You can bag yourself right now and one of the most budget friendly 5g blowers to boot, but pocos managed to chuck in a fair few upgrades versus the slightly older poco m3 pro, including a performance boost, stereo speakers and upgraded camera tech. Now ive been rocking the poco m4 pro 5g, as my full time smartphone for a good few days now already putting it through its paces. So here is my in depth review and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so pocos design. Doesnt, really surprise at all. This 6.6 inch blower is a might bigger than the last one. So its definitely a two handed effort. Unless youve got hands like a bloody yeti or something as usual, you can grab the poco m4 pro 5g, in that i stabbingly super bright, yellow color, which seems to stir up mixed emotions in people, some think its a jolly happy sunshiny hue and others equate that Color to dehydrated piss personally ive got to see, i think, its a bit more interesting and exciting than this rather boring black finish, although this certainly is a more subtle design, a bit bland perhaps, but it is neat and tidy with a not too terrible amount of Brandon slathered on there considering poco m4 pro is definitely a rather skinny beast as well, which is nice to see and that back end, despite being made of plastic as well seems reasonably hardy.

So far, uh, usually you get a few little light scratches dust in the surface after a good few days, but so far touchwood nothing at all, and you do get a bundled condom case in the box as well, just in case youre super paranoid. So the back end, absolutely no troubles whatsoever and no problems with the front end. Either youve got acrylic glass 3 caught in that screen to help protect it. Youve also got a pre installed screen protector as well, so double the damage prevention. If you actually boot up the poco m4 pro youll get an eye full of android 11 as jazzified by xiaomis on miui 12.5 launcher now. If i, for some weird reason, was gifted a pound every time i banged on about me ui in one of these videos, then id probably have enough cash stored up to buy myself a crate of whiskey and drink myself into a glorious stupa. Between now and new years, so heres, just a quick and tidy summary of my feelings on the subject for anyone who happens to be new to my ramblings, the general vibe in version 12 is stock android, with lots of bonus bits bolted on, like a very useful Iphone style control center youve got yourself some decent gaming tools and extra customization options. Unfortunately, you also get a load of apps that you never asked for, and i wouldnt hold your breath waiting for any android updates unless you happen to be a salmon, a caller thats.

A parasitic creature that doesnt have a respiratory system and it looks kind of like an alien sperm beast its completely irrelevant to this review, but also horrific enough that i cant stop thinking about it. This thing literally haunts my dreams, and now it will hone yours too. Youre welcome now my miui experience here on the poco m4 pro 5g was absolutely fine. I did have a couple of little issues uh one time the phone did just completely reboot on me. Just while i was listening to a podcast and chrome has crashed on me. A couple of times before, as well, basically things just given up halfway through throwing the hands up in the air and saying it im done, which is pretty annoying, but also quite relatable. The phones, teeny power button doubles as a fingerprint sensor and despite its skinny stature. This works beautifully no complaints at all, while the face unlock also recognizes you, even if youre studying a dark room or wearing a face mask which leads me to believe its, probably not the most secure, unlocking method in the world ever. But, of course, if that bothers you, you could just not bother using it. The pokem4 pro 5g also supports all the other features you would hope for and expect even in a budget smartphone in 2021, including nfc. If your contactless payments youve also got sd expandability, so you can boost that 128 gigs of already pretty generous storage, and you will have a fair bit of that to play around with as well once.

You of course delete all of the reams of crapware. Nothing really to report on that 6.6 inch. Ips screen. It is solid enough for the price offering decent viewing angles and an auto brightness that doesnt actually suck too bad. I only had to touch that manual brightness, the one time that was late at night when it just dialed it down a little bit too much. So i couldnt really see what was going on. Apart from that, absolutely fine youve got the usual mono mode to turn everything black and white late at night for some comfortable 3 a.m. Doom scrolling – and i was happy enough – spread out on the sofa watching random shits on netflix and youtube as well. Visuals are crisp enough despite the size of this panel, thanks to the full hd plus resolution, while colours pop just enough to make animated and more vibrant fare. Look really good for this price. Theres, no complaints at all. You could also boost the refresh rate up from 60 hertz to 90 hertz manually. If you want a smoother overall experience, theres no dynamic modes, you cant, have it automatically flicking between the two, the poco m4 pro also sports, a pair of stereo speakers. Unlike the previous generation housed on the top and bottom edges of the phone, although the top speaker is noticeably tinier than its opposite, these arent allowed us to round but lead to the job for zoom, chats and youtube.

