Yeah, it is a massive slab of phone. The display is a 6.9 inch. 1080P is state its funny that in 2012 a 5.5 inch display was so big. It was called a phablet and 7 inches was a tablet, and yet there is a phone with a 6.9 inch display. The body is all plastic which definitely helps with the weight. This design on the back, looks amazing in this dazzle black color plus the chromatic strip in the middle. It almost looks like its an rgb light if youre a gamer. The camera system is a quad camera setup with a 48 megapixel main camera, as well as an led flash. A quad led flash all this in a very nice rectangle with radio optical patterns similar to the one on the phantom x that i recently reviewed check that out beautiful as it is, it is absolutely glossy making it a strong fingerprint, magnet and also with its weight. Its going to gather scratches at a rapid pace, thankfully, the box comes with a slightly smoked, transparent, silicone case that keeps the goods in pristine condition without masking. The good looks im also noticing that if there is a tempered glass screen protector on the display – and you have gesture navigation enabled – the gestures are more comfortable with the phone in the pouch. The buttons are on the right edge, which include the volume buttons the power button below these, and this is not just a plain old boring car button.

It has a fingerprint scanner built in. It makes so much sense to bundle the biometrics with the power button. The sim tray is on the left edge and its the usual dual sim class micro sd card slot. So all the options are available. There is also a rubber ring just to add a bit of water resistance to the phone, and i love the fact that they printed some info on which side is up when reinserting the sim tray into the phone very good techno. Thank you, its the little things that make the biggest difference. The ports are all on the bottom edge. A 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a usbc for charging indebted transfer and the primary microphone hold on. Where is the loudspeaker, looks like techno, bundled the loudspeaker with the earpiece. Like what they did with the spock 5 pro and the spark 8 and this part 8. Music, its the familiar look weve come to expect from techno smartphones were looking at android 11 with a high os version 7.6. On top its clean. It really looks pretty as other skins on the market up until the many frequent ads start populating. The notification bar the main culprits are palm store, which is technos in house app store and scooper, which is technos new supplier. Thankfully, you can turn these off in the settings regardless. The software has a bucket of features like some really useful ones as well. It has the play in the background feature which allows you to keep listening to a video that is playing even with the screen off.

Its perfect use case is youtube because it does not allow you to do this unless you subscribe to the premium service by the way you can also subscribe to this channel mean a lot to me in the settings. There is a special function with even more goodies. Hidden in it, social turbo has some crazy features to use in whatsapp and whatsapp. Only for now there is a voice changer which, as the name suggests, changes your voice during a whatsapp voice. Call or video call to make you sound like a different person or even a different gender. My most favorite one is a whatsapp voice. Recorder im still shocked why whatsapp does not offer this feature, because i have had several instances where i have needed it. So, basically, if youre on a whatsapp voice, call, it will record the call, and you can then play it back for later useful whatever it is, you want to use it for, like a screenshot of waste, calls another one is peak mode which allows you to read Messages without showing that the message has been opened but, more importantly, it also allows you to view deleted. Whatsapp messages, yeah yeah. I know lots of gbs and the whatsapp golds have had this feature for a while now, but for people like me who prefer using the original whatsapp application. This is a solution that leaves me with better peace of mind. I dont think these modified whatsapps are really that safe.

To be honest, when i checked out the poverty for the first time, my initial impression was that its just a battery monster a phone just made to have an insane battery life, and whilst that is true, its more gaming focused than it is endurance focus. I mean this is the only techno im aware of which supports 180 hertz touch sampling rate, meaning the touch sensitive system on the display is refreshing 180 times a second thats three times the sampling rate on my huawei p30 pro and what it helps with is well At least in theory, its three times faster touch response and three times the precision when gaming or doing other tasks that need you to be nimble. Look at how subtle movements on the home screen are smoother on the techno than on the huawei remember. This is just touch sensitivity. Both these phones have the same refresh rate at 60, hertz speaking of refresh rate. I feel if techno made this to be a gaming focused phone, it should have got the 90 hertz refresh rate, which was put in the cameron 17.. It makes more sense on a gaming focused smartphone, rather than on a photography focus one right back to the gaming stuff. There is an app called gamespace which pretty much curates your gaming inventory and, more importantly, has some settings to improve the gaming performance by disabling some background, apps and freeing some internet traffic so that online games dont lag.

The lock screen also has some creative magazine wallpapers to mask that punch hole for the selfie camera. Now the fingerprint is integrated into the unlock button, which is super convenient, but man it was super unreliable with my right thumb. For some reason, during filming i decided to enroll my left index and just like that it worked a hundred percent of the time im, not sure why that is, but hey at least with some fingers. It is going to work flawlessly running things is a mediatek helio. G85 processor, which is a pretty capable mid range processor, it handled the daily routine, very well social media gaming, streaming photography. Everything just went out smooth and lag free. The attack sampling rate also made it feel very responsive, scrolls and touches were more urgent and this particular model. I have has 6 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage, which gave the process enough room to work with the battery performance was phenomenal as expected. So after an hour, each of video streaming, video recording and gaming, the poverty lost 24 percent of juice, which is so far the best result of a techno device after an endurance test. This is also taking into account that the pulver 2 has an enormous 6.9 inch. Full hd display, but i mean guys: 7 000 milliamperes. What did you expect? The only bone i have to pick is 18 watt fast charges a bit too slow for such a large battery.

They should have put at least a 25 watt fast charge or even borrowed the 33 watt system from the phantom x, its basically the same unit. We saw in the camon 17 a 48 megapixel main camera on the back and an 8 megapixel selfie its a capable camera. The autofocus is almost always spot on. Dynamic range is pretty good at equalizing exposure of the images and the colors are pretty nice and vibrant videos. Look great and again, the autofocus system here does a pretty good job of keeping the good stuff in focus. It can shoot up to 2k resolution as well. Thanks to the beefier processor, the only features that felt lacking were better video, stabilization and better dynamic range, but really for this price range. The videos and photos captured by this camera system are very pleasing: Music, the poverty. It is an interesting phone, its huge in all dimensions, some decent specs and decent performance, and at around 220 us dollars. I have to say its a pretty good bargain. I mean the fingerprint situation is frustrating, but if youre in the market for a big phone or honestly, a small tablet at this point, with a long, lasting battery and a good camera. This is the one for you.