Make one big mistake: Music, welcome everybody to apple insider. It is andrew here you can find me on twitter at andrew underscore osu and in this video you know what were talking about these guys right here, yeah apples, third generation, air pods, ear puns rightfully have claimed their place as the number one true wireless earbud out. There in the third generation apple made a lot of substantial improvements that greatly improve the product, but theres. One big thing that may be a killer for a lot of people lets go ahead and dig into this review, starting off with the case and design of the updated airpods theyve, really pretty much stayed the same in terms of the general aesthetic apple isnt venturing too Far out of the box on this and for good reason, airpods are basically iconic and to divert too much from the existing design would take away some of that clout and brand recognition. So the new airpods very much look like a combination of basic airpods and airpods pro. They have a little bit of a squatter case, so its shorter and wider than the regular standard air pods, the second generation models. It still supports wireless charging as well as lightning, but a new trick is that it now supports. Magsafe. Surprisingly enough, magsafe has been one of the killer features for me with the new airpods. I have a lot of magsafe chargers and yes, magsafe is backwards compatible with qi, which means the second generation airpods would work with magsafe, but they didnt have the magnets.

Inside with the new magnets inside of the third generation airpods. You can now use any vertical chargers. I have a lot of magsafe charges around and theyre. Usually vertical stands that allow me to prop my iphone up whether vertically or horizontally, got some from nomad native union belkin and many others and airpods wouldnt work with those because youd set them and they just fall right off same with airpods pro, but with third generation. Airpods and the magnets itll now hold itself perfectly in that position, so you can charge these in on a car charger like a vent, mount that uses magsafe or any indoors one that youve got that you can put these on so max it its like a small Small detail and the magnetic pool isnt super strong, but its enough that it made this one. The big features – and i honestly was considering buying a new version of airpods pro, because the new version of airpods pro come with the magsafe case as well, and it isnt sold separately so im really liking the addition of magsafe small but notable feature. If we look at the earbuds themselves, you can see how their design has changed once more. They look kind of like airpods and airpods pro they now have four stems. The stems are a lot smaller, and that makes a big difference to me. Seeing the old airpods, the second generation and first generation those stems looked a little unwieldy.

They were a bit large by airpods pro standards. These are a little bit more compact and they dont look as ridiculous when youre wearing them. The stems. This is a point of contention and ive had a lot of emails and comments flooding in since i posted my original text review on apple insider, about switching from the tapping gesture to four stems for me personally, i prefer the four stems, but there is a valid Use case for the tapping gesture a very niche use case, and that is runners in the cold, who are wearing hats that cover their entire ear, its very specific. But in that use case i understand because you cant reach the stems of your earbuds, because you have a hat that is covering them for me if im outside running or jogging or walking anything like that, i dont have a full beanie that covers all the way To the bottom of my ears, so the four stems still work for me. Ill have one that just covered like the top like here, like the you know, top part of ear that gets the most cold and ill still be able to control. The four stems by squeezing them versus tapping, so i, like the four stems. I dont like tapping into my ear on the earbuds uh. It just wasnt super comfortable and i also found they fell out more often than not. So i think for most people. The four stems are going to be an improvement, but for anyone else who cant deal with the four stems apple is keeping the second generation air pods as well.

At that new, i believe, lower price point, so you may have to just stick with those. Unfortunately – and you wont, get the new features that come with airpods 3. for the wider audience, i think for stems is the right move. We have a redesigned uh earpiece here that goes into your ear, its more bulbous like airpods pro, but it lacks the silicone ear tips that we had with the airpods pro. Instead, it just has the opening that goes into your ear, its a quite a bit large opening, which is helpful, because there is more bass in these, and it has new inward facing microphones. These arent used for noise cancellation like theyre, partly used for with airpods pro. Instead, theyre used for adaptive eq an airpods pro feature that is now on the airpods 3.. Basically, that inward facing microphone listens to the audio in your ear as its being played then well, adjust it and tune it on the fly to make sure that it sounds as it should to your ears. Everyones ear acoustics are different, so things could be rattling around in there and coming off differently than the mixer intended so with adaptive, eq itll, listen to that and then tune the audio. That way, it sounds perfect to your ears. Now lets chat about audio quality. For me, audio quality has improved with the latest generation. Airpods apple has made a couple changes. Apples has an entirely new acoustic system, new pr new custom drivers, and it definitely makes a difference but theyre still not on the level of airpods pro.

They sound better than airpods second generation, but not as good as airpods pro theres, more bass, possibly due to the larger design and theres less distortion in the highs at high volume. Before, if you crank that volume up and youre getting into like some higher pitched tones, there could be some distortion there, but the new airpods have improved that so its more clear, but because they dont have a sealed fit, they can still sound a little airy. You can definitely still hear what is going on around you when you have airpods third generation in your ear, if thats something you want, dont want thats the difference between airpods third generation and airpods pro. I can still fully hear whats going on. I can hear myself speak. I can hear someone talking to me without having to remove these from my ear, so that is a good thing and a bad thing. I honestly, like the airiness and hearing whats going on around me a lot of times, because i prefer to be aware of my surroundings and you dont have to worry about the battery life drain. That comes with transparency mode on the airpods pro the third generation airpods. Also have spatial audio. I think spatial audio is a killer feature for videos for music, maybe not as much apple does have a spatial, audio, playlist and other spatial audio coming to apple music. But i just havent found it that compelling its neat, but it just hasnt made a huge difference in the way that i listen to music, that im wanting to buy airpods third generation over airpods second generation just for that spatial audio for music aspect.