And what have you, but i did make sure i shoved in a pair of headphones whenever i actually wanted to enjoy that audio first, listen to a podcast or some music, its great to have that headphone jack option. Otherwise, bluetooth worked absolutely fine as well. You got bluetooth 5.1 support. I had one tiny little stumble uh when i was listening on a pair of headphones, the entire uh few days that ive been testing this thing. Otherwise flawless performance is absolutely all right as well. Mediateks dimensions, 810 platform, backed by six gigs of your ddr4 ram, keeps things running smoothly enough, even when youre juggling a few apps at once and sure the game and chops of the poco m4 pro are certainly limited. But i happily blasted my way through countless games of call of duty mobile one after the other, with no stumbles to speak of the display. Sensitivity was more than good enough for frantically sprained bullets and cheeky buggers, who suddenly pop up on you and the phone doesnt. Even begin to get toasty with non stop play, so you can game for as long as the battery and your fingers hold out and yeah youve also got the aforementioned miui gaming tools to keep notifications at bay record. All of that gory action, whatever you want – and yes, the poco m4 pro 5g – does indeed support 5g across both of the available sim slots and its a fairly standard feature now even around this sort of 200 pound price point.

So i already just wish that funds would stop having 5g at the end of them like we get it, and i was hoping for some very dependable battery life at the pocket. M4, pro 5g, as well with its 5000mah capacity battery and certainly no worries there at all, even a fairly intensive day, lots of screen on time, lots of camera, use for the likes of skype and zooming, etc, or just you know, taking shots of the farm good Bit of video streaming lots of audio streaming, i tended to end the day, still with around sort of 20 to 25 charge remaining and when it is time to power back up. Youve got 33 watt wide charging support here on the poco m4 pro as well, which is pretty damn good for that price. Now, while the poco sports some pretty basic camera tech, like all budget phones, i do love how theyve streamlined the hardware it may look like youve got a shag load of lenses slapped on there as usual, but what youve actually got is a 50 megapixel primary sensor And an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter and thats it somehow. These guys resisted the urge to slap on macro lenses and depth, sensors and all of the usual optical bollocks and frankly, i want to go around to their houses and shake their hands and buy them. A pint and say good on you mate now that 50 meg sensor is fine for your simple shots, but, like all budget blowers, those optics do have their limitations.

Moving subjects can prove a bit of a bugger even with some quite strong lighting, so you will have to time your shots well or just take bloody loads of them and then ditch all of the crappy blurry ones. Strong contrast can also ruin a snap, especially if the portrait mode is active. So you know work your angles, but if the fates allow youll get a respectable photo with reasonably accurate colours or at least something thatll, just look fine on twitter, and yet it is even tougher to get a respectable looking shot with that 8 megapixel ultra wide angle. Shooter but its there, if you do, want to try for a more dramatic pulled back view and if youre snapping in soft light, you will notice a cheeky bit of green creeping in while colors are definitely warmer, theres, always the night mode. But this only makes a wee bit of difference. Bumping the brightness attached. Certainly dont expect it to work wonders or allow you to see in the dark and if you want to phone to like snap photos of the moon from your back garden. Well, first of all, maybe sort out your life priorities and, second of all, youre gon na have to look elsewhere. Its the same story for shooting horn movies on the poco m4 pro 5g youre, topped off at full hd resolution, either 30 or 60 fps theres no 4k res here and visuals are somewhat lacking when it comes to the tone and the depth.

But this budget wonder, can capture simple clips when needed again struggling when conditions are a bit pants. The 16 megapixel selfie shooter aint too bad, though once you knock off all the beautified bollocks pix will again look softer inside and youll struggle of shooting against a bright background, but otherwise you can get some decent picks out of it. Sorry theres my full final frank review of the poco m4 pro 5g after using as my full time smartphone for a good few days now and its an absolutely fine perfectly solid. All around budget blower at a respectable price youve got all the features in there that youd hope for and expect likes for. Full hd resolution display stereo speaker setup. Youve got your 5g support your nfc, so you can do video streaming skype and you can do a bit of gaming on the side as well as long as you respect the limitations you cant play games and impact on this thing. For instance, that would be an absolute show and obviously the camera is very basic indeed absolutely fine for your everyday shares and the battery life is top notch as well so thats what i reckon, what do you guys think of the poco m4 pro 5g or youre Tempted on in case youre wondering yes, it is basically just a rebranded redmi, note 11, which hasnt come out over on these shores just yet, but it is available in some other parts of the world.

So if the specs sound uh distinctly familiar, thatll probably be. Why, and for the latest degree, i said, please do poke subscribe and do that notifications bell and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week.