Im sure vivo also wants to cater to everyone, since indiana mandela, of course, can afford a 50 to 60, 000 pesos smartphone, and actually, i think, third in vivos gimbal series guys. It first came out with vivo x50, and then it came out with the vivo x60 series and vivo x70 series, and not just that its a three year. Partnership so expect that the next vivo x smartphone will also be a partnership with zeiss. Actually, your since weve been seeing this of course collaborations with other brands, catalan huawei, with of course lika and, of course, oneplus and hasselblad, so whats new, with the cameras of their vivo x70 comparison, monitor partnership, nagina, vanilla again with zeiss a few months back from the Vivo x60, its actually more on the zeiss t, star coating, actually not just your main camera young miganitang coating, but all of the cameras and surprisingly star coating and a sinister vanilla is only present. The onsen pro version, which is the pro plus and the pro one pero they did not compromise and included the regular vivo x70. Another amount of toxins have any vivo nity star coating, actually atom coating network guys it helps snap mass mar reducing glare or imaging artifacts or kyaniman ghost thing, youre, adding sample shots here between the oneplus 9 and the hasselblad camera and, of course, the vivo x70s zeiss Camera makita angler in the present ito, zakar nahindinyaki, vivos camera another photo sample between the iphone 13 pro and the vivo x70.

More photo samples than night between the vivo x70 and the iphone 13 pro actually guys come up happens in your sobram grab. A young difference between the iphone 13 pro and the vivo x70. I know at some points magenta young photos taken by the iphone, but then, if you will notice that in an iphone it was a bit annoying photos taken by the main camera in daylight. Now vivo x70, but before that anumuna camera specs, the vivo x70 has 40 megapixels of f 1.9 aperture in the main camera at 12, megapixels with f 2.0 aperture telephoto camera with two times: optical zoom and a 12 megapixels f, 2.2 aperture ultraviolet camera. Again, all of these cameras has zeiss the star lens coating. If you guys want to know kung pao not performing camera and vivo x70 in real life photos, Music Applause, as you will notice guys young colors now vivo is actually aesthetically pleasing much sharper young athena photos. Shots are also sharper if you zoom in and young dynamic range, is much better now. I know that the latest iphone camera is still better at some areas. Selfies and, of course, portrait images, but overall ang vivo x70 guys can definitely go toe to toe with apples. Iphone 13 and can hold on its own now if we will go and check young camera ui, i think vivo x70, since this is also important, guys. Dalpina goosan, aye cameras lets dig in and check if parespa in basha or me mangana opening the camera app.

Of course, we still have your usual toggles, like one times of course, two times ultra wide camera filters. We still have your usual, of course, black and white filter, grapefruit night breeze, macarons and more aside from that access. Actually, these are zeiss branded portrait effects, adding cameras, logo on top ibati, bangla signature style of bokeh. That uses a specific type of lens. All i can say is styles that vivo added, but to be honest from, of course, subject to background mezzo, hindisha, perfect kuma, papan seno. If we will zoom in on some parts, hindi tala gasila. Now, if we will go to the video menu option to actually take video guys using the super night mode, yes guys, even while taking videos better than nothing meeting young options, its actually very helpful. Now, since its my first time in maharita and nanganitang kind of settings, we also have the what we call standard stabilization catalog for a smoother shots. Of course, while taking videos x70, my experience is actually great ill, be sharing it with you now: Music Applause Music, especially on this collaboration with zeiss, although champion between the vivo x60 and the vivo x70, considering vivo x60 camera. Second, i really wish that vivo will also release some of their flagship devices, cartoon vivo x70, pro plus based palangsa, magana baba, sakong forums and, of course, reviews is smartphone for this year 2021. As much as i wanted to try that device indica cincinnati launch here in the philippines straight up, i think vivo x70 is a great device.

Vivo x60, it will be a great upgrade kung galen karen samantha mid range devices vivo, which is of course their vivo v series or kayak vivo y series thats.