This compact piece of tech may just be the best accessory for your smartphone as a matter of fact, its like the swiss army knife of smartphone accessories, its the size of a power bank functions like a power bank but, most importantly, it unfolds out to a compact. But fully featured gimbal for your smartphone. It also has a companion app with some uniquely useful features and so much more before we get into the review. I want to let you know that i was sent this product for free by power vision, and i was compensated to produce a review. However, bringing you guys honest reviews is the name of the game and power vision understands that they dont have any control over what i say in my review. So this review is solely based on my experience with the product and my honest opinions. Now with that. Out of the way lets dive into this unique and innovative product Music. If youre interested in checking out the power vision, s1 or any of the gear used to make these videos, the links will be in the description down below lets start off with the build quality and setup of the gimbal. First of all, this gimbal is incredibly compact, while other smartphone gimbals like to advertise that you can fit them right in your pocket. Its usually a bit of an exaggeration, however, with the s1, its legitimately the size of a power bank, and it can comfortably fit into your pocket.

On top of that, it only weighs about 298 grams or a little over half a pound, also its nice to see that it feels incredibly well built and solid to set up the gimbal. You just unlatch the cover at the bottom rotate up the main gimbal arm. 180 degrees flip out the magnetic mount, engage the gimbal head and then mount your phone thats it. It literally takes less than 15 seconds to set up and turn on theres no finicky balancing to deal with its literally just ready to go to mount your phone to the gimbal. Of course, powervision went with my favorite option using magnets now, depending on your phone model. Powervision offers these really cool multifunctional phone cases that act as the mounting point for the gimbal, a kickstand for your phone and, of course, offers protection as your daily phone case. However, if power vision, doesnt have a phone case for your phone model, yet they also have two other mounting options. They offer a magnetic universal phone mount which can adhesively attach to your current phone case, and they also offer a universal magnetic foam clamp. I personally prefer to use the clamp, because i dont like adding extra size to my phone, but its really cool that they offer so many mounting solutions. Also, the gimbal has these hidden tripod feet that works great to just prop up your camera in a location. In case you just want to record a stationary shot once your phones mounted, you can power on the gimbal by pressing and holding the power button for two seconds and start shooting gimbal performance is what youd expect from a smartphone gimbal with a little practice.

You can get extremely smooth gliding shots, whether thats an orbiting shot, a tracking shot or anything you come up with, but just like any gimbal. Even for larger dslr cameras, the lighter the setup, the more likely youll introduce shakiness into the handling of the gimbal. So, with such a light setup, if youre just handling without care, youll get some bumpier footage. But if you add in the typical steady gimbal, walk in grip, youll get some extremely cinematic shots in terms of the gimbals operation. Theyve added all the typical shortcuts youd expect to find on a gimbal. You can use the joystick to manually maneuver the gimbal head double pressing. The joystick will re center. The gimbal double pressing. The power button will rotate the phone between landscape and portrait mode. The record button will start stop recordings or take a picture. Theyve also integrated a zoom rocker to let you control the zoom of your camera, and the list goes on and on for additional physical shortcuts power vision also offers a companion, app called vision, plus s1. Its loaded with a few unique features that, depending on what kind of content you shoot, can be pretty useful to start with, you, of course, have typical gimbal calibration features, allowing you to calibrate the gimbal to the weight of your phone to get the maximum amount of Battery life out of your charge, on top of that, you have automatic and manual horizon adjustments in case the horizon isnt level, but the two main features i like to look at is the built in camera.

App that lets you shoot with manual controls, as well as their power, follow broadcast feature. Lets start with the built in camera app for videographers. If you dont have any other manual camera apps. This is a great starter app. It lets you manually, set your iso and shutter speed as well as lock your focus so that you can get consistent exposure throughout your shots. There are settings to automatically take panoramas with properly spaced pans and tilts to give you the best stitches possible and a bunch of other quick access features to shoot time lapses and slow motion shots. One of my favorite features is the subject tracking mode similar to other products on the market. If you drag a square over your subject, the app will start tracking them and the gimbal will pan and tilt to follow their movement. This is great if youre vlogging in selfie mode and just want the camera to follow you or, if youre, focusing on where youre going and keeping the gimbal steady but still want to track a moving subject like this shot, where annette and i are rollerblading for, like Literally, the third time ever and i was focused on not falling over while getting this shot now, a feature, i think, is honestly pretty cool, and i know itll seem potentially gimmicky to some of you is that they offer some gesture controls that i find pretty useful. If youre in the vision plus s1 app, you can use an open palm gesture to activate and deactivate the tracking feature on top of that, if you do a peace sign, itll start a three second countdown to take a photo.

If you do, an l sign. Itll start a three second countdown to start a video recording and a subsequent l sign will stop the video recording im not saying these are game changers, but its nice to have some gesture controls, especially if youre vlogging, with the rear facing camera, and you cant see The screen now heres the part i like a lot. If you use the app to start broadcasting using their power, follow feature, you can actually exit the app and use whatever camera app. You want whether thats filmic pro for even better manual videography or something like tiktok. So you can record directly to the app. If you use powerfollow, you can still use the open palm gesture or just press the record button on the gimbal itself to enable and disable tracking in other apps. So we know the power vision. S1 is a pretty solid. Gimbal, but what about its other features? Most notably? I know we keep comparing the size of the power vision s1 to a power bank, but its super dope that its actually a power bank, its charged via usbc and has a thousand milliamp battery. You can use a usbc cable to charge your devices or utilize the wireless charging the s1 offers, on top of that it offers pass through charging. So you can charge your devices wirelessly while charging the s1 itself. The powervision s1 is honestly an innovative piece of tech on multiple fronts, its not only a great gimbal, but its also a power bank that offers wireless charging its not trying to be a cheap imitation of whats already been offered on the market, rather its trying to Be a leader in the current smartphone gimbal space with that, however, comes with price tag, this gimbal retails for 189 dollars, while the latest competitors come in between 99 and 159 dollars.

But, in my honest opinion, this product delivers more than what the competition offers while unsteady on rollerblades. I was able to get the gimbal out of my pocket, set up in less than 15 seconds and start recording and when my phone battery was low because i live life on that one percent edge, i was able to charge up my phone with my gimbal so That i could film a little longer this product is honestly super well thought out. They took a compact piece of tech and asked: how can we make it as feature rich as possible, adding in all of the manual controls youd expect from a fully featured gimbal added compact, hidden tripod feet and went the extra step to turn it into a wireless Charging power bank they didnt just settle for a phone clamp mount, but also designed a secure magnetic mount that is integrated into their phone case, offers that same solution through an adhesive mount and still offers a clamp mount to make this product universally accessible. If youre someone whos looking to improve their mobile cinematography, bring along an amazing vlogging companion or just want to up your production value when it comes to producing content for social media like tick, tock or instagram, i think the power vision s1 is a great buy and I recommend it to anyone who fits that criteria again if youre interested in checking out the powervision s1, the link will be in the description down below.

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