Can we just stop with the 5g bit in like every smartphone name now, because pretty much every smartphone has 5g itll be a hell of a lot neater and easier just to put not 5g at the end of any phone that doesnt have it, but anywho the Poco m4 pro 5g appears to be a rebranded form of xiaomis redmi, note 11, which just launched a week or so back, boasting a mighty 6.6 inch screen. Dimensionally 810, smart and a 50 megapixel main camera and youve got quite a few upgrades packed into this thing versus the previous generation, including a stereo speaker, setup youve got a performance boost and some rejiggered camera tech. I dont know the official uk price as im shooting this video because im shooting it ahead of the actual uk launch but shut up. Already. I hear you scream just get the poco m4 prone out of its box thats exactly what ill do and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke, subscribe and dig that notifications bell cheers. So if you purchase the poco m4 pro 5g, what will you find in the box? Besides, of course, the smartphone? Well youve got yourself one 33 watt, adapter thrilling bit of usb action. Protective condom case always got to see those bundled in with the budget blowers and the usual random selection of poko stickers as well. So you can decorate your kids pets whatever and thats it not a bad little package overall.

So the design of the poco m4 pro is basically what you would expect. Youve got a plastic arse end around back. It comes in this power, black color, otherwise also cool, blue or poc or yellow. If you want something a bit more eye popping, the in your face were not just talking attracting side glances as you walk down the street here we are talking wtfs all over the place. Its a 6.6 inch smartphone and almost 200 grams does have a bit of a heft to it, but nothing too cumbersome and its actually a reasonably skinny smartphone as well helped along by the fact that that camera chassis, doesnt really jut very far from the surface. At all, so the phone doesnt rock about the place when its laid down on its back and youre poking that screen, hopefully that plastic rear end, wont scratch up under duressel. At least youve got that condom case, bundled in the box to keep it protected. If you need to and its a matte finish here, not a glossy one, so at least it doesnt seem to be picking up much in the way of greasy prints before you have to give it the occasional buffing to tidy it up a bit got some fairly Obvious poco brandon as usual, although its not quite as in your face as some previous models and personally i would definitely go for one of the brighter models. The power black, not particularly exciting, has to be said, although a fairly neat and tidy finish at least then around front that six point.

Six inch display is protected by gorilla glass, three quarter and also its got a screen protector, slapped on there pretty thick bezel surrounding that screen, but pretty standard for a budget smartphone of this sort of price point and, of course, youve got your selfie cam oop, the Selfie cam orifice uh watched away up top here and the symmetry situation pretty respectable here on the poco m4 pro 5g as well youve got space for two sims at once. Otherwise, alternatively, that second slot can be used for a microsd memory card to expand the storage up to a further terabyte. Okay, so ive got the poco m4 pro 5g all set up ready for action and, as you can see here, its got a bit of android 11 with miui 12.5.1 just squatting. On top of there, like a randy toad and if youve seen one of my xiaomi or poco smartphone, unboxings or reviews in the past, youll have heard me bang on about me, ui to death, basically and apologies im going to bang on about it. Some more right! Now so i want to skip ahead a section if youve already seen all this, i think its fair to say that reactions are rather mixed to me ui in general. I actually quite like me, ui 12, because the stock version of me ui android, that weve had on a xiaomi smartphone youve got the likes of the apps tree by default. I really like that control center, which adds all kinds of useful toggles, all just a quick flick of the right hand, side of the screen away.

Now you do get some pretty decent bonus bits chucked in there as well, which are well worth getting on board with. So plenty of customization and personalization features in here theres plenty of bonus bits like the game turbo feature packed on here as well, which i will cover later on in the performance and gaming section. The video toolbox is great for any youtube fans. For instance, it allows you to take screenshots. You could play a video with just the sound, so the display uh turned off, which is really good. If youre enjoying a podcast, you want to conserve some battery life, you mess with the audio output, all that good shiz. Of course, one of the problems with miui is you never know when youre going to get an update to the latest version of android might be several months from now that the pocket m4 pro 5g finally gets a bit of android 12 action, and also this poco Blower is weighed down by a horrendous amount of crap wear thats shoved on here before you even get the thing booted up like seriously. This first line of the apps draw a lord four out of five of those apps ill, just crap that i just want gone from here and thankfully that is pretty easy to do uh. But it is just a ball. They come to go through and get rid of each individual one, all right, good old, tile, fun back once again.

