This is my little camera review of the new infinix note 11 pro right now i am shooting at 2k 30 frames. I can shoot 1080p and also 720p. First of all, guys welcome back to my channel and if you have not subscribed to this channel and youre new, watching this video, of course this is a guy. That brings you detailed camera review of every smartphone you could ever think of. So please smash that red, subscribe button and dont forget the bell icon for notifications, all right. So in two consecutive frames the picture quality is okay, remember its a 16 megapixel front facing camera and it has details all right. So let me switch to 1080p, alright guys. So this is tending to be at 30 frames per second. What do you think of the picture quality? Do you support any defense? I dont think you have punchy colors on 1080p here, but if you really want punchy, colors switch back to 2k uh 30 frames. All right guys, so let me switch to 720p. So you tell me the defense yourself, all right guys so im now, shooting 720p and the colors are boring and dull. So what do you think guys? Should you be shooting in 720 or 1080p or 2k? For me, 2k is the real deal here. Okay, guys lets head on to the full review, and i will give you my detailed camera review of this device. Dont fail to tell me one thing in the comments below lets: go Music, the infinix note 11 pro cost 140, 000 or 340 dollars, and for a smartphone that costs that much you would expect the camera to also justify the price alongside the specs performance.

This phone comes with the mediatek hilo g96 chipset and 8 gigs of ram and a screen that refreshes at 120 hertz. The design is not flashy by any means, but it is slick and modern. The camera bump is the most outstanding feature of this device. The moment you pick up the note 11 pro you get attracted to the camera, i learned behind. You have a triple camera lens and the flashlight have you seen my unboxing and review of this device? If you have not, please check it out after watching this video. The main camera is a 64 megapixel lens. It is one of the unique highlights of the note 11 pro. You also have a 13 megapixel telephoto lens and a 2 megapixel depth camera lens. So, if youre getting this phone because of its camera, one of the things you love to be doing is video recording and for your pictures or the video image to be clear enough, you will have to switch to the 2k at 30 frames. Yes, it gives you a more detailed and satisfied video quality, although you dont have the electronic image stabilization when shooting at 2k, but its more of giving you a detailed color and very nice results, or maybe probably you need a gimbal here or a pro stabilized phone Holder, unlike the camon 18 premiere with the gimbal camera lens, so this is a video recording at 2k 30 frames. You can see how beautiful the quality is.

It is very steady thats because i dont have shaky hands so ill, probably not need a gimbal for the quality. It offers a solid level of details from the resolution of 1440 pixels to the natural looking colors. There are no noise or lacks in the color reproduction and thats very good. The only downside is your video size. It gets to be larger due to the details present and the presence of the hilo g96 processor. Ok, if you watch my unboxing and review of this phone, i did mention that, apart from this chip being a good gaming processor, it also enhanced video and picture quality. Another feature of infinix included is the autofocus, no matter how close you get. Your subject remains unchanged, except you decide to switch the other object. I just love how decent and detailed the lens is. For me, it feels like a 180 megapixel lens when you switch to 1080p. You have image stabilization, but it struggles with the object that is closed and the background. As you can see, the sky is blown out and not steady, but when you shift focus to your object, the result is better only that colors are not as accurate as shooting. In 2k 30 frames, the telephoto lens can only record videos in 1080p and not in 2k. You have a noticeable difference in this video. It appears sharper with lots of details. Colors are much more saturated and vibrant, but not really in a bad way.

Of course, the autofocus is very okay. At some point, i love the telephoto video. The colors, for me, makes up for a beautiful scene and also stabilization is pretty amazing. The fact is, you have image stabilization in all different modes. An overall performance is decent and detailed enough. Daylight photos from the 64 megapixel camera is ok. Looking at it from a budget context, it is impressive. You have decent amount of details present like the color. It looks so true and soft. Okay, can you spot the difference here? I took one of this picture with the high dynamic range enabled and the other one i disabled, the high dynamic range. One major difference is the sky, color change and the overall color difference without the high dynamic range. Your image will have certain highlights in some areas, especially daylight, but when it is auto enabled your image will have certain details. That will make lots of sense when viewed when it comes to the 10 megapixel telephoto lens. It makes a lot of sense in portrait. Shots notice the difference in these images. For me, i prefer the portrait with the telephoto enabled both of them are detailed with same color accuracy, but i love the depth of the telephoto lens high dynamic range is convincingly better than the regular shots subject. Separation is good and the background booking looks almost lost, but it is okay. You have a 30 time zoom here, and the quality goes bad when you zoom in all the way on the front is a 16 megapixel camera lens with on point details: colors look good and are pretty soft, especially daylight, but it sometimes appears highlighted like in portrait.

Shots and colors are almost lost, but in regular shots the colors are all present and okay. What do you think guys this ones, camera isnt, so bad overall performance? For me it is okay and also a very good camera smartphone if youre on a budget. So guys, please share your thoughts with me in the comments and also like and share this video.