This is a bootleg chinese phone. I got on ebay for some twenty dollars, just a quick update from future me. Apparently, this phone is also called the r10 and its running android 6.0 geez. I got, and it is quite quite a phone. If you look at it, it looks a lot like a uh one plus three ill show a picture here. Yeah. As you can see, it looks a lot like a oneplus 3. Actually, its got a lot going for it so lets turn it on and see what it looks like when its on ive used. This ive already connected it to my wi fi, so it should be all set uh. This is a very, very interesting phone. It sucks pretty bad, but you know it is what it is so yeah it reeks of. Oh, it reeks of uh like a fake chinese smartphone. So this is the box. It came in as you can see its got some stuff going for it. Here we go open. It up. Came in this plastic, pull this out, oh batterys, about to die. Let me charge this for okay. Now i got ta charge. Lets see how this thing this thing works very interesting uh. I have qriket wireless, so im not sure. If im even going to be able to try cell service on this – and i doubt anybody would want to buy it but anyways if you open this bag here, she comes with a charger and oh and i dropped dropped, gohan and uh, and it came with some Very nice headphones.

We will take a look at in a second and it comes with a user manual and a lot of stuff. You probably will not be using just leave that in there clean up our mess there, we go okay, so uh lets. Look at this phones kind of what its got going. I didnt charge it all the way, but i didnt think it was necessary. Oh i forgot. I did uh face recognition on this uh, but the password it should be just one one, one, one yeah there we go so you can. One of the first things youll see is that there is a fingerprint scanner on this, so that is going to be interesting. Ill also try to download angry birds or some sort of simple game to see if it works. Um very simple: you got everything here on the left side. Charger is at actually at the top, along with the auxiliary port right there and nothing here on the right side. It does have this sort of uh little design to it. I thought it was like a protector or something but no its just printed onto this. Its all plastic, of course – and the speakers are at the bottom – sound kind of tinny. Of course, youre not going to expect much for for this price. So first thing you might see hey this fingerprint scanner lets lets see how it works. Well, thats thats a thats going to be a interesting watch, so let me go into the settings and pull out that well normally its just like right here there he goes.

Is that not settings? I guess not? Okay, uh im, usually looking for that. Like looking cog there, so i can get into the settings i have it on face unlock. Oh its already dying this thing, dont last too long at all. This battery is just dying, crazy, okay, i plugged in the charger and all that so itll work, so lets go over to uh, fingerprint voice, unlock sure, yeah, okay, uh fingerprint so uh. Where can we get to actually adjusting our fingerprint? There is no option to like, even even like get to the fingerprint to test it thats wild hows it going to test my fingerprint turn it on: oh, okay, so Laughter, sure, okay, yeah, so weve got this big old thing. That looks like a fingerprint scanner and what is it an on screen, fingerprint scanner, its like sure, okay, yeah, like its a galaxy note, or something? Okay, yeah, okay, yeah interesting, so we know thats completely bogus. I could literally here look watch. I could literally oh shoot there we go and, as you can see, it is very responsive uh there we go. I can literally use anything and itll work. So not only did i not set up my fingerprint scanner, but somehow it already knows my fingerprints. So, unless its some sort of x file stuff, i think thats bogus um voice unlock okay yeah. Let me see unlock command, uh speak a command with two syllables. Okay lets try.

This out unlock unlock, unlock unlock unlock there we go now uh i like pin, and i always just do one one one. One now lets see how how convenient that is, unlock. What would i have to unlock okay? Let me try saying something else: ice cream ice cream – oh shoot. Okay, so i guess that doesnt work to some degree. Uh unlock unlock dang. It kind of uh unlock okay. So i guess it does work to some degree, but i wouldnt know how to test it. Without changing up my voice, but that that says that seems so fishy who would ever do it deadlock? My gosh, if you mess it up, one time deadlock, you see yeah. So i guess there is some degree to security. Okay, enter, pin its not letting me enter the pin unlock. I think what we discovered is that this phone is pretty trash uh. So, of course, lets look and see some apps that we can get to like the play store its already connected to my wi fi. As you can see, so uh lets just go to a play, store and see if that even works honestly, so i tried to go into the play store and its telling me to use this browser to sign in and oh did not mean to do that. But now im stuck in some sort of like its its just, not doing anything, its, not loading doesnt, say its loading, its just stuck on the screen.

