What were going to talk about is the cupid smart smartphone bow mount so theres, not many videos that i can find on youtube about this phone holder and how to mount it, which way would be better. So i thought i would use this video as kind of a demonstration ill. Give you that. So, basically, all it is is basically a piece of angle: presser steer flat steel and you got two little two little three little sock foam pads. So your phone sits in there and then obviously adjusts the whatever with your phones. Luckily, for me, ive got my partners iphone here, just to show you how it works, so we do basically thats how your phone goes in the mail. So you know it either way to why you, whether you want that, oh, like that, now im going to show you how we mount it onto the bow now ive got two different sorts of stabilizers to show you how i mount it as per how i would Use it when i go out to do some rabbit, shooting or something on my own. So this is my psa stinger max, as we can see up there, basistic and max. This is a 2021 model. Now ive got the the two point. I think its eight inch or a little oh yeah, i think its an eight inch stabilizer man now, as you can see a little thread there and thats, where the weights normally go.

So what i normally do, heres your weights like that little rubbish cushion in there ill stick that over like so like this and then grab you thread it in screw it in and theres your bowman. The front of your bow, so ted look front on now. If you wanted to, you can mount it off to the side, which is what i prefer. So this is how i have it as you can see, so it actually sticks out from the stabilizer. So, as you can see, arrow come through here. Your phones sitting in here and then i can actually put my torch on top of here, so it shines up and out that way. Now i dont have the mount with me at the moment. Im. Sorry, but if you would like to see that i can always do a video of the full setup for rabbit vermin, shooting so over in australia, we call we shoot rabbits and foxes and stuff like that, so theyre, the main two vermin animals we hunt over here In australia – and that is classified as vermin hunting so because its small game now, if you were to shoot deer like that sucker over there, well thats deer shoot so thats big game, shooting so thats. My setup with the big stabilizer now well take him off, like so drop everything in the process, simple, unpressure, stabilizer, pretty standard. Another way you can mount. It is because ive got two different stabilizers here to show you getting started on there and there you go theres.

Your short yeah, like so on the bow there. It is there thats that way. Boys so say that is a cupid. Smart phone bow mount now ill. Just quickly show you with the phone sitting in it. Sorry, if were going to do that with the other one. So theres your phone now like that and then front on so try and show you guys so basically just screws into the back that goes through your stabilizer bolt and then into the riser thats. How it sits nice and simple, just like that, as you can see. So thats how the foam mount works now, the one tip i can give you is with a lot of stabilizers. There is stables out there where the threads arent very big. They go into. The riser now lets pop the bow down just there, Music and, as you guys, can probably tell heres the one that we just used. Thats the one we just used, thats the one that came with my pc, stinger max and theyre, ready to shoot and then thats. The thread hang on no im pushing down and thats the thread height of the 2.1. If you put them side to side, as you guys can see, theres quite a substantial difference in amount of thread compared to this one its on here compared to that one here. So thats the easiest way to explain it, make sure that youve got a fair bit of amount of thread there on your stabilizer and then you can use that bow mount or another way you can use.

It is to mount your phone on your simple little, like i think, theyre like two dollars on ebay and theres holes, where equivalent normally goes one on the top here. Youve got one just over here and then youve got on the bottom. Youve got a couple holes there, so you can use this one that one or that one now this one here on this side and that one up there is normally a two piece quiver mount. So what i normally do is if i still have the bulb with me, which know what that drop already. Okay, i was wrong. So basically, what happens is ive got a bolt that i found in the shed? Basically, you do, is you stick that on there you just angle it how you want and then you can mount your bow uh, not your bow! Sorry, your phone like this, so quite an easy way to quite an easy and cheap way. So you can get some action shots of you shooting your bow or you shooting at the the the animal that youre shooting at if youre going to try and self film which thats, what i do, the only difference is is if you were to put like this Kind of mount or you get like a swivel kind of type mount the one im about to use on the tripod at the moment. Um you can actually, when you mount them up there, it makes it easier.

So then you can actually tilt it down. So you can see directly down down down and in line with your arrow. So when the people watching the video they can actually see where the arrow is going kind of thing, so they also use the arrow as a reference to what youre pointing at now. The only difference is with the 2.1 lets. Put this: stick it on me just for demonstrational purposes, and that is so thats on there. As you can see, thats an 8 inch stabilizer its quite large. So then, once you grab this mount, you stick it on. However, you may want please, and once you put the mount on youve got excess weight on the frontal bow, so obviously theres no phone in there at the moment. But as you can imagine you put your phone on there thats going to make your front of your bow a bit more front heavy. Obviously, because ive got an 8 inch long stabilizer! If you have the shorter stabilizer thats all right, because, as you can tell thats how much bigger the shorter stabilizer sticks out its like a four inch, one im pretty sure four inch, stabilizer so but yeah so thats. The setup i use and a little bit of a review on the cupid smartphone bow mount.