Well, they are designed to do the same thing, stabilize the video shot with your phones camera. However, i came across the hohem i steady v2, which got my attention because it has a built in ai vision sensor. That turns out not to be just the marketing gimmick. This 129 dollar gimbal also has quite a few other features to talk about so lets. Dive in first lets do a quick unboxing. The gimbal comes with a travel, pouch, usb cable, a strap, some paperwork and a mini tripod, which holds the gimbal really well on the table or any other even surface. You can also attach it and detach it very quickly. The v2 continues the tradition of foldable and compact smartphone gimbals. It can be folded and unfolded in just a few seconds. The device uses plastic and rubber in the construction and the overall build quality is very good. The handle comes with soft and non slip, leather, which is really nice to the touch, and it assures a good grip on the front. We have led indicator lights that show the juice left in the battery, as well as the power state of the device. You can also find the typical joystick and a few multi functional keys. I found the stepless zoom rocker to be responsive and it allows you to zoom in or zoom out, while recording the video on the right side. There is usb type c port that can be used both for charging the gimbal and other devices, as the v2 can act as an emergency power bank.

Speaking of power, i could use the device for nearly 9 hours on a single charge, which is more than enough for my needs. The charging time is just about two and a half hours. The ice, steady v2 weighs only 263 grams, while it has a load capacity of up to 280 grams, meaning that it will work with most of the phones out there. The v2 holds phones like the galaxy s21 ultra or the z flip 3, firmly. Also, the front axis does not get into the shot, even if you are using the wide angle lens now lets talk about that ai vision sensor. It allows you to use gestures and enable or disable tracking or change the phones orientation from horizontal to vertical. The gestures include the ok sign palm and thumbs twist honestly, once i first heard about this feature, i thought it would be just a marketing gimmick, but in practice it works pretty much all the time. Since this is a hardware implemented solution. This sensor unleashes tracking capabilities with many third party apps, meaning that you dont need to rely on the hohem pro app, which ill talk about in just a bit. I think its a really cool feature. For instance, i have the samsung galaxy z, flip 3, with the secondary display. That means that i can mount the phone on in gimbal and use the main or the wide angle camera for the vlogging for the best quality see myself and my face is being tracked.

All the time, this is just one of the use cases you can use the auto tracking feature with many social media, apps or professional video recording software. Another highlight feature an adjustable led light for low light, shooting thats such a simple, yet super important feature that other manufacturers do not offer the standard. Shooting modes include pan and tilt. Follow ban follow all lock and pov all follow a dedicated, low angle mode engages automatically when you flip the gimbal, which is very convenient in practice in order to unleash the full potential of the gimbal. I highly recommend you using the hohem pro app its worth, mentioning that my phone connected to the gimbal without any issues which is not always the case with other budget gimbals, the ui is pretty simple and straightforward. It allows you to record and stop recording switch between different shooting modes change, quite a few settings, including video resolution up to 4k, 30fps and so on. But the fun starts with extra shooting modes. For instance, auto object, tracking works really well, as the app recognizes the faces or moving objects automatically. Another cool mode is called inception, simply hit the start button and the gimbal will start rotating either 180 or 270 degrees automatically. All of these extra modes mix your video with cool music, but due to copyright restrictions, i wont play them on youtube. Other cool modes include fantastic rotation, dolly zoom, smart motion, time lapse and a panoramic video in fantastic rotation mode.

The gimbal will move from one side to another. According to the preset music panoramic. Video is useful if you want to quickly film whats around you, for example, if you are in a cool location or at the concert im really glad that all these extra modes actually work and they do not require any skills or prior knowledge just hit the start. Button and youre good to go also. The footage is really nice and smooth. The same can be said about the overall video quality using either the hohem pro or the native camera app. Even if you simply walk with your phone, the footage comes out nice and smooth. My suggestion is that you record your videos in 4k, 60, fps and slow it down to 30 fps for even better looking footage with a bit of a dramatic flair. Keep in mind that i recorded these videos on a windy day, meaning that the gimbal motors had to work harder to fight the wind pressure, but the footage still came out really nice and smooth overall. The hohem i steady v2 is a really nice smartphone gimbal and ai vision, as well as the led lighting, are definitely my favorite features that make the stabilizer stand out from the crowd. I also love the compact and foldable design, good, build quality and the hohen pro app is loaded with features so far the device has been performing great and i cant name any shortcomings. To sum up, the iste v2 is a really nice gimbal and that ai vision sensor, as well as the overall feature set, make it one of the best options for smooth and cinematic smartphone video.

What do you think about this gimbal? Would you buy it or would you choose another option, as always like the video, if you liked it, please subscribe to the channel if you havent already and as always it was lions.