This thing i have been looking forward to this day. Let me tell you, oh my gosh. Oh, my gosh lets unbox this bad boy, first of all, kudos to them for putting it in a big package. The iphones you get is in this little tiny box and it just doesnt feel like youre spending. A thousand dollars on a phone seeker has a nice box. Lets see this. Oh Music check it out the main attraction. Look at that bad boy, wrapped in some protection film lets take this off. Oh man, or even the film is protecting it, which is ironic because this camera and youre gon na see or this phone youre gon na see. I am going to trash this thing and see if it can stand up to it. Look at that gorgeous six and a half inch screen on that bad boy comes with a branded usb block. That is also very cool. Oh nice fancy usbc charge, cable, uh, wrapped very well with some holders here, unclip very nicely, not like those annoying apple clips. Oh yeah, good, good, good, three foot charger. What oh apple may want to take note of this. This one actually comes with headphones. Oh and it comes with a headphone jack thats right three and a half millimeter headphone jack right in the bottom of this phone. So you dont have to have bluetooth or some stupid, adapter dongle to operate it man, okay, cool! What else do we have in here headphones little usbc, the usba adapter here and then the manual? Oh wait.

This is some little tiny thing. This is a sim card. Eject stick right here so to get the stem sim card out change it! Oh wait! This thing turned on automatically hi there hi there start connect to mobile network. Okay. If you have sim cards, insert them now obtaining ip address connecting getting your phone ready. This may take a few minutes. Man, one of the things im most excited about this phone is a 108 mega pixel camera and it also has an infrared camera. Okay, im going to take the camera into the darkest part of my house. This is my walk in closet, its pitch black. Let me go away from the phone for a second with my other camera, so you can see you cant see anything now check this out. Thats right, heres, my clothes pitch black, my shoes, what oh there they are! This sucker is rugged. It comes with the case already built in. You can drop this thing from 1.8 meters, which im going to do. You can submerge it for 30 minutes which im going to do, and you can run your car over this, which im going to do so. This is just oh, my gosh. You can bring your data in from an android from an iphone account, a backup from the cloud. This is awesome. The screen is just beautiful. I wish i could put my iphone 13 next to it, but im shooting on it and actually, i think, im probably going to start shooting all of my product review videos on this phone with this 108 mega pixel camera has an infrared camera in there at night.

With infrared leds so that you can take photos at night in the dark. Oh my gosh! Oh so happy! Oh, this things going to be great sit tight, youre, not going to want to miss what im going to do to this phone and see if it keeps working. Okay, i have my timer right here im going to put my gopro under the water and record with this, and the zikr p10 smartphone is going to take a splash. So first lets get this video rolling. Put that gopro underwater okay start lets unceremoniously drop. The zikr p10 show you that its operating right now lets move it over there. So you can see it start. The timer okay, you can see. The timer here is almost 30 minutes, thats a long time for a phone to be underwater. Never done this before all right lets see. Look at that check that out 30 minutes its been in the water 30 minutes. No problem full signal full battery, like thats great. This is the drop test. Supposedly it can handle a drop from six feet, so im just going to hold this thing up and drop it and then well check it out. Okay, you can see a little bit of damage on the corner there. Just in the rubber shape screen is no problem at all lets. Do it again, im gon na actually just drop it right on the edge this time. Okay, again, no damage a little scratch mark on the corner.

There um – i think this thing is uh – can take some abuse, so im gon na try a little harder. Okay. I would definitely not do that with my iphone. This thing im going to bring it up to the camera so that you can see it just has little scuff marks right on the edge no problem built in protection. Like i said, six foot drop strength. This is incredible: theres no damage to the camera or any of the lens theres no damage to the screen or any of that stuff and theres no way. I would do that to my iphone, so next lets go drive the car over it all right. The next thing they told me to do is put it here under the wheel and ride it over. So this is my suv, i hope its okay, because thats heavy lets see. Oh my gosh Laughter. Look at that theres, nothing wrong with it. I just ran it over with my truck okay lets see, oh man, that just all that back just wipes off unbelievable all right im, just gon na throw this sucker yeah. That was not one of the tests, but i just felt like doing it anyway. All right! Wheres, the phone wheres, the phone right there. Oh my gosh, this thing is awesome wow, oh man. Those are some pretty incredible tests on this bad boy. This thing just can take a beating but theres one test i havent subjected it to, and that is the dust test.

So i put a bunch of very fine to very coarse sawdust in here in this bag. Im gon na put this 108 megapixel camera infrared camera. It says this dust proof waterproof this. I would never ever do this to my iphone. No way, look at that. Oh man, thats all right. Its coated im gon na go dip it in the sink to rinse it all right here we have it just powering up. Still dripping wet from getting rinsed and by rinsed i mean dunked in the water again. Look if you want a rugged, smartphone 108 megapixels infrared, waterproof, dustproof youre, just not gon na go wrong. With this thing i mean you saw, i threw it on the concrete. You saw i drove over it with my car, an suv, a seven passer suv. I drove over this thing and it still turns on nothing wrong. There is no. This thing is the lenses. The glass are all just still pristine. Now what i havent showed you are the apps: they developed really cool apps. So if you are like an outside adventure, thrill seeker like i am they have a bunch of these outdoor apps that you can use a comfort compass, a gradienter so like what are you doing for gradients, this plum bob? This is one of my i love. I love this thing depending on what edge it tells you, what the angle is, and it tells you what straight up and down is you can tell what the angle is? Has a barometer on here? Look at that it tells my elevation and what the pressure is.

Gosh that is so cool um lets see what else we have has a pedometer has a protractor look at this. You can put different things on the ground. You can move these arms to find out what that angle is thats very nice. You can hang pictures on the wall, it tells you where straight is where level is? Oh, oh, oh right there, oh thats nice. I dont know just some thoughtful tools. Obviously it has a flashlight its got an alarm. Its got a decibel meter on here. If you want also so those are some cool tools – zikr p10 smartphone, waterproof dust, proof drop proof. 108, megapixel, camera infrared camera dust.