That thing just never dies one of these days, i might actually try playing it and see just how much fun tile fun is its probably right up. There, with uh getting kicked in the as for the security side of things where youve got an edge mounted fingerprint sensor here on the side of the pocket. M4, pro 5g, a very narrow, sticky out power button, as you can see there, but so far touch with that fingerprint sensor seems very reliable, very accurate, just a light tap of your fingertip against that uh power button and, as you can see straight in alternatively, you Could also set up the poco m4 pro 5g, so it unlocks when it recognizes your gorgeous mug. This is normally pretty reliable as well, although not the most secure of methods, it usually works, even when youre wearing a face mask of your face is covered up. So yeah, if you take it securely seriously, id say probably just stick with that fingerprint sensor and theres no obvious gaps of the pocket. M4 pro 5gs feature set. Youve got likes of nfc for your contactless payments. My review model comes packing 128 gigs of storage, uh, which you know a fair chunk is used up by the ui and all those various apps, but you can free up some of that quite easily and then youve got that micro sd expandability. Now that display is a 6.6 inch, ips screen so fairly standard stuff for this sort of budget price point not really any different to what youll find on fellow xiaomi and oppo and real me rivals around this price, its full hd plus resolution 2400 by 1080.

So those visuals come through nice and crisp. Colors are respectably poppy for an ips panel, not quite as vibrant and in your face as what you would get from an amoled. Of course. The contrast isnt quite as short, but its absolutely fine viewing angles – are all right and on that top brightness level, the poco m4 pro 5g aint exactly going to see your eyeballs, but i could still see what i was doing when i was outdoors. You can tinker with the display settings if you dive into that miui menu to a small degree. At least youve got the likes of the region mode, which can help to filter blue light, although it is actually a reasonably warm panel to begin with, but you can dive into that color scheme as well and change up the color output. If you like, make it cooler or just fully customize it to suit your own personal preferences and the poco m4 pro 5g uh does support 90 hertz refresh rate as well, though it is stuck at 60 hertz by default. Theres no dynamic refresh rate there, as you can see. So if you want that extra bit of smoothness, then youll definitely want to boost that up and one of the upgrades for the poco m4 pro 5g versus the older poko m3. Pro is the fact. Youve now got a stereo speaker, setup of sorts here, so lets see if its actually halfway decent in there, including away that a few not otherwise know about now, even though you do have that dedicated top speaker just housed here on the actual top edge of the Phone, its definitely a lot weaker than that bottom speaker, an output is definitely a lot fainter.

A lot tinnier, not the peak volume, not particularly allowed, but you know for this budget sort of price point youll struggle to find much better. To be honest, personally, im a lot more happy to see that theres, actually a headphone jack housed down below here on the poco m4 pro and youve got full bluetooth, 5.1 support as well now performance and the pokem4 pro is powered by the six nanometer mediatek dimension. T810 chipset definitely an upgrade over the 700 series chip found on that m3. Pro here are my review sample thats, backed by six gigs of ddr4 ram, and certainly everything seems pleasingly smooth. So far, i also took the liberty of running a bit of geekbench as well. For any benchmarking fans and respectable enough scores quite low on the single core 592, but the multi core score touching up towards those 2000s, so this phone should certainly be more than capable for all of your everyday shenanigans. But what about gaming well lets test it on out with a good bit of tile fun. Now im just coming with. You were gon na do a bit of call of duty, of course, so its pretty basic, offering as far as the graphics quality and the frame rate go as you can see they max out at medium and high. All the same, i found it call of duty. Mobile played absolutely fine on those settings. The frame rate stayed strong and stable. I like to get my ass handed to me as usual, but thats just standard.

