So this right here is a phone that weve been waiting quite a while for last year. You might remember, google didnt really make any updates to their smartphone, and in previous years there might have been some great software optimizations and a few hardware optimizations here and there, but in every aspect this year i feel like theyve, really made a mark here with a True flagship smartphone that has all the great features amazing camera a new chip that is made by google, that is super powerful and also beautiful hardware to go along with it that youve probably been seeing floating around the internet for many months now, and, to be quite Honest, i actually really like this gray color and i think in general, this phone looks pretty awesome, so were gon na go over all the features of the display, the performance and the new chip that is made by google, the camera technology all around and just the General experience of googles latest flagship for 2021.. I think the general idea here, though, is that google has kind of made its return. All these other manufacturers are launching multiple phones a year with each one kind of being a new flagship to the point where its almost overwhelming, and that has kind of been the main reason why i havent reviewed many phones on the channel, because im bored and at The same time, there is just too many, and some of them try to focus on some weird and quirky features that might be of the future, whereas in this case google has made their mark by just making a truly great smartphone in every category Music so beginning With the design, this is probably the biggest area of difference, because it is completely different to what weve seen before and its made out of glass and aluminum, and i think it actually looks really really good, especially in the gray color.

Here it almost seems like a bit of a gradient from like the light gray over to the dark gray, and you have like kind of this patch in the middle, with all the cameras and instead of having like individual bumps that weve seen a lot of it Is just like a bit of like a band aid or a patch that just goes on the top, and the reason why i like this is that, even though it is something that sticks out quite a bit, if you have it leaning on like a table, for Example then, it doesnt like kind of wobble around all over the place, and if you choose to put it on like a table or something it has it at a very comfortable, like leaning angle, that i think makes a lot of sense. The only time where i would say that it is a bit of an issue is that, if youre holding your phone like this to take some photos, it might be a little bit hard to grip and also make it very easy to maybe smudge the lens or Cover it inadvertently, the edges are overall, very minimal, though, and i would say that this is probably one of my favorite designs of a smartphone this year, even though i do know there are some people out there who dont think it looks very good on the front Side, it is a 6.8 inch display which actually reminds me a lot of the galaxy note line, because you have the hole, punch, camera right here and the screen essentially covers the entire thing.

But you also do have a bit of a curve on each side as an iphone user who has kind of gotten used to the flat design over the past few years. Im personally, not a big fan of the curve, but i think for any smartphone. That is 6.8 inches. It is kind of okay and adds like the seamless feel, and i dont feel like this phone is like too big by any means, although it might seem like that on paper. So, generally speaking, when it comes to design, i think they done a good job overall here, but it will take some getting used to if you come from like a smaller phone and the fingerprint sensor is built into the display when it comes to the display, though This is kind of an area. Thats been a bit rocky for google in the past years, whether it was like the odd colors, the kind of weird tint. It has taken them a few more years to figure out than others, whereas other companies such as samsung have always been very well known for good displays on the pixel 6. Pro, though i would say, the display is excellent. It is a 3120×1440 display with an ltpo ammo, led technology. It supports hdr10. It has a 1 million to 1 contrast ratio and i would say that, in terms of the color representation, it gives you a very good balance of contrast, vibrance, while also giving you a very accurate color representation.

And i would say that that is always the most important thing when it comes to how i evaluate a smartphone display. Samsung has always been known to have like the very vibrant and punchy color, but you do have the option to kind of dial that back into more of a natural setting, and personally oneplus is one of my favorites in terms of displays on android smartphones, simply because It has that very good balance, while also looking very pleasant and sharp to the eye. The variable refresh rate of 10 to 120 hertz is also very noticeable in the general interface and android experience. Stock android is always felt very fast and as someone who always turns the animations down to 0.5, this is now like a true experience where you just feel like youre really gliding around the interface nicely. The 120 hertz variable refresh rate paired with like the stock android experience really does come together and i think overall, when it comes to display performance on the google pixel 6, they have nailed it. But if it was to have a couple complaints to do with the display its the fact that im, not a huge fan of like the curved edge on these screens and the fingerprint sensor that is built into the screen, could definitely use a bit of improvement. Considering it is kind of like the primary biometric option, and i would have liked to have seen like a fingerprint sensor that is built into like the sleep wake button.