Oh, i see a little bar lets see what happens. Okay, so it says its signing in and it just will not sign trying again and no matter what i do, even though i know its my password and everything it just isnt signing in. So let me try another thing. I was just trying to download something like temple run, for example an apk, so i could play it right away, but the typing experience on this phone. It is horrific, like literally the worst, the worst ive ever felt, no matter what you do, it just doesnt work. Okay, so im going to download this and see if it works. Okay, so i have a t fiber at home here and im supposed to have very good internet uh. This is literally not even starting to even think about, possibly downloading its still at zero percent. Uh literally just isnt working is not downloading. Oh there you go one percent with with some of the fastest internet in my area, im at like one percent uh. If this was my my samsung, i would be done within seconds, maybe that, if, if that this is still at two percent, what is going on with this? This is horrific, okay, so uh. This is terrible. Lets go ahead and just check out the youtube app that i somehow managed to have on this phone and see if that works at all too, because um, given how amazing and interesting i dont need to sign in how interesting this phone is.

Maybe itll work. What it took me out of youtube. What in gods name is going on. You go back to youtube there. We go lets search, lets search up something my god is that annoying royal uh Music roy you im trying to look up royalty, free music, but im being bombarded with all these. What is going on? Oh there we go still. I dont need to look. I just want to look up music wow, okay, so the youtube app just wont work im going to have to look at my browser. I dont. Have you noticed too the viewing angles on this thing? You can see it like its its like. It gets darker and the viewing angle you have to be looking right at it. If you go down or up it, it sh the shade of the screen almost like changes completely, so you can barely see it. Okay, let me just uh my gosh. This phone is so sluggish. If i did a geek bench on this, i think the phone would just explode, because what oh my gosh it didnt even look it up when i put youtube: okay: okay, roy Music, royalty, free music, youtube, Music search, okay, uh! I cannot wait until i do that, uh that the camera test to see what these pictures look like. Oh man, this is gon na, be a headache and a half, oh geez, look how long its taking a load! Wow, okay, interesting, okay, now lets look up a video and im having to pause it in between because its taking so long like this is royalty.

No copyright, music, okay! Well, we will just play this. First, one see how it sounds: the pain, the agony of this loading bar one video, one, video. Finally, some signs of life. After, like a minute of waiting, you can see on the time it has been like a minute. Okay, lets put this all the way up, Music. Of course, the speaker, like i said, is in the back, so its going to be muddled a little bit. If i recall correctly, you can hear it from the way it sounds pretty tinny and were getting an ad. Of course. Okay hits get bad im praying, oh, oh, my god. Even with the youtube video, its struggling Music, there, you go Laughter, oh and it died on me lets clear out. Some of these. Obviously four tabs is too much for this phone to handle Music, okay, so its it sounds. It sounds like its coming out of a tin can to be honest with you, so i literally cannot stand this phone. The browsing experience is terrible. Everything is bad, its a lying phone because it says it can use face unlock and it could do this. This fingerprint scanner thing that that is really just a sham, its just you touching the screen and its saying its scanning, your fingerprint, i know thats a sham because i didnt even register my fingerprint onto this phone sounds terrible. Lets take a look at the camera and see what that looks like uh right now going out in the wild.

With this thing, lets see, pull out this camera app. It looks terrible. It looks like a dsi camera. Okay, benji nico. You guys want to walk want to go outside. It is not cold today. So actually, i do not need my jacket, but i need my shoes crocs to be exact. Okay lets start with some pictures. Oh man, oh there we go benji, hey benji. When you get me baby, come on veggie nico, nico, stay there. There we go and lets take a closer one up: benji, oh benji. They move too much theyre, not good subjects. Okay lets take a picture of the stick here, make it aesthetic as good as it can be, and some video niko hey benji come veggie. This is some high quality stuff right here. Come on eagle, come on. Okay lets. Do this portrait mode picture here go back inside, come on you go come on come on! Lets, take a picture kind of in this dim lighting, hey nico! Coming to you, oh theyre! Moving too much! This picture will look bad in any phone with how much theyre moving there we go and go back inside lets. Take a picture with some of this natural lighting right here picture of uh gohan. There we go. That might actually be the best picture we take after seeing those videos in those pictures seeing how terrible truly awful this phone is. I cannot recommend it to anyone to no one other than as a gag honestly like these headphones.

You you hear how how hollow they are. Oh, i will not. Even i will not stick these in my ear. Okay, i have more dignity than to put that in my ear as a novelty as a joke. I would buy this and give it to somebody as a joke, but i would never ever put someone through the torture of having to own this monstrosity. So no do not recommend. Please just leave that alone, not even only as a joke. Please you cannot even use it as a burner Music. Well anyways! Thank you guys for watching.