Music, hey im, rob welcome back to photobite honor, once a sub brand of huawei known for their excellent high quality. Mid range devices has since split from its parent company huawei and today were looking at their first phone theyve released since the split making it quite an interesting device to look at but yeah. Today we have the brand new honor 50.. Now the split from huawei means a bit more than now. They can go solo and start making their own devices, but actually means it. Doesnt come under the restrictions that huawei have been placed under, so this is actually the first, i guess huawei type device to actually have google services. Since the band like two years ago now, dont get me wrong. Huawei have been making excellent devices since and theyve come leaps and bounds in developing their own operating system and marketplace its way better than it was on day one. But in our other videos, such as my review on the mate 40, everything about the phone was excellent, but it was so hard to get behind because the lack of the google services, especially if you work in the google ecosystem, where you need gmail or google docs Or you run a youtube channel like we. Do you kind of need that youtube app and those google apps the web based clients are nowhere near as easy to use? So i am super excited to see that we can get a little hint of what huawei would be like again if they had google services now its no secret that this phone was definitely developed while honor and huawei were still together.

So its going to bear. Quite a few similarities to some huawei devices, but thats not a bad thing. It just means that for the western market at least its probably going to be the superior brand now because of those google services on the looks of the device on the front, it looks like a nice great, big black slab of glass, as were quite accustomed to Seeing nowadays its got quite a gorgeous curved hd plus display, with a little bit of a hole, punch camera on the front, its got an underscreen fingerprint scanner, which is pretty snappy usbc super fast charging, dual sim card slot, no sd card expansion, unfortunately, and no headphone Jack always a shame, but i guess were in the realm of bluetooth headphones everywhere nowadays, but but still, i always prefer to have a nice pair of wired headphones when im using my devices. Now that really nice smooth curve continues all the way around to the back glass, which is this nice very glossy, very shiny, mirror of a back which is just going to be an absolute fingerprint magnet. The honor logo in the corner is quite nice and subtle, very kind of understated and professional looking theres, nothing worse than having a really nice premium feeling device having a really big gaudy logo on it. Although our black sleek shiny, finish device is nice talking about gordy, there is a version of this phone where you can get the honor branding all over the back, and i actually quite like it.

If anything, its a bit more interesting than this standard glass sandwiches, you get in these devices nowadays other than that. The unique feature of the back of this is this: dual: camera module setup, theres, uh, four cameras in here, the top one being quite notable as its 108 megapixel, which is then paired with quite underwhelming. Eight megapixel ultra wide two megapixel depth sensor for those bokeh effects and a 2 megapixel macro lens under the hood. Its rocking at a mid range snapdragon, 778 g, which has 5g support, which is a perfectly reasonable, mid range processor youre, definitely not going to have any problems with the device when it comes to power. Youll be able to play all the games and be efficient enough to last all day on a charge pretty decently its not the top of the range but its not a top of the range device, but its not a surprise. Theyre, not rocking the end processor. In this thing, it comes in both 128 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes storage, the lower end, one coming with six giga ram and higher end with eight giga ram, both of them retail for 449 pounds and 429 pounds respectively, which is a great mid range price. Its got a 4 300 milliamp hour battery with an absolutely super quick, 66 watt, fast charger, which apparently can charge the device up to 70 in 20 minutes. It doesnt come with wireless charging, though so youre stuck with just super fast charging.

Looking at when youre watching and listening to content on the device, there seems to only be one mono speaker on the bottom, which sounds okay, but its a bit of a shame. Having a device come out nowadays without stereo speakers, as it is a noticeable difference when youre trying to watch any kind of content on your phone yeah, the screen is probably one of the highlights of the device, its no led panel, its super bright, super vibrant, its 1080P by 2340. So if you turn the device sideways its like 1080p ultra wide kind of aspect ratio, but its also 120 hertz makes it feel super snappy and nice to use and great for gaming as well now its good that it has a great screen. As one of the main selling features of this phone is the camera when in standard photo mode, photos come out nice and sharp and crisp, but theyre, not that full 108 resolution you have to switch to the high res photo mode to get that full super large Image, but it seems to take pictures very well and the processing behind it seems to do pretty good job in most situations, the colors in the photos seem pretty good and pretty natural overall, where it lacks a little bit, though, is that 108 megapixel main shooter is Great, the other cameras definitely seem to take a bit of a back seat. The 8 megapixel ultrawide is fine, it does the job, it can widen an image and its a nice thing, but with that 108 megapixel lens, you probably just want to shoot with that and just take a few more steps back, really uh the depth sensor.

Obviously, just is there for the bokeh modes, which is fine and then the macro camera, not like a really cool implementation. Like like the oppo x3, we took a look at a little while ago. The macro lens actually had a little ring light built in and had loads of features around it. The macro lens on this is pretty average at best, really, it seems theyve just trapped, some other camera in there just to add some more cameras to the feature list. On the thing really, i dont see the point in it and i think phone companies should just stop doing it, really its not needed, if anything, its just bumping up the cost a little bit when you could just not have a macro lens and have a great Main shooter, and maybe an ultra wide for those few situations where you need an ultrawide and, of course, the selfie camera 32 megapixels, which is also really great, and it seems to perform fine. It look especially here and the nice studio lighting conditions. It looks great pretty nice pretty selfies out of it yeah. The honor 50 is running what honor calls their magic ui, which is android 11, with their skin on top and a few of their extra features and app stores and stuff its pretty close to stock android, which is nice. It comes out the app drawer enabled by default, but you can turn it on. You can pretty much make this feel very much like stock android, which is really nice to see pre baked in.

It also has google news on the left and loads of google apps pre installed, which seem to work completely fine, its great to see google apps back on a device like this, as the only reason i cant be rocking a huawei phone nowadays is. I need those google apps to be honest and its great to see back in this device now its taken a few things from the old huawei book, its got all like honor, sharing and honor style, linking between devices everything you would have seen with the huawei share And huawei linking youve seen on their devices, obviously theres not as much of a range of devices in the honor brand, but if they were to expand a bit into laptops and stuff a bit more, maybe that might become pretty cool when it comes to gaming. I rocked a bit of call of duty on it. Youll see some footage of that now it seems to run completely fine. Everything kind of cranked, a bit 120 hertz display is really nice. It also has about 300 hertz polling rate, so its nice and responsive when youre touching the screen, no complaints to me there, the really steep curve on the corners as well has great palm rejection. I never really noticed the screen kind of going off on its own world. While i was uh holding it with a really tight grip and touching it all over, it seemed to work completely fine, so the screen is definitely one of the highlights yeah.

The 778g is definitely not the highest end processor in the world, definitely more than capable for modern gaming on phones nowadays, overall, the honor 50 definitely stands out in the crowd of mid range devices in having a super high quality finish and very premium feel, and the Inclusion of a massive 108 megapixel camera in there is definitely a big selling point in every other regard, though, the device is very much shows its skin as being a mid range device and obviously its not nothing too special about it, but it definitely has a few Interesting things that might be worth a look at at the very least if you were a big fan of huawei and have been really sad and that you cant use them because of the lack of google services, its nice to get a little bit of that huawei Back in our hands, even if its not actually, then with that full android experience that weve come to know if anything like, i said earlier, its definitely not a secret that this was developed when they were still with huawei. That would explain why its not that impressive and has that many crazy features, because they were just pretty much ready to manufacture and ship these when all the uh this when the split was happening. So i guess uh with the little bit of the software changes they made to get this working back with the old google services. Again, uh was all the time they needed to ship these out.

I guess the only other option would have been to throw away these devices, so it makes sense if anything, this sparks a bit more interest in me, because i would love to see the next device and, if thats still a huawei kind of device, maybe the one. The one after that or the one after that depends how long it takes them to get out of the r d that was taken when they were split from huawei, because ill be really interested to see and how honor can bloom, having their complete independence and their Own shift in design, as now theyre no longer going to be just that mid range huawei brand.