If these lines are visible, because maybe the lighting is a little too intense ooh that was even more intense. I think i had connected something wrong and it was taking a bunch of pictures. I hope the audio is coming clear, im going to play it back, so i can hear its a little struggle buzz for me. If you want me to be perfectly honest, its a little im not liking all i dont know if its my phone, its just not compatible. Perhaps but i dont know, this might be a mess and it kind of upsets me because again this i mean its more of their higher price point. It is not five dollars that i probably wouldnt have cared. I got it. Ten bucks is 10 bucks, but 10 bucks for 10 bucks, so i dont know im gon na play it back if the audio is clear, then at least thats redeemable, but the light is a little harsh in the sense that i dont like those lines that im Seeing and you really need to connect it correctly, because it was just taking pictures, flashing pictures and it cut my last video, so i didnt like that again: im not 100 sure i have it on the mount and i have the light on and the mic is Running but uh yeah again, i might have to tinker with it ill get back to you guys if ive worked out a formula where it works divine, but for now im a little um iffy about it, i wouldnt say: go rush out and get it like.

I was saying about their uh puck light their puck light with the remote control. Yeah. That to me, is a must get you know, especially for the holiday season. These are great stocking, stuffers, um and even their nail kits by pretty na pretty woman faux nails. These are also a great stocking stuffer, but for you know your precocious ambitious um, you know future vlogger, youtuber or whatever influencer, and they want to expand on their video gaming or vlogging or whatnot, and this would have been a really nice christmas gift. But again i dont know could be just my brand, maybe its not as clear as maybe on a typical iphone an iphone 13. Maybe it would look glorious there, but i dont know for me in this phone, its kind of like hit or miss you know so. Im a little disappointed about that um, but again im going to tinker with again im not going to like im, not saying 100 to throw it out or that i wont give it a second chance ill, give it another whirl and its about tinkering. I know the portable one that i bought in the summer time i didnt im, particularly like i think it was a little too hard and again, maybe its just a matter of playing around with it. Until you get comfortable, it takes two double a batteries: alkaline preferred and um yeah, but im gon na play back this audio and ill.

Let you guys know this was worth it because all right, you know so, but yeah, and this hat this hat too. This is also a great find at five and below so certain things. Yay its happened with the dollar tree too dont get me wrong, im, not being brand loyal to anything and again, this channel is not sponsored, i would love to, but to be sponsored, but um. These are all things that im trying out on my own for my own personal use and its happened with the dollar tree too ive bought things and im like oh, its, been a dud or it hasnt been worth the buck or it was broken and it was Sold to me broken so i didnt appreciate that the few times that that did happen – and it does happen again, im not saying all dollar trees but be conscious, and i get it maybe the long lines they cant necessarily verify that every product is working. They should refund honestly or give you store credit, but at my local branches, so many people, i guess its just hard to keep up with the demand but um yeah. This is this from five and below, and i bought a number of things from five and below that. I do not regret, i think, honestly, you know this. This seemed doable and, like i said if this is recording my audio clearly, then at least theres. That portion, which im excited about.