If the fingerprint sensor in the display is just not the best, if you went ahead and picked up a google pixel, 6 or pixel 6 pro, though one thing youre going to notice, is that it doesnt come with a power brick and the fact that it can Support fast charging is one that you definitely want to go ahead and take advantage of, so i want to give a huge thanks to the sponsor of this video spigen and their power bricks. So this right here in front of me, is the spigen power arc. Arcstation pro 30 watt, gallium nitrate usb type c charger, and this gives you the maximum charging speed to the google pixel 6 pro giving you that 50 charge in just 30 minutes. Not only does this charger, let you take advantage of that fast charging on the pixel 6 pro, but it is also safe and compact. The gallium nitrate technology allows the charger to operate. Cooler faster deliver that 30 watts of power and is also more compact in its overall form factor. On top of that, no matter what device youre, using the quantum boost, also automatically detects the product and provides an optimized maximum power and the intelligent power diffusion gives you fast charging through one port, which is typically the same amount of output that you get from two Ports, lastly, the power quality technology also minimizes ripple noise providing a stable maximum current, while the intelligent safety with overheat protection protects safety issues from using chargers to ensure your device doesnt get damaged.

If you just got the google pixel 6 pro. This is definitely a charging brick that you should pick up as well. So if you guys want to go and check out the speaking products for yourself im going to drop a link down below and a huge thanks to them once again for sponsoring this video Music. Aside from like the camera and the design, i would say one of the biggest topics of this new google pixel 6 is the tensor chip that is built by google. Nowadays, companies are seemingly starting to make their chips more often, and that has been the big talk on the apple side and in this case the 5 nanometer tensor chip allows google to focus a lot more on, like the machine learning and the ai, which has really Powered the pixel system over the years, if you guys, are pixel fans from way back in the day. You might know that google pixels never had the best specs or the best hardware, but they had like a very well optimized experience that made the phone very very fast, and even when it came to camera technology, the past few pixels didnt have any changes in the Hardware, but instead really focused on software optimization and the machine learning aspects to give you the best image possible, and that was definitely the case with the tensor chips, though, the performance has been really really good. The interface just really glides throughout whether youre gaming or doing like any photo editing, which is usually where i find smartphone chips, do kind of start to struggle.

And i see the display dim the phone get a little bit hot but in this case the tensor chips. On paper is supposed to perform close to the snapdragon triple eight, but at the end of the day, it really does come down to real world experience and the two areas that youre gon na notice the biggest difference when it comes to first party chip, its just Going to be the general optimization, the efficiency and also the battery life at the end of the day, the 12 gigs of ram that you get with the pixel 6 pro paired with the 5 nanometer tensor chip really does deliver that top performance of a flagship smartphone. With the stock android software experience, that is optimized with googles own tensile chip and 12 gigs of ram that ships with the google pixel 6 pro. This really does come together to give you that true flagship performance and experience, no matter what you throw at it Music. On the camera side of things, though, this is another area where its been a little bit turbulent for google over the years as theyve kind of changed their approach in the pixel lineup. You may remember way back in the day the camera technology in google pixels were never known as the best it was more so focused on the optimized software experience, but also for a few years, google held the rain for one of the best overall smartphone cameras when It comes to everyday photos, portrait mode and also in night imagery and that all really came down to the software and optimization technology that google put a lot of work into, and rightly so.

