I wanted to actually really use it, so ive used it now for the past over 45 days so ill, let you know as end user. What do i feel about it? What are the good things about this one and what are the things that i did not like and ive made a lot of pointers because its been 45 days so ill go over it and ill guys. I wont divide it into pros and cons, but dont worry. I will mention the shortcomings also in reality, what i felt, but it wont be that pros and con section, because i feel people just goes to the con section, forgetting about the pros. The pros and the cons actually uh, make the whole experience. So, im going to divide it in areas, okay and as youve, seen from the title, its a very weird kind of a title and thats what i felt with this smartphone, actually in terms of practicality, its a brilliant smartphone, but, like any other smartphones, there are some Shortcomings so lets talk about that. One. Okay, first lets talk about the screen and im going to look at the laptop guys because its here over here, i dont, want to miss the points and first thing is regarding the screen and the display and here. Finally, finally, apple has moved from that 60 hertz. Oled display to this 120 hertz one and guys this is actually a dynamic one uh, so its not constantly 120 hertz.

It moves between 10 to 120 hertz based on whats happening right now. Nothing is happening so it might be on 10 hertz and finally, i would say its high time: apple moved it because on android phones we have seen that 120 hertz on a lot of smart, but sadly its only on the pro version. This is not on the regular version uh, but now coming to the reality, ive been hearing from people like okay, the 120 hertz implementation on iphone is far better than android all rubbish, guys its a good 120 hertz screen, and i would say, on an iphone what I have noticed is that the jump from 60 to 120 hertz is not as drastic as ive seen on other android smartphones, and the simple reason is that the animations on the iphones are not as fast that youll find on. What do you say most of the android phone thats? Why moving between this says 60 to 120 hertz is not a huge difference on android its a huge difference, but i welcome the move once youre used to this 120 hertz going back is difficult and coming to another thing is that the screen quality is really really Good and its actually a really bright screen, so even in outdoor situations, if you use it in direct sunlight, its easily visible, so excellent quality screen and im glad they moved to that 120 hertz. Okay lets move to the next section, and that is regarding the build quality uh and here i would say its excellent guys, im using it with the case.

I just bought this case from amazon um, still its, not yellow its a transparent case using in 45 days. Build quality is really really good on this one. So no issues of that i would say, but again i would say this is a definitely a heavy phone for the screen size. I would say – and it takes a little bit of time getting used to it and you might say why am i using a case because if you notice, i generally never use cases on a smartphone, i dont like it, but guys. The thing is that in india this is very, very expensive and ive heard that, even if you crack the back glass uh, the repairs on the iphones are super super expensive here in india, so ive been using this transparent case uh and its been working fine. I forgot the name of this one i had purchased this from amazon, so ill leave the link of this case in the description in case. You want to check it out in fact, accidentally once the phone fell on the back and thankfully, because of the case, as you can see, nothing has happened. Uh so build quality is excellent, but the phone definitely is on the heavier side. I would say – and it will take a little bit of time to get you so thats the reality of that one, and that was one of the main reasons i didnt go for the iphone 13 pro max, because thats actually just super super heavy.

If you are planning to go for that, one go to a store and use that for 10 minutes and see if its comfortable or not, because its definitely very, very heavy anyways lets move to the next thing that i liked – and this is regarding the call quality And the network i tested this one with my a tel sim in fact uh still, my a tel sim is in this one and everything works: wi, fi, calling, etc. All those things work on this one and of course, yes, all iphones 13 series are 5g in india, so you dont have to worry and they support multiple bands of 5g and like some vendors, but just a couple of bands. So, whenever 5g comes next year, india, you dont, have to worry coming to the earpiece on this one. The earpiece quality is excellent on this one i had no issues of regarding the call quality. Even the microphone quality is very, very good. No issues of proximity sensor and anything even on super long call, so that way, if youre sort of a business user you will like it, you dont have to worry about it call quality is very good. Network reception was also very good on this smartphone now coming to the battery life. Here i would say uh this iphone 13 series. Definitely – and this 13 pro surprised me because generally on the iphones, except for the max edition, the big size, one battery life was always sort of an issue.

