This is what the case looks like here and we have got scratch resistant shell impact, cushion technology, great compatibility and quality service and thats, basically on the box, so lets check it out and yeah package this so inside you get a wipe and a clot which is Really cool so heres the case here, its got soft sides which is tpu and its got a harder back on it. There youve got your button here: youve got bumpers on the corners there, extra protection and thats, basically its a clear case, so its going to pop it straight into the phone and there we have it there. So you can see you can see through your device. Even on the rails on the side and youve got a lanyard hole there. If need be, youve got your keys here and youve got the sync wire brandon on the side here and up front. Then youve got your camera area which, as you can see, is nice and protected and youll be safe from home there on the bottom, youve got your parts all accessible, no problems there up on top and you can see in the front. Then there is a lip going around the entire phone, so that is nice to see and lets check the keys, so theres a volume case walking there on and off no problems at all. So all works really well, so this is going to give you extra grip. As well, which is really nice, and it feels really comfortable in hand and a lot more story to hold than the iphone on its own and if youre, one of those that likes to see the true color of your phone, this is the case to check out You can even see the side rails, nice and clearly true there, which is nice.

I tend to like having a case on my phone going out, but for my home ill take the case off and thats really about it, but thats. Just how this case looks. It is a bit of a fingerprint magnet, so look phones are two, and this has got anti yellowing technology as well so thats. What i look like in there if youre, looking to pick her up in the flesh, how your phones going to look, looks really well. The front of the phone is protected, so you put it face down, or indeed you put the phone down like so up to yourself. Whatever way you want to take it so thats, basically its a nice sturdy case and check it out if its a case that youd like to see the natural corner of your voice. This is one to certainly look at and thats it for now and thanks to sync were sending this over and thats. Basically what youre going to be getting. You know it looks really well, as you can see, you can see all the rails top sides bottom everywhere. Really nice job. Indeed, and again, you have protection on the front with a lip going around the front of the device and thats really about it. So, thank you, stay tuned for more on and see in the next video and thanks for watching and lots more cases coming for your iphone, 13 and pixel 6 so be sure to stay tuned.

For that see in the next video, and just before i got one more point: it works with wireless charging, so just to make sure our charger is on again, you pop it on there and you can see its where he charges no problem, thats it for now.