This is a multifunctional video kit for your smartphone. Hopefully, today i can give you enough information on why you should purchase it and maybe why you should not. So lets first start with an unboxing its time to unbox the viewflex multifunctional uh, smart phone video kit. So we got a nice little shrink wrapped package, very nice, oh okay, very nice presentation, all right! So lets start off with the manual so get the manual. Do we get any stickers in here? So i see a warranty card bonus points. Dont, forget stickers, only certifications, okay, vendor information, the warranty card and your manual. We get this nice pouch. Oh, it feels like sway. Oh okay. I, like i dont know if you could see a very subtle the viewflex, its kind of like carved out very nice on the inside, not the same material, but a little bit softer very nice all right. So lets start first with the tripod wow. This is a thick tripod just for reference size, wow, open up the legs, and then we have a tightening screw towards the bottom right there very nice. Okay, we have the mount the phone full metallic mount very nice Music, wow. Okay, very nice has a lot of clamp force. This is a full metallic mount wow. This is this is some premium stuff. I like very nice. Okay lets tighten that back. You get the pop filter for the mic, pretty small decent. We also get a windshield very nice uh.

We get the cable to connect to the smartphone, we get the shock mount super light and we get the cardioid mic, also metallic. So this is right off the bat. This is very premium stuff. I suggest keeping the boxes. Well, not dont throw this box away. This is a very nice little kit, so were getting the cardioid mic. We get the pop filter uh, we have the connected cable. We have the little anti vibration mount. We have the mount for the smartphone itself. We get the uh furry the windshield, we got a nice little case for it and we have the tripod so lets see if we can put it all together right here and then so do we only have one okay, so lets put this together right away. Okay, so nice and tight, very good lets see different angles like now with the tightening. Are we doing it? Okay, so this is top and we do have a tightening option right towards there. You use a flat head, tighten it okay, so we can tighten right inside very nice, okay, so its a little difficult at first, because this this is a little bit more on the plastic side. So is it too heavy for it? I feel like this is over metallic, but it doesnt wobble too much very nice. So for okay, so there we go so the hot shoe mounts are right on the side, so we can actually just slide right inside varying it okay.

So we get slider right there or we have the option of going on the other side as well. So we get both sides. So this gives us the ability to do two things. Maybe if we already have a light lets say we already have a small light. We could add to it or we could just turn it sideways, attach the phone we have like that and the filter a little pop filter and the cable cable is towards the back. Take this out. So we attach the cable right towards the back and we connect it very nice lets get into the review now for my overall review of the viewflex vfk2. First of all, i really like the accessories that you get with the viewflex k2 smartphone video kit, oh yeah. I really i really dig that suede bag – really nice, oh youre, going to like that one too, but also the build quality – was something that i was amazed for what youre getting for the price so lets. First, talk about the tripod, so, as you can tell from the tripod, the tripod is thick has some thick legs, but theyre super light, its a super light design, but also towards the bottom. They include anti slip feet so, wherever youre going to be putting your video kit, dont worry its not going to be sliding off so thats another good thing now, one of the things that i was impressed about was the holster for the phone itself.

Now you have so many things that you can do with the holster, so its a full metallic build. But if you look on the sides of the holster, you get to uh mount adapters now, one negative about the two mount adapters is: if you turn it sideways in the horizontal landscape mode for your phone, you wont be able to use the bottom one for any Additional thing that you may include, but if you do turn it into portrait mode, vertical uh youll be able to use both of the uh mount adapters on the side. So do keep that into notice. Uh with the holster, the smartphone hold so youre able to put in a stationary uh position, which is going to be the top uh hole towards the back and also towards the bottom. You get an optional able to adjust it to get a good little slider that you can adjust to almost any height, which is super awesome. One thing is that uh, if you get a little bit too low, it might be a little bit difficult if you are connecting uh the mic towards the bottom and the usb adapter that you use uh for the mic may not offer too much uh wiggle room Towards the bottom, if you keep it too low, but overall i thought not a big deal, because most of these usb to aux are usually super flexible. So you shouldnt have a problem with that. So i really like that on another note about the holster uh.

If you look towards the bottom, not only can be, of course used for the tripod, but you, if you have a mount at home, uh tripod mount that has the mount that this is provided on, youre able to even use it on a bigger style mount. If you do have one at home, so thats, another cool thing lets talk about a little bit about the mic. Now the mic does come with a uh anti shock mount, but i felt it was a little too cheap. So do be careful when you are placing the mic inside the uh anti shock mount because its made of plastic and at first i was afraid that i was gon na break it. So i dont recommend you constantly taking the mic off the shock mount. I would just suggest: keep it on the shock: mount and dont. Take it off as much to you know, increase the durability of it, but i do understand why they went that way because, of course, its a light mic, but the mic is made of metallic versus the anti shock mount being fully plastic and super light. So do keep that one into note now, with the mic full metallic mic, its a cardioid mic and the option that you have for the phone are as of now, only mono uh and im gon na put the video on my sound test for it. Okay, so now i am using the mic itself, i do remember youre only able to use mono via smartphones right now, so you are limited to only mono, not stereo, but thats, a phone limitation as of now um, who knows, could change in the future, but youre Capable of model sound, i think it sounds pretty good.

I think youre a little bit clearer, but thats the effects of being under mono, its more of a focus type of uh sound, so its not as wide. Now, for my overall thoughts about the uh video kit, i think this is a really good option because of the build metallic build. So this is going to be something thats going to last you a really long time, but it also adds for more expandability with the holster having two shoe adapters. So lets say you dont stay with this mic. You upgrade the mic or lets say you add your own type of light. You keep adding to this, build because the holster and the tripod can withstand a good amount of weight. So this is something that you could build off as well, too. One thing that i thought that it was super good at was uh for stationary recording. So if you are somebody thats going to be setting up your own desk and just in a stationary location, you can be perfect and you get two options of the wind month and the pop filter for your mic. So, no matter where you are youll be good to go now. Another thing that i thought it was okay at was for vlogging uh, but one thing you have to know about the vlogging is that you need to make sure that, with the tightening screw thats towards the thats on the right side, its a little silver uh flat Head, you have to make sure you tighten it super good if you are going to be using it for vlogging, if not and you wiggle it too much its just going to fall back and potentially you could break your gear so make sure if you are going To be using it for vlogging make sure you tighten it good enough.

If you tighten it good enough, you should have no problem in terms of vlogging. Now i hope i helped you in uh, seeing if the viewflex vf k2 is a good purchase for you. If so, make sure you hit down below on the helpful button, so others can see my video have a good day.