This is moto. E40 comes with some promising features and solid, build quality, hi everyone youre watching vgr india. I am, and in todays video im going to share my reviews about the all new moto e40, whether this phone is going to be the best budget smartphone under 10k lets find it out. Lets talk about the design first, while going by the looks of the phone moto e40 gives you a nice sorry feeling when you hold it in your hand, the phone comes with polycarbonate physique, also dated with ip52 water repellent body. The pattern with the lines which also helps you in gripping the phone is good and will make sure that will fit comfortably and its able to carry around talking about the camera placement. Well, its done very smartly, doesnt bulge out so its comfortably on a flat surface. The logo works as a fingerprint sensor and which will help you in unlocking the phone works, pretty quick and easy to reach while holding the phone. Well, the overall back of the phone is good and easy to use the body doesnt even attract smudges or fingerprints, which is very good and can be used without a cover also. But if you would like to use a cover with the phone, you get a cover in the box itself. Coming to the side, the volume keys are easily accessible, theres a dedicated google key assistant available um. On the other side, you have a sim tray available on the top.

You have a 3.5 mm jack for your headphones and on the bottom, you get a type c charging port speaker, the overall design and the phone looks very good works pretty well for your day to day activities lets start with display display something that is really good. You get 6.5 inch max vision, hd plus display with 90hz refresh rate. This is something which is really cool and moto is offering this refresh rate at this price point. The screen works really well and gives you a smooth experience, and the display reflects good colors with proper sharpness and contrast, but only the bottom bezel is quite broad, which could have been better for getting good viewing angles and experience overall, video viewing experience is going to Be pretty decent, though the phone lacks the fhd plus display the processor used in moto e40 is unisock t700 octa core processor. The device will come assembled with 4gb ram paired with an internal storage capacity of 64gb, which can be expanded up to 1tb. The phone offers stock android experience, which means no ads and no bloatware. It uses vanilla, android 11 as its operating system. The phone works well with your daily activities and it wont be a difficulty. The phone is powered by 5000 mah battery, which works all day with a single charge. The phone can last for a day with your regular calling in social media usage. The only thing that needs the improvement that you get 10 watt charger in the box, which takes nearly 2 hours to charge your phone to 100.

This is something which nowadays could be one of the drawbacks for moto e40, as people need fast charging support. Talking about the camera? Well, under 10k, the phone comes with triple camera setup, with 48 megapixel, being its primary sensor and 2 megapixel for depth and macro photography and 8 megapixel. As your selfie camera, which is placed in a very small notch in the display. The phone takes pretty decent pictures and the result is good. Daylight pictures, as you can see, are good. Clear, low light also works all right, normal photography, capturing your special moments wont be a problem with the phone. Selfies have come out really good. So all your video calling in selfies posting can also work well with moto e40. Talking about the final verdict with such good features and specifications under 10k. Moto e40 gives a good competition to other brands in the market. One can choose moto e40 for its normal, not heavy usage kind of phone, because you get good sturdy phone with good camera, and the processor is also good. Few points like the charger and the display. Not being that great can we can get better then this phone will definitely be an amazing handset. Well, this was my verdict of the all new moto e40. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below and if somebody around you or your friends are looking for a phone under 10k and if you would like to gift it to your parents, also, which is going to be a good option for them.

Uh you can consider buying a moto e40 for yourself or for your friends. You can also share the link with people who are looking for a phone under this kind of budget segment.