My first smartphone was the galaxy s2 from samsung and i have to say, theyve come a long way. Since then, ive worked with the galaxy s4 s5 and all of the iterations in between. I personally made the jump into the google product line, starting with the nexus 6p. The nexus 6p was a fairly large phone, more of a phablet than a phone really, and it had one of the largest screens ever to be produced on a pure google phone. Now the nexus 6p was actually designed by google but built by motorola, and so the nexus 6p was my first foray into a giant smartphone. The pixel 2 xl has been my personal phone for about four years now, and it was a great phone it ran well. There were a few little things with it. Like the glass on the screen was a little too soft and scratched very easily, so you had to get a screen protector or you were going to have a bad time, but the pixel 2 xl, even today by all standards, is still a phenomenal smartphone. It really begs the question: why upgrade it all? Well, the battery in these phones dont tend to last more than two or three years, and you can replace the battery if you want to, but theyre, not really designed for that, so the pixel 2 xl its time to retire and get into the pixel 6 pro. So what im going to do is open up the pixel 6 pro get it powered up and started and well compare it against the pixel 2 xl pixel 3, and some of the other predecessors to see is the pixel 6 pro worth upgrading to for your new Phone, so the pixel 6 pro is a bit of a departure for google on including chargers.

So in the box, youll literally just have the google pixel 6 pro and youve got a charging. Cable youve got a usb a to c adapter and youve got a little bit of a manual and, of course, a sim card installation and removal tool. Nothing really spectacular in the box very light on packaging and packaging materials. I do like that. It comes with a cord i actually dont, like that. It doesnt come with the charger, but i have so many chargers now that it just makes sense so lets take a look at the google 6 pro, so it comes with a little film screen protector on there. For shipping, so that is the pixel 6 pro for comparison here is the pixel 2 xl and for comparison here is the pixel 3.. So ultimately, the pixel 6 pro is a little bit larger than its predecessors, the pixel 3, the pixel 2 xl. Ultimately, the nexus 6p is actually quite a bit larger, its quite a bit wider than the current offerings, and i actually like the slimmer offering over the wider offering, even though you do get more screen real estate on something like a nexus 6p. The phone was actually a little bit awkward to hold so holding the phone using the phone. It was really like a stretch for your thumb to get to some of the other areas on the screen and and thats. For someone like me, who has relatively large hands in comparison to the phones, so when i look at the pixel 2 xl and i compare it against the pixel 6 pro theres, far more usable screen space on the pixel 6 pro the pixel 6 pro has the Familiar power, button and volume up and down buttons in pretty much the same location as prior generations, the backing of the pixel 6 pro, instead of being more of a matte finish like the pixel 2 xl is more of a more of a shiny gloss finish.

These are quite sensitive to breakage. If you drop them so we will be using the pixel 6 pro official case to keep that safe. So, on the back of the pixel 6, pro youve got multiple cameras and theyve made quite a generational improvement in the cameras for this phone, the google six pro being hailed as having some of the best cameras of any current modern smartphone, so well power. These up and see how they actually compare phone to phone and lets be honest. Phones are getting so powerful nowadays that theres not a lot of reason for the average person to have the latest and greatest phone all the time. But if you are going to get a phone, the pixel 6 pro is going to be a good choice, all right so well power up the pixel 6 pro and the pixel 2 xl. Now the pixel 6 pro is currently running. Android 12. so ill go ahead and get the phone set up off screen and get my sim card transitioned over and then im going to try it out for a couple of days. Putting in the new sim card is pretty easy. You just use the sim removal tool, poke it in a little side, hole, remove the sim tray and once youve got that out. You just have to install the new sim and youre pretty much ready to go. It takes a little bit of time to get the phone ready.