Ah tits, you got 240 hertz touch sampling on that display as well, so every swipe and pork and frantic prod is instantly recognized and replicated and those game turbo features that i mentioned before. You can drag out like so, and this gives you all kinds of different bonus modes that you can activate. Youve got the likes of split screen multitasking if, for instance, youre using a uh a voice chat app in the background. Something like that – and this could be minimized like so, which is quite handy. Youve also got a shark load of different screen record features. Youve got the performance boost mode; it helps to free up some memory, all kinds of different stuff on here uh, some of the icons like good luck, actually figuring out what they do, but once you get the hang of them, its all good and, of course, theres. The endlessly amusing voice, changer feature and, of course, theres the endlessly feature, and just in case youve, been asleep for about 90 of this video and by the way, no ones blaming you. Yes, the poco m4 pro 5g does have 5g support its built into that dimensionally. 810 chipset just a standard bit of sub 6, but so it was great to have this little budget price point, speaking of which have you seen my video about the best budget 5g smartphones. You can grab yourself in 2021, its rather bloody good. If i do see it all myself, its on the battery front 5, 000 milliamp cell – so i forget fairly sort of standard sort of battery capacity at this budget price, but it should hopefully keep you going all day.

No worries, certainly the battery drain ive seen from it so far, nothing troublesome whatsoever, but stay tuned im going to bring you a full poco. M4, pro 5g review really shortly, where ill cover things like the battery life in full and when you need to recharge well, its 33 watt wide charging so were getting pretty good for the cost, and youve got that 33 watt. Adapter bundle there in the box now lets finish up this poco m4 pro and box, some of the squids and the camera tech. What you got here is a dual lens setup, with a 50 megapixel main shooter and an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, lens thats right. You heard correctly theres no pointless macro lens or any other bollocks like that slapped here on the back end of the poco m4, its uh, its a thing of beauty lets just start it well up a little bit, but the amazing difference of the hardware aside, the Actual camera ui itself looks very very familiar indeed. Anyone whos used a pocket or a xiaomi smartphone recently i got a whole bunch of different toggles and features to play around with including a full on ai mode. Tweaks your photos, depending on what youre, actually uh taking a snap of, can automatically launch the likes of the portrait mode for you. Although i tend to keep that knocked off as i find the colors arent quite as accurate. Obviously, that might not bother everyone.

Youve also got the likes of the filters to play around with. If you want to really change things up and youll find that when you snap away in this auto mode, you get 12.5 megapixel photos by default. But if you want that maxed out res, you can do that in the more section. Well also find the likes of the dedicated night mode. You can change up the order of these as well, so you can bring your favorite ones down here onto the main toolbar and of course i will be fully testing out the camera tech for my in depth. Poco m4 pro 5g review, but theres a couple of just quick sample ones. Just to keep you seated until then, as you can see, absolutely fine for yeah everyday shots as long as the lighting is all right if youre shooting indoors, especially if youre shooting a moving subject. Youre gon na be struggling and yeah that eight megapixel ultra wide angle shooter quite a basic effort uh as you typically get at this sort of price point, so find a few pullback shots. But uh dont expect super accurate color reproduction ive done the video up front. Well, if we just tap up here, you can see it shoots at full. Hd 30 frames per second by default. You bump up to 60 frames per second, if you want a smoother finish, but theres no 4k option, so yeah, pretty basic hardware should be fine for your simple shareable shots and thats about it around front.

However, poco has actually boosted the megapixel account compared with the previous generation. It was just eight megapixels on the pocket. M3 now youve got a 16 megapixel selfie shooter, yes, should be again fine. As long as the lighting conditions are all right. Should you get perfectly respectable? Selfies to chuck up on the the facebooks or whatever, so there you have it. That, in a nutshell, is the fresh new poco m4 pro 5g budget friendly smartphone, which is launching uh right now, as i say, im going to slap the sim in there get you a full in depth review soon. So go over the camera tech, the battery life, the everyday performance, all that good shits in the meantime, itd be great to hear your own thoughts down in the comments below. Please do post subscribe to that notification as well for more on the latest, the greatest tech. If theres any comparisons you want to see me do with the poco m4 pro 5g. Definitely let me know that as well, hopefully be able to get some of that hot side by side.