But here on this one i would say, based on the last 45 days of usage battery life has been stellar on this one. Even with the typical days of usage, i was always having about 40 to 45 battery life left at the end of the day. At about 11 oclock at night id start my day at about 6 30 in the morning. So battery life has been very good on this smartphone uh. That is something that is, has surprised me. I thought yes, everybody says its good, but genuinely guys its been very. Very good on this smartphone again i charged it last 10 days. If you notice, and a couple of days i had some very heavy usage with the smartphone. If you guys know, ive started riding the bike, so i put this on my bike and was using it as gps, uh for continuously for two hours in hot sun, so it was on auto brightness the screen at max brightness that kind of usage. I did a lot of camera samples also that particular day i took, and even at the end of the day that typical pretty heavy usage, it was down to just 10 percent at 11 oclock 11, 30 at night. So in terms of battery life, i would say: uh you dont have to worry about this one and also like most of the what you say: iphones the idle drain is also very, very low on this one.

So at night, if you leave it, uh theres, almost hardly any battery train on iphones thats the case, even with this one. So idle drain is really good. Coming to the performance guys, you dont have to worry. It has the a15 bionic chip, so in terms of performance, no issues and also in terms of ui guys, no issues, its ios, no lag whatsoever and memory management. If you also notice its very very good, i dont simply have to look at it or worry about all those things. So that way again no issues in terms of day to day usage or memory management, or something like that. So that just works in the background and it just works, i would say so that way i did not have a problem uh. The only thing i would say this is nitpicking uh for battery life. This is still stuck to that lightning port. So i have to consciously carry that extra cable in the back, because every other gadget that i have is not type c compatible. So that is the solar point coming to the stereo speakers. Also, the stereo speakers are very, very good on this. One, no issues. In fact, guys also watch, if youre seriously, considering this iphone 13 pro or the iphone 13 also watch the other video that i posted. That is the faq video on this one. That also answers a lot of common questions that you guys were having anyways lets move to the uh next thing again, i this is again ios thing not particularly to the iphone 13 pro, but i feel on ios generally.

I feel that the app permissions and data – what do you say permissions and the kind of data that is shared with third party – is better compared to android smartphone. So in that respect, i would say: uh ios is slightly better. I would say – and i appreciate that, because at this age the data thats being shared everywhere, etc, uh its not like the iphones, does not have any ads. I have noticed one or two ads here: uh, for example, uh here, as you can see in app purchase in this app store. You get here an ad, but apart from that, i havent seen any ads or anything in the notifications or anywhere else. So that way i would say it is still clean. I would say, unlike many of the android phones, which are having a lot of pre uh baked bloatware. Yes, there are some apple apps on this one also pre loaded uh, but again most of them are useful, for example, imovie and other stuff, like garageband, and all those things like that uh now coming to the thing that are really impressed me on this iphone 13 Series is uh, this rear facing camera, i have to say, the rear facing camera performance is brilliant, uh ill talk about ill show you samples of static samples taken now with this one in varying light conditions. Those are very excellent, but first let me also talk about the video. The video always iphones have taken very good video.

The video quality has been very good and thats the case. Even with this one i would say uh and in fact the video quality was so good that in some of my what do you say, videos i actually have short parts of the videos or slow motion, etc. With this one and ive used it in the last 40 days, and none of you actually noticed it in fact, uh for my bike, initial impressions, video that was completely actually shot on this one ill leave the link of that one. So that way, the iphone still in terms of video, if you shoot a lot of videos, i would still say the iphone. The quality of the videos that come out with the iphone are really really good. Just use an external microphone i would say, but apart from that, the video quality is really good on this one and in fact, as for some of the b rolls, etc. Im. Just using the footage from this one, its that good now coming to the camera, the camera raid facing camera is stellar on this one amongst the best it just works, as you can see, with the sample shots, no matter what the lighting conditions are bright outdoor conditions. Yes, every smartphone takes good shots, thats the same case with this one. The dynamic range is good, but the speciality is in very low lighting done lighting conditions. The pictures that this one took actually surprised me the pictures looked very brighter than what we are seeing.

These uh areas are very, very dull in lighting, even if theres a little bit of light, it just me enhances it like crazy. So, in terms of camera performance, i would say uh this. The rear facing camera is sort of like a bulletproof camera, for example. The professional cameras that i use, for example, im shooting this with the canon eos r and why i like it? Yes, its an x, pretty expensive camera with the special lens, but its like a bulletproof camera and thats the same experience i had with the rear facing camera of this one 9 out of 10. Shots just look fabulous on this one. So if you shoot a lot of pictures, youll be very happy uh, with the camera performance of this one now coming to the front facing camera, ive said that in the unboxing video also for indian skin tones, i dont like the front facing camera thats still the Same case with this one so front facing camera, i frankly do not like it that much uh moving to the next thing is. This is a con, and this is specifically for the pro version of the iphone and thats the pricing. The pricing in india, i feel, is ridiculous. The base variant of this iphone 13 pro in india, starts at 1, lakh, 20, 000 and the one that i have this is the 256 gigabyte variant uh. This is almost one lakh, thirty thousand so certainly very, very expensive.