I found it took several minutes for the phone to kind of boot up and get things moving. Copying over your data is really easy. You just have to connect the usb cable to your old phone and your new phone itll prompt you for what you want to carry over. You can very easily copy over your apps, your programs, your photos and then youre, not really at risk of losing anything that you may have left on your old phone, the fingerprint reader for the google six pro is now underneath the screen so, instead of having it Behind your phone, youll have to use it from the front, and this is especially important if youre going to be using a screen protector, because you want to make sure you get a screen protector that wont hinder. Reading your fingerprint from underneath the screen. Certain tempered, glass and certain films will make the fingerprint reader not work nearly as well or not work at all for the screen protector. I decided on this screen protector from lk, which was available from amazon and im pretty happy with how it turned out installation steps. Are pretty straight forward? You wipe it down with an alcohol swab. You then dry it with the provided microfiber cloth, theres, a small alignment, adapter thats, pretty easy to install in the usbc plug that allows you to actually align the screen protector quite nicely for ease of installation following the instructions theres a couple of tabs that you need To peel off and you peel off the center tab, first align it with the alignment tool, and then you basically are doing kind of a three step process where youll be applying uh each side individually using the little um spreader that they have now.

Everything that you need comes with this kit, so the spreaders included, the cleaners included the microfiber towels included. Everything that you need is included to install and the kit comes with two. So if you dont get it right, the first time you can try it again or if you do decide that you know the one that you have is getting old. You can replace it. So you essentially just peel back the tabs in the order that they specify and youll see it kind of separates from the film and then its really easy to just use the spreader to kind of smooth it out and apply it in a nice even fashion. All the way across – and this will prevent air bubbles from forming make sure that you get a good spread when using the spreader tool just to ensure that all those air bubbles are gone and then you essentially just repeat it on the other side. Alright, so youll see the same thing on the other side, youre just going to peel it back until it separates from the film. I use just a little bit of a canned air just to kind of clean it off to ensure no dust gets between the film and the screen, and then you just again kind of spread it out. It spreads really easily. This is probably the easiest film that ive ever applied on a phone ive always used screen protectors on all of my phones, and this one was pretty much a breeze to install theres a lot of instructions.

But if you follow the instructions, its really really easy to install it, no fuss, no muss and with the alignment tool it makes it really easy to get it right. The first time. The last step is to smooth the edges out with your fingers and youre not going to get a perfect adherence to the screen, while the back film is still on, but i found that as soon as you peeled off the back film, everything adhered to the screen. Quite nicely so make sure that its nice and secure all the way around and then you just simply peel off the last piece and voila. You get a really nice finish and you can work out a couple of little bubbles. I had a couple small, really tiny bubbles around the edges, uh a couple in the middle, and i just kind of worked them out um. If youre very patient and you slowly work them out dont apply too much pressure. You can basically work out all the bubbles. The end result was no bubbles after the first time applying it. The nice thing is that this kit actually came with two protectors for your lenses as well. The there werent any instructions for how to install it, but its pretty straightforward. The little teardrop in the hole just kind of goes over. The flash and youll see theres a little lens or a sensor that needs to be uncovered. So the back panel just protects the lenses and again the kit comes with two of these.

So if you break one or wreck one, you can simply just install the second one and thatll keep your lenses from scratching and allow you to take photos in the best quality. Once the protectors are applied. You can put the pixel 6 pro in your case of choice and i highly recommend using a case for this phone. If youre going to spend any kind of large sum of money on a smartphone, you really need to invest in protecting the screen and protecting the phone itself. These phones can be really sensitive if theyre dropped and it doesnt take much to break your thousand dollar phone. Now, for screen clarity, im doing a side by side with the pixel 2 xl, you can see right away. The pixel 6 pro on the left side has really vivid colors, really sharp image im filming this on a 4k camera. So you can really see the difference between the pixel 2 xl and the pixel 6 pro. The clarity of the display is like night and day between the two, and this is kind of what youd expect moving from an old generation phone to new generation phone. You can especially see in this scene just how washed out and dim the colors were on the pixel 2 xl compared to the pixel 6 pro. So this is a top notch display that honestly looks like youre watching a 4k television in your hands. So when it comes to the display, the pixel 6 pro does not disappoint.