The images that came out of google smartphones were incredible, but there wasnt, really any major hardware focus over the past few years. It was really focused on the software side of things and that also led the industry as a whole to really push that direction. At the end of the day, apple on paper has never really led in that category, but with that software focus has once again proven that you dont always need the best hardware and has made the iphone, perhaps one of the best cameras on the market today, on Paper, the google pixel 6 pro has a 50 megapixel f, 1.85 wide angle, camera that lets in 150, more light compared to the google pixel 5 and on the ultrawide camera. You have a 12 megapixel, f, 2.2 and also a 48 megapixel f, 3.5 telephoto lens with 4x optical zoom. That uses like a periscope setup to give you great zoom photos taking a look at the images themselves. I was definitely impressed. The images in broad daylight are obviously very good and with most flagship smartphones in the market today, that is obviously the case. Generally speaking, the characteristic that youre going to notice is that the colors are very vibrant. There is a good level of contrast, but at the same time the shadow detail is there and the noise is low. What i also like is the fact that theyve really focused on the telephoto camera. One of the biggest drawbacks of the iphone lineup right now is that they really havent paid attention to the telephoto camera in many years and in fact the telephoto camera on the iphone 13, i would argue, is worse than the one on the iphone 12.

. Some of my favorite features of smartphones that have been seen in chinese smartphones, such as the vivo, the oppo, and also in the huawei that we tested out about two years ago, is the periscope camera and the optical zoom. That is built in because it truly works. It is essentially a sensor that has a mirror that is going to give you like a telephoto lens setup, while also giving you a good level of resolution. So in some of these photos that i took many years ago in paris, for example, where i zoomed in from a very far distance its still some of my favorite smartphone photos that ive taken to date on the video side of things. This one is able to shoot up to 4k 60 and the stabilization is also another area that i found to be very good on the pixel 6 pro on the front there youre going to find an 11.1 megapixel sensor with an f 2.2 aperture and an ultra Wide 94 degree field of view Music. So, on the battery life side of things, the pixel 6 pro has a battery size of over 5000 milliamp hours, which is obviously a very large size and is essentially the same size as like a lot of external battery packs out there being a phone of this Actual like dimension, i definitely expect nothing less and paired with a five nanometer tensor chip. You expect the battery life on this phone to be very, very impressive.

At the same time, though, you also have to think about the 5g, the 120hz display, that is adaptive, but, generally speaking, i would say, battery life on these smartphones have really improved over the years. This right here is able to get an entire day of heavy usage, and in some cases you can even get into the second day, if youre more of like a light to moderate user. In the past years, weve talked about how like battery technology is like the only area that hasnt seen like a groundbreaking change over the years, and that is kind of still the case. Its the same technology, maybe larger milliamp hours, but with chipset technology becoming more efficient and with ltpo displays, and also the fact that in general phones have better software optimization of knowing when to use the power. I think that paired with fast charging technology fixes the problem that we have maybe complained about even two years ago on the fast charging side of things. This one is able to charge 50 in just 30 minutes using a 30 watt charger which, by the way is not included. It also does support fast wireless charging at 23 watts, and it does also have reverse wireless charging, which is nice. So, at the end of the day, is the pixel 6 pro worth it at the price of 8.99, and should you get it over the google pixel 6 that comes in at a price of 5.

99 and for any smartphone buyer? I feel like that is like a pretty significant price difference, but there are a few areas to really look into. I think the biggest consensus here is that i think the 900 price point of this google pixel 6 pro for what it is able to offer compared to smartphones that are in the 1000 and up range is a really good deal. So if you look at it from that market, it really does make sense to go ahead and get the google pixel 6 pro. But the fact that the google pixel 6 is a very good value at the same time with the tensor chip, a really good battery life still, and also like pretty good camera technology, but with lower resolution display that still gives you 90 hertz. If youre kind of looking for like a mid range smartphone, the google pixel 6 is great in of its own. But i feel like that. Doesnt really make sense to compare directly to the pixel 6 pro, because it is essentially google trying to compete against two different markets, as opposed to competing within itself, youre also missing a telephoto lens, but at the same time there are some areas of the pixel 6 That might make it a better option than the pixel 6 pro, including the size of 6.4 inches and not having any curved edges on the display. Some people just prefer that, based on personal preference and dont really need some of the extra bells and whistles that you get on the pixel 6 pro.

But at the end of the day, because this is a review of the pixel 6 pro ive got to say it is one of the most impressive overall smartphones on the market. Today, that competes in the flagship class and if i was to switch over to android, i think this would be the phone that i would personally choose.