What we got here is another unboxing video got something new for adding to our youtube tool: uh our youtube tool bag. Here we got that dji, om5, dji, om5, smartphone stabilizer about to do an unboxing here and let yall see whats up. This does help improve my channel yall. Let me know drop me down in the comments. Let me know if the phone is more stable. Most of the time i have a gopro hero9 or i got uh iphone 12 pro max, and i figured that this would help me uh when im out of car shows and stuff to be able to uh, take better quality uh. As far as stabilization for the uh iphone, so were gon na check it out yall. Let me know if yall tried this product, this dji om5, if you have drop it in the comments, lets go ahead and unbox all right lets go ahead and get this unboxed real, quick all right lets get it lets, get it im assuming it opens this way. I dont know nope we on the side right here. Yall can tell ive never opened this one before all right. Here we go thats whats inside the box, max uh whats, it say master every shot and you see it just came out on me there. It is check it out. Its pretty dope feels nice and heavy. You dont feel cheap at all. Lets try to power it on and check it out.

All right now that we got it out, lets see whats on the inside of the contents of the box. Look like we got some more accessories to go to it. Look like the tripod accessory right here. We got the magnet. That goes, i think, on the phone itself, it looks like we got some charging cord and we got a hand strap. So let me check it out, get it all put together real quick gang and uh ill get back with you all right, gang yall see what time it is. I got that dj. I hooked up man, i got it hooked up. Man i got it hooked up. Came with a little carrying bag and everything man so so far i dont put it on the phone and i tested it out. Ive got to learn. You know how to get it to do, what its supposed to do, but uh so far so good. It was not that bad, not that hard to hook up, i had to download the app the app immediately connected to my phone and uh im gon na. Take it and try to take it to the car, shows and make some better quality videos with the iphone uh 12 pro max 12 pro max. This is the latest model. This is the 5., so just to give you a little look at what it is on. The latest model its got that on there on the inside um, and this is the telescopic one, so it does pull out and it extends a little bit.

Let me pull it out and show yall real, quick all right. So here it is extended there. It is extended, so take a look at it. Whats up whats up youtube, so yeah. I highly recommend the dji om5 uh. If you need a new gimbal um, you know its its very, very, very good uh. So far, ive been uh just practicing with it. Trying to get it to you know, dysfunction or do something wrong at this moment, but right now its doing exactly what it needs to do and uh ill continue to review it. If it gives me any issues, but right now to me its a perfect device compared to what i was used to, which is the regular, you know, uh basic, just your basic type tripods and you know selfie, sticks or whatever, like that so uh right now, im Very very satisfied with it. I love all the features. I love how its you know its its got that face track where it follows you, you know so right now its a perfect device. So i think its going to help me take my video recording for the iphone 12 pro max to the next level. Im sure. If you had a 13 or whatever kind of device you have android device, it would be fine for you, so the dji, om5 Music even came with the carrying case and all um. I think its going to help me with my youtube channel so yall.

Let me know if uh i will drop in the in the video. Let you know it is an iphone video and yall. Just let me know if its, if its a lot more stable, if it looks good uh but right now, this is what were gon na. Go with until something else comes out, you know uh, but this is what were gon na go with right now. So i appreciate yall uh checking out this video and ill continue to review this dji om5 gimbal as uh time goes on and im getting more use out of it appreciate yall like share, comment and subscribe and make sure you hit that notification bell: Music, hey! Oh Music, get to like share comment and subscribe and go to www.kentiancustoms.com and pick you up all this fire ass, merch, prussia, all 21.