This phone has an amazing display. The brightness is great. The colors are great one of the things that really bothered me with the pixel 2 xl was that the black pixels would kind of like fade and ghost, and have ghost trails when youre scrolling through websites on your darker phone. That problem seems to be completely limited with the pixel 6 pro the pixel 6 pro looks great, its a nice light phone, its lightweight its, not too heavy, and it looks great with a simple case and a screen cover. This phone is beautiful. So after two full days of use with the google pixel 6 pro, i have to say im really impressed with this phone and, of course, moving from a generation from four years ago, from the pixel 2 xl to the pixel 6. Pro is quite a huge gap. That being said, my first impressions of the google six pro was that it was fast, responsive, very easy to use and, aside from some really weird quirks with android 12 about how to control the operating system, things like getting rid of the button to go back or View all your open apps have changed to like swipes from the side and from the bottom, so thats a little bit confusing at the beginning, but once you get used to it its not so bad. So lets talk about a couple of things that i look for when im looking at my smartphones. One is battery life and i can say that right now, im sitting at 13 and thats after two full days of usage of the google pixel 6 pro one of the things i first noticed when i plugged it in to charge it.

The very first time was that it had an adaptive charging setting, so my alarm was set for first thing in the morning and after i plugged into charge it said it was adaptive charging and said that it would be fully charged by the time i got up In the morning, i thought that was pretty cool, because rapid charging your battery can actually diminish the life, cause it to heat up more and cause a little bit of degradation in the lithium ion batteries. So thats a nice little touch so that it only charges as rapidly as it needs to especially overnight. The second thing that i really wanted to do a comparison on was the video quality, so the video im showing you now is a video that was shot at 4k using a canon, xa 50 camcorder, and you have to remember that the canon x850 is purpose built As a camcorder with a one inch cmos sensor in order to properly film things like documentaries and and film grade and film quality productions, i then filmed a similar thing using the 4k 30 frames per second settings on the pixel 6 pro and one of the things That you can see when you do a by side comparison. The canon xa 50 purpose built camcorder on the left and the pixel 6 pro on the right. You can see that the stability control, the colors everythings, really vivid the stability control is great and really im.

Filming an action shot here and it looks phenomenal for the fact that its shot on a smartphone. The next thing that i wanted to look at was taking a standard photo using the pixel 2 xl, the phone im coming from to the pixel 6 pro and on the left. We have the photo taken by the pixel 2 xl on the right. We have the photo taken by the pixel 6 pro to the naked eye. Theres, not really much of a difference and, to be honest, you cant really see much of a difference, but the reality is the quality of these photos, especially on the pixel 6. Pro is really really good and lets face it. Things are getting to the point now where the photo quality is about as good as its going to get short of having larger sensors and more pixels to work with. So, as far as taking photos on the go with your smartphone, the pixel 6 pro is about as good as it gets. A lot of people that have done direct comparisons to the new iphones actually prefer to google pixel 6 pro camera. The only camera that seems to really rank higher as far as smartphones go is the samsung galaxy s 21, with its 108 megapixel camera. I put the phone through fairly heavy usage over the last two days, and the batteries lasted almost a full two days. At this point, i think most power users are going to want to charge it at least daily still, which is pretty on par with most smartphones, and even though its got just over 5000 milliamp hour battery.

The phone does seem to be pretty power hungry and i think it really depends if youre watching youtube or tiktok or doing any productivity tasks on your phone playing games. Thats really going to diminish your battery life overall, so whats my verdict, the google pixel 6 pro is a phenomenal smartphone and rightfully so its googles flagship phone. After all. Personally, if i have to do direct comparison to the pixel 2 xl that im coming from theres, not a lot of differences, the phone feels about the same. It may be a little bit lighter, but ultimately its the same experience. The only thing that i really prefer about the pixel phones is the pure google experience. Ive never been a fan of what samsung does with bloatware and their own kind of interface that they add to android. I like the pure google phones. The reason being is that i get immediate updates from google immediate security updates from google, and i get to try the new oss for about three years before google sets the phone hardware as end of life for support and for most smartphones. Three years is enough, and again i got almost four years out of my previous pixel 2 xl, so the pixel 6 pro gets my recommendation as the android phone that you should be buying if youre looking at getting one yeah its a little more expensive. But this phone shoots professional grade 4k 30fps video with great stability.

It takes amazing photos. The battery life is fantastic and, to be honest, as far as smartphones go, i dont think it gets much better than the google six pro. So the google six pro gets.