The samsung galaxy z, flip and ive been using it for a couple days, and i have a lot to tell you. This is my experience with the samsung galaxy z, flip 3.. So in this video i wanted to tell you my experience how its been from an iphone users perspective. Now i love the iphone um. I love apple, but we never get a different form factor iphone and thats. What i love so much about samsung recently is that theyre risking it theyre doing different designs and theyre, making technology fun again. This phone is not for everybody, but this phone is freaking, so much fun to use so lets talk about the small form factor, because this is one of my favorite things about this phone is how small it is when folded when its actually unfolded. You get this very tall display which absolutely looks gorgeous. I got ta say that the display is way too tall. Maybe samsung could have made it a little bit shorter and the actual volume buttons are way too high. So if you want to like change the volume, its kind of like a you know, you got to use two hands to do that, which is you know, kind of meh but the actual usability of this phone. I feel like its really awesome. Yes, its different. Yes, if you want to read a text message, you got to open your phone but thats where this guy comes in the screen on the front now, with the samsung galaxy z, flip 3, whats new is that the screen is actually so much better and so much More usable now, so, if you recently got a notification, you can simply swipe and actually read your notifications directly from the display, so the haters will say every time i get a text message.

I got ta unflip, my phone really thats, not really true, like you can simply look at it from the screen and then, if you dont, really care, you can simply put your phone away and if you do care, you can simply open up your phone. Now. Thats cool also once youre like in a call, and you want to hang up on somebody you can literally just do like that, and i mean thats pretty cool check this out. This is seriously the coolest thing ever. If you want to take a selfie, you can actually use the actual main cameras to take selfies fun fact. The design really reminds me of the iphone its kind of like a mix between a pixel and an iphone, but these aluminium borders and the buttons really look like the iphone like. If you were to tell me like from here that this is like a iphone fold. From like 2024, i could have believed you like once you open it and you see it youll youre, like okay. This is a samsung phone, but from the sides this is like a really appley phone. Let me know in the comments down below, if you guys agree now what samsung has done this year with the samsung galaxy c. Flip 3 is solves everybodys problems from the previous generations and they truly did that first things. First, this is an ipx8 water resistant phone. So it can survive the rain if you fall on the pool, get it out quick, but it should be okay.

This is a big deal having a foldable phone that is water resistant is not an easy task to do. Can we just please take a minute reflect on that, like thats seriously the coolest thing ever something that isnt an easy task to do: keeping your privacy safe and thats when trent micro comes in its a mobile security, app available on android and ios. That protects you against malicious, app, ransomware, dangerous websites, unsafe wifi networks, unwanted access to your devices and so much more. My favorite feature is wi fi protection, its very useful because it keeps your information safe and private. It will literally create your own private vpn, its just like youre inside of a bubble. Nobody cant get inside of your bubble and youre safe in there. So wouldnt you want to stay in a bubble. Well now you can theres literally so much that trend micro can do and, at the end, its literally just to keep you safe around the internet and keeping all of your information private. So if you guys are interested in trend micro hit the link down in the description once again app on iphone and app on android link in the description. One thing that i really dont like about this phone is the crease. Can you guys see the crease? You can feel it too, so do you get used to it? Well, obviously, you get used to it its not like the worst thing in the world, but you see it.

You feel it always so like for the next generations. Hopefully, samsung will figure out a way that the crease is not there, even though the crease is annoying. I got ta admit that its actually quite satisfying to do like this, okay, okay, ill, stop ill stop. It is satisfying. I i got ta say it its pretty satisfying to do one of my favorite things as well about the samsung galaxy z. Flip is whenever you fold it in half you actually, for example, lets say on youtube. You will get the comments on the bottom and the video on the top or on the camera, app where you will get a touchpad and you can simply swipe photos just like that. Flex mode is super cool and i cant wait to see more apps. Adopting the photos. Look incredible and the new ultra white camera has also been improved. Video is still samsung. Video like come on iphone video will always be the best im. Sorry samsung fans, but thats. Just the truth, where photos you guys are good, but with video its like its good but its not like as good im just saying im, sorry dont get offended buddy, but its true. Do i recommend the samsung galaxy z flip and who do i recommend it to thats the thing i do recommend this phone, but i dont really know for who its for – i guess my answer to that is its just for fun.

People, if youre a boring person, get the samsung galaxy s20 ultra at the iphone 12 chrome. They will be amazing phones, but if you want that extra step, if you love technology – and if you truly appreciate these tiny things that just us as technology geeks, this just drive us crazy, its just so fun. To do and to be honest, its actually quite amazing that in 2021 this is actually happening. Foldable phones are actually good. Now this phone is like a flagship phone, decent price, still expensive, but decent price for being affordable and its just tough fun. So if you believe in hashtag be happy, this phone might be for you. Thank you so much for watching subscribe. If youre new and ill see you in the next one, leaving all my worries, i prepare for something new.