snapdragon 710 and a little bit faster than the older snapdragon. 660. 665. We have the standard g board thats built on in by default. By the way, pretty responsive screen is coded using corning gorilla glass as well, so no issues in terms of touch sensitivity and overall wi fi reception also seems to be pretty strong using dual band. Wi fi, although it doesnt support wi fi 6 on this model. But overall, no issues in terms of loading back pages, even complex ones. We can in fact try toggling into lets, say desktop mode and see what happens there overall, again respectable for doing simple web browsing related tasks. The one thing to keep in mind, though, is the aforementioned dual variants of this phone. So there is that base model that comes with four gigs and then that other upgraded model for twenty dollars more youre, getting eight gigabytes of ram, even though everything else from processor to screen to built in 128, gigs of storage are exactly the same.

I do think that extra twenty dollars will go a long way, because doubling the ram can definitely help you in things like multitasking, opening up even more tabs in the browser and also more demanding games in general, without having to clear up things running in the background. Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, so takeaway is the speaker, i would say its just so so, at the very least, if youre lying it flat, it doesnt get completely muffled because theres a raised edge that is propping it up. However, i definitely would have preferred stereo speakers and uh to be honest for a kind of outdoor phone. It can definitely be a little bit louder, but for what it is its okay. At the very least, you can always use wireless headphones or headphone jack, because there is one built on in and overall, you can definitely enjoy watching youtube videos. Netflix shows kind of the last component of here. I would just talk about briefly the gaming compared to other entry level and mid tier devices, again its not going to be a rival to the top of the line chip sets, but still is going to be stronger than average and definitely in this particular regard. I found the phone as a whole to still get relatively cool in terms of the back of the device if youre holding it. It doesnt feel too warm or anything like that, even as you are gaming for more than 30 minutes, and that is thanks to yumidiji.

Having pretty decent heat dissipation and as a result, most moderate and mid tier games, you really wont find too much of an issue on here, of course, the most demanding of games, things like pubg and asphalt. You will still probably have a better experience if you slightly lower some of the settings, but overall, its definitely not too bad respectable for an entry level phone as far as the fluidity that im, seeing especially in the majority of lighter games, and even if you wanted To try heavier games, they are still playable, maybe theyre not going to be perfect in terms of frame rates, but definitely is surprisingly decent. Helio g80, i do think, is a nice choice for the price to performance ratio. Basic elements of this device, including making phone calls also really didnt, have any issues when testing it with both atn t and t mobile in the seattle region. I found it to be pretty good in terms of reception strength and the microphone picked up my voice without too much complaints there, so that is more or less it as far as our just quick hands on review of the yumadigi bison pro i like it. A lot i have to say for the price since its relatively affordable for a rugged phone again, the selling price here compared to the other alternatives which can be powered by similar chipsets arent, really going for too much more, but on here we do have a model That has a bigger battery has more resistance to water, especially if youre someone that goes a little bit more rough on your device, its not necessarily a huge upgrade compared to the original bison.

So if you already have that phone, this is not going to be really a upgrade. That makes too much sense, but if you are on the market, looking for a new android smartphone, you want something with slightly more resistance to wear and tear and youre. Looking at a model for under 200 bucks, this is not a bad choice to consider.