I would say if you compare it with uh international pricing and international pricing, its around thousand us dollars to eleven hundred us dollars or something like that, but in india its super super expensive, so youre paying a huge premium. I would say for the pro series that way, i would say the regular iphone 13 series. Uh do make a lot more sense. Yes still pricey, but not as ridiculously priced as the iphone 13 pro. So the pricing is crazy on this one uh now coming to one more thing that i have noticed – and this is face id and as you can see, this works very well like this, but again guys. This is coming from practical, uh experience that have used this phone, but if youre wearing a mask most of the time, it simply does not work and if you notice ive started again wearing the uh, this apple watch. But if you are having a apple watch, then, even if you wear mask or even a helmet, it just unlocks. So i i would say in this age the situation that we are and we have to wear mask apple – could have provided the fingerprint scanner. Also in the power on off patent, yes for secure transactions like doing payments or app purchases or something force your face id for that, but for just unlocking. They could have easily given this. Because if you dont have an apple watch and if youre wearing a mask and or you drive a bike or something, this can be pretty inconvenient, and this is the reality that we are living in.

So that is something that i missed. But after wearing the apple watch, uh it just works seamlessly. I would say it didnt work initially, when i got it, there was one ot update that fixed it. Now it works perfectly with the apple watch. Even if you wear a mask or a helmet, it just unlocks if youre wearing the apple watch so yeah. But again you have to have an apple watch, thats a different uh. What do you say? Expense now, uh. Let me talk about some of the nitpicks uh. Coming from what do you say, android users, point of view that i feel on the missing on the some of the features that are missing on the iphone 13 pro and the first thing is, there is no always on screen. This is an oled uh screen, but we dont have that always on, and we have seen this always on notifications and stuff on android phones from such a huge time and apple could have easily given it because the battery life is stellar on this one. So that is something that i miss. Hopefully they enable it with ios 16 update keeping my fingers crossed because generally thats actually a useful feature. I would say: uh next thing is, and this is again, if youre a android phone user and if you rely on truecaller, i have the paid version of the truecaller. Then also it simply does not work that well on ios.

The functionality is like just like 40 percent, i would say so. If you rely heavily on truecaller dont expect it to work seamlessly on the iphone and next thing is that thats, why i said in the title boring after about 20 days. I felt this is the same old, iphone the rows and rows of icons. Yes, you have some small widgets now over here you can add it, but overall its mostly the same ui experience. So if you never liked the iphone ui experience, the iphone 13 pro will not change that dont have the stellar hardware, but this is a pretty old experience that you have, and so you might get bored of that and again, as ive already told you, the lightning Port, they should have gone with the usb type c port on this one and again say whatever you want. I still dont like that notch on this one. This notch is a huge notch on this one, and i simply do not like it, and so these are some of the nitpickings and now guys for the summary i have actually written it down so ill. Just read it so that i do not miss and give a lot of thought for this summary. So here is the summary in terms of hardware. The iphone 13 pro is like a super polished product which just works and does not come in your way and if you pair it with an apple watch, you get the best smartphone at smartphone combination, which is just excellent.

The iphone 13 pro in terms of functionality wise its great and a super polished product, and now even the battery life has become uh very good. So that is no longer an issue, and i would say this is one of those raid smartphones that have tested where i could not find any practical faults that bugged me too much while using the same. But the face id in the mass world is still a bummer, in my frank opinion and at time um at times, and i feel the apple should have moved to the type c port for charging. But if you were expecting a radical different experience and you never liked ios ui experience its basically the same thats, why i say its boring, but still i have to say this is one of the most polished and the perfect smartphone experience. I had so guys. That was my review of the iphone 13 pro, but in india the iphone 13 pricing, as ive told, is sort of ridiculous. So i would say, if youre looking for a iphone, go with iphone 13 and also buy an apple watch. The combination of two will give you a far better experience, in my frank opinion, but anyways guys. That was my review of the iphone 13 pro.