If you want to see more videos like this make sure you like subscribe and click on the notification bell so be notified. When i upload a new video and if you need any tools, there are links in the description Music. First, the sim chain needs to be removed. Next, we need to use a hair, dryer or a heat gun to apply heat to the rubberized back plate and then were going to use our plastic pry tool to pry the back plate off. There are also some catches on the back plate that we need to lift up and pop off, while were prying the back plate off Music Music, once the back is loose from the frame were going to carefully lift it up and move it from top to bottom, And be careful since the cable for the fingerprint reader is still attached to the main board, which we need to disconnect heres a better look at that plastic rubberized backplate. At this point, there are 13 t5 or torx 5 screws which need to be removed once the screws are removed. The metal plate around the camera lens, as well as the metal plate covering the nfc antenna cable, needs to be removed. Now the nfc antenna cable can be disconnected from the main board and then the thermal lens needs to be lifted up and removed out of its socket. Now, the top plastic cover can be lifted up and removed on this top plastic cover.

There are some antenna lines drawn on it, which are these light gray color lines. Also, the nsa antenna is located here, heres, a look at the other side. Now that we have access to the battery cable, we need to disconnect that first, once the battery cable is disconnected, we can proceed to disconnect the rest of the cables. There are two coaxial cables on the bottom right side of the board that need to be disconnected by popping them off theres a copper metal plate on the back side of the front facing camera, which needs to be lifted up and theres. A protective tape that needs to be peeled off, which is covering the connector for the camera. Now the connectors for the camera and the thermal lens camera can be disconnected theres. A better look at that now this metal plate on the back holding the battery can be lifted up and removed. Theres some thermal plates holding this metal plate to the back of the battery, which can be lifted up and gently pry it off heres a better look at the battery. Once the battery is removed, we can see the flex cable for the screen, which is underneath right. After an opening over here in the mid frame, so if you need to replace your screen, youll have to remove the back plate as well as the screws on the top plastic cover. Remove the thermal lens disconnect the nfc antenna cable. So you can remove the top plastic cover at that point.

You disconnect the battery cable and the screen cable and remove the battery, which will give you access to the screen, cable and then youll heat up the front of the phone where the screen is to loosen up the adhesive underneath pry, your old screen off apply new Adhesive and reapply your new screen making sure you run the cable back through the opening in the mid frame and just reassemble your phone moving on theres, a single t4 screw holding on the main board, which needs to be removed once the screw is removed. The main board can be lifted up and removed on the side of the board theres a secondary microphone located on top the led flash is located here and there are rubber gaskets around all of the connectors. Once the shield on the board is removed, we can see thermal pads on these ships on the other side of the board. The front facing camera connector is located on top, which can be disconnected by popping it off. Theres notification led on the other corner and the sim card and memory card reader is located here. Once the shield on the back of the board is removed. We can see more thermal pads on these ships. The bottom speaker assembly can be removed by lifting it up and pulling it out theres another antenna line drawn on this plastic cover in the corner and theres adhesive seal over the opening of the speaker. Now the flex cable, connecting the bottom sub board to the main board needs to be disconnected as well as other two ends of the coaxial cable theres, a single t5 screw holding down the sub board that needs to be removed once thats removed, the subwoofer can be Lifted up and removed theres a rubber gasket around the connector, as well as the primary microphone heres a look at the other side.

In order to remove the charger port, there are two t5 screws holding it down as well: some adhesive holding the flex cable down. So this flexible connects the charger port to the main board, as well as the button on this side. So you need to gently peel off this flex, cable as well as this one over here, as well as remove these two t5 screws in order to remove the charger port Music heres, a better look at that and theres a rubber gasket around the charger port. Moving on the vibrator motor is locking on the bottom right corner and its held out with some adhesive, the flex cable for the power button and volume keys is over here and thats also held on with some adhesive. So if you want to remove that, you can gently pry it off and lift up the flex cable from the socket and remove it. The rear piece speaker is located on top and thats, also held down with some adhesive and the flex cable for the proximity sensor is located here. If you want to remove that, you just have to gently pry it off from the frame and remove it now, if you need to remove the actual physical keys on this side of the frame of the phone, there are t5 screws all along which need to be Removed which are holding all the metal plates on the outside or the borders of the phone, there are also t5 screws on the outside of the phone that have to be removed, so the metal frame of the phone on the outside can be removed, at which point It will give you access to removing the actual physical keys, so there are a total of one two, three four five six and seven metal plates and there are t5 screws on the inside holding on the corresponding metal plates.

So you dont have to remove the screws for the metal plate youre trying to pull off. As far as repairability goes, i give this phone a 7 out of 10., the phone isnt too difficult to take apart. It just takes a lot of time now, its time to put the phone back together, Music, once everythings back in place, apply new adhesive and reapply your back plate hop over the phone power it on and youre done.