The TECNO Pova 2 is packing a 7 000 milliamp battery, which is just crazy. I mean this smartphone has the best battery life i have ever experienced on any smartphone thats. The main feