11 pro i have been using this smartphone for almost two weeks now, and i think this is the correct time to do a detailed review video. I have got this six plus 128 gigabyte variant because i do not think getting a 8 gigabyte variant will increase performance. There will be a bottleneck because this one comes with a pretty mediocre, pretty budget chipset mediatek diamond city. Well, at the beginning, i have a request: if you end up liking this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button and if you find this video helpful, if you want to watch more videos like this, then please subscribe to this channel and share The love well lets start our honest review. Video of redmi note. 11. Pro lets start from unboxing Music. The box is actually pretty simple, pretty similar to other redmi devices. After opening the box. The first thing you will notice that the dragon is back. Redmi introduced this dragon on redmi k series last year, and now we can see that redmi is introducing this dragon. 2 redmi note series on top. This is a small box and im sure inside this box there is a tpu silicon protective case. There is a sim ejector tool, and some paper works here goes the sim ejector tool here is that pretty cheap quality tpu silicon protective case and some paper works. Okay, underneath that thats our redmi note 11. Pro lets put the smartphone aside for a while lets check what else we have got inside the box.

There is a very good quality usb, a to usb c charging. Cable wow, it seems like the cable, is the same one that i have got inside, that xiaomi mix 4 box, its a good thing that xiaomi has provided a very good quality charging cable in a budget smartphone box. Well, there is a 67 watt charger included inside the box, but this charger isnt the same as the one that we get in other xiaomi smartphones. This 67 watt charger came in a xiaomi smartphone box and this smaller 67 watt charger came inside the box of redmi. Note 11 pro its significantly smaller. If the performance is the same as the other one i mean the bigger one, then definitely this is another, pretty good inclusion inside the box of a not serious, smartphone, okay, its time to unwrap our redmi note. 11 pro. This is our redmi note, 11 pro and truly in hand. This one feels amazingly better than any other budget smartphone. This one gives that comfy feelings which you would only get in upper mid range or budget flagship smartphones. It doesnt only feel good. It also looks good. Moreover, it comes with necessary protection. This one is protected by gorilla glass. 5.. The matte finish at the back with gradient shade gives it an even better outlook. Truly, i couldnt expect anything more than this from a budget series. Redmi smartphone considering its price and segment redmi note 11. Pro gets 9 out of 10 for its in hand, feelings and appearance.

You know what this one comes with: a 3.5 millimeter port, a dedicated second speaker on top for stereo sound. This stereo setup is even tuned by jbl. Also, there is a ir sensor and secondary noise cancellation microphone sitting on top primary microphone. Usb c port compact, dual sim, sim tray and primary speaker, is located at the bottom. There is nothing on the left side. I really like this flat design with the curves and comfortable edges volume, rockers and power button all are on the right side. Redmi has integrated fingerprint sensor into that power button. You can see the side panels are flat and you can even make this redmi note. 11. Pro stand on its left side panel, this one has a big camera pump at the back rear camera panel is relatively bigger. I can understand. The bump is necessary to house a samsung iso cell hm2 108 megapixel sensor, but i really do not understand why they have made the rear camera block so big. I have made a separate camera comparison. Video and i have dropped the link in the description box below if you are interested, go ahead check that yeah. I will also provide the link over here. Even if you use this redmi note 11 pro with that crazily smooth 120 hertz refresh rate, you will get more than a day. I actually do not do any gaming on this smartphone and i get around 32 hours thats really long enough for me, and also within that 32 hours, i get around 7 to 8 hours of screen on time, thanks to its mighty 5100c battery thats.

The main reason that i didnt go for redmi note 11 pro plus, because that one comes with that smaller 4 and 500 mah battery. Yes, that one got a faster 120 watt charger, but i believe that one will do more herm in the long run, and i prefer longer battery life also the charger that this one comes with the 67 watt charger and that one takes only 18 minutes to charge. This one to 42 percent – i mean from 0 to 42 within 18 minutes, and if you want to do 0 100 every day, then it takes around 46 to 48 minutes, as mentioned earlier. Fingerprint sensor is on the power button and it works fine, very fast and smooth, but i have found it annoying that i have to pick the phone up to unlock it and, if youre thinking about face unlock yes, this one also have face unlock but thats not Secure and usually i dont use that android 11 and miui 12.5 out of the box, and this one will get one major android update and this one will get updated to miy13. I personally dont think that integrating 120hz refresh rate to a budget smartphone is a good idea. I would love to see an option in between i mean 90hz would be the best option in a smartphone like this, but, as you all know, 120hz is fast smooth and at the same time it drains battery faster than usual lets.

Talk about this gorgeous 6.67 inch. Amoled budget flagship class display this display panel wasnt made for budget smartphones. I mean this display panel, belongs to budget flagship or super mid range. Smartphones and redmi picked this one and slapped it on redmi. Note 11 pro so lets check. How good is the performance to me? This is the main attraction of this smartphone, its a 6.67 inch amoled panel and it performs fairly well. I have tried to check redmi note: 11 pro display performance side by side with vivo x70 pro plus, despite a few color grading issues. This redmi has done very well Music. Well, this is a budget smartphone. This isnt a gaming smartphone, but you can play games for sure i sometimes play games. I mentioned earlier. I dont do gaming on this one, but sometimes once in a while in rare occasions i would play some games and the truth is really you can play games. But if you want to play games like mobile legend, pubg or kenshin impact, then you have to sacrifice the graphics. You will not be able to get those extreme or high graphic settings. What makes me happy is it actually doesnt lag and throttling is minimum. Redmi has done quite an impressive job with this budget chipset, you can see. I have charged this redmi note 11 pro to 100, and there is no application running at the background now lets check the temperature. Okay, its similar to ambient temperature lets run antutu benchmark and lets check what type of score this redmi note.

11 pro can achieve. Music 424 000 on this new version of antutu is well enough. This is almost what i have expected: cpu gpu and all the scores are pretty usual within the boundary of expectation. Temperature was increased by 6 degree celsius and 2 percent of battery got drained. Everything seems normal. Let us run the test again. We have to see what type of throttling is there Music. This is surprisingly amazing. 421 000 of antutu benchmark score means only about one percent of the score got dropped from the first time. Remember we ran until back to back and in between this device did not even have any time to get cooled. I would say its truly impressive performance. It has really managed to keep the temperature cool. It only got 2.5 degree celsius increased and battery didnt even get drained heavily its time to check the sound performance of this stereo speaker setup. First, we will listen, how it performs on one plus nine rt yeah, that one also have stereo speaker setup, and then we will check how it sounds on redmi note: 11, pro: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause passes by Music Applause, Applause, Music Applause, Music Passes yes, considering the price redmi note 11 pro stereo speaker performance is amazing. Also dont forget that we have 3.5 millimeter port here on redmi note 11 pro, which is pretty difficult to find on many other smartphones. Haptic feedback is okay, but not very good its better than before.

I must say: redmi has used something better on this redmi note. 11 pro the productive case that was included inside the box. It does the work it doesnt look so beautiful and if you really care about outlook and appearance, you shouldnt use this one. But if you are worried about protection, then you can use this one. This one actually adds some type of production to this redmi note. 11. Pro but definitely doesnt make it look better. 5G speed network reception call quality. Everything is fine here because im living in china, this is a chinese smartphone. I havent found any issue and ive been using gms. I mean google play store all other google services on this smartphone without any issue. Well, this is a very good smartphone for the price. This is one of the best at the moment that you can buy. I mean the chinese pricing is really great. Its mouth watering, its even less than 250 us dollars for six plus 128 gigabyte variant, but i believe that when it will get released globally, especially in india and in europe, then the price will get a bit hiked and from rumors. I have heard that they are not gon na release this smartphone with a diamond city chipset in india. This one will get a entry level snapdragon chipset in india, so thats a bummer. I think, because this diamond city 920 from my user experience, i think this diamond city 920 – is doing good.