But when it comes to video, i think its a lot cooler when youre watching a movie or a tv show you can hear someone coming in from in front of you behind you above you left and right. It just feels more immersive, like you, have a full dolby atmos surround sound around you, its really cool, i loved it on the airpods pro and now that they have spatial audio with head tracking on the airpods their generation. I think that is a cool feature and worth it. If you watch a lot of videos, movies tv shows that have spatial audio or dolby atmos on any of your devices. Spatial audio works on your iphone, your ipad uh. It even works on the apple tv, which is an incredibly cool feat that they pulled off and if you want to learn more how they did it check out my text review because its its really neat a lot of cool engineering there. But spatial audio its very cool, but i dont think its worth it just for music but its nice to have that head tracking. When it comes to video a couple. Other small changes to mention with the latest generation air pods. They have a new skin detection sensor, which is an improvement before if you took your air pods out of your ear and you put them in your pocket without the case – something i would do if i was like running or whatever, and i would take them out.

I didnt have a case with me, so i just tossed my pocket come back from the gym. Sometimes it would get close enough that it would trip the optical sensors on the airpods, 2 or airpods pro and then start playing my content, whether its a movie an audio, a book, anything podcast. It would just resume that because it thought they were in my ear and the next thing i know im like id missed part of my book or i had like, went three tracks ahead on my audio playlist or i missed half a podcast just because i had Thrown my air pods in my pocket, the new ones have replaced those dual optical sensors with a skin detection sensor. So now i can tell the difference between the inside of your running shorts and the inside of your ear. So far its made a difference. You can still trip these inadvertently just by putting them into your hands and like holding them in kind of a fist, because thats still skin, but at least when it comes to throwing them in your pocket or other tight places. It wont inadvertently trigger and start playing back that content. Airpods 3 also have ipx4 sweat resistance, so this will withstand your heaviest workouts as well as even a light rain. You cant really submerge these, but at least its going to withstand your normal, wear and tear. This is more formalized. People have been using regular airpods for workouts without issue, but now apple has an actual ip rating on these latest ones.

Airpods pro already had this, so its just good to see it come to the you know, more affordable, airpod options. Last awesome feature of the airpods third generation battery life. You can get up to six hours of continuous listening time on the latest airpods and you get up to 30 hours combined with the wireless charging case. This is the most for any airpods that apples put out yet, especially combined with that case time. That is just awesome and so far in my testing, its pretty much held up to that, i can easily make it through an entire day without having to even charge these buds. I do like take them out for a little bit while im like eating lunch or doing other stuff shooting a video, but if i put them in the rest of time, i can pretty much make it through a whole eight hour work day without having to worry About putting these in the case and thats more than enough to make it through like an entire week of listening with these guys, depending on how much you listen, you know each and every day, seriously 30 hours total time here is awesome, and especially now that they Have max safe, it makes it easier than ever to charge, because i have so many magazine chargers lying around the house. So that brings me to the one spot where, for me, apple may have dropped a ball and thats with the fit.

For me, the airpods third generation just dont fit great. The ends are too bulbous and putting them in my ears. They just keep. They feel like theyre, just ready to fall out. Unless i do this, i try to shake my head and see if they would come out and of course they dont really do it here like they feel they shaking. My head around on camera makes it look like theyre very secure, and maybe they are more secure than they feel, but they just feel like they are about to fall out of my ears and they have especially moving around too much. I couldnt run with these without having a hat or a headband or something to hold them kind of in place. Theyre just not going to work. They arent just as secure as airpods pro, which have the silicone ear tips to hold them in a little bit. More and the regular airpods second generation they were a little smaller, so they fit in a little bit better. These they just theyre too bulbous and theyre sticking out just a little too much for my ears and they feel like theyre right on the verge of teetering out and they have in the times, ive been wearing them. If these dont fit your ears its going to be a deal breaker, i found regular airpods and airpods pro to fit better. But that said, i know a lot of people have had fit issues with the regular air pods, and maybe these will fit better than regular.

Airpods, for me, this is pretty much a deal breaker because they dont fit great, but if youre someone where these fit and im sure a lot of people they do fit, it wont be an issue. I started a twitter poll right now. If you guys care to vote on it, because i want to know how many people these fit and dont fit, let me know on twitter or down below in the comments either way. So should you buy the third generation, air pods, theres, no reason not to or at least to try them? I really dont think that fit is an issue for everyone, because a lot of people so far have claimed theyve been good, but as long as they fit your ears, these are a great step up. The harder just harder issue is that these are new, so they dont really go on sale, airpods pro, though, even though theyre priced at 250 have dropped as low as 190 or so, which makes it a great deal compared to airpods third generation. If you prefer, like the more airy fit thats, a little lighter like these, are absurdly comfortable to wear. I can wear these for ages without any pain, whereas the one that go in your ear with the silicone tips can be a little pressure grating and can hurt over time. These are super comfortable, so these are just a tough call between these and discounted airpods pro. Let alone the entire beats lineup so by themselves.

Fantastic upgrades to airpods and the larger apple headphone ecosystem, with sales going on makes decisions a whole lot harder. Let me know what you guys think of the latest airpods third generation over on twitter or down below in the comments. If you want to grab your own airpods airpods pro anything like that, ive already started, collecting deals and putting them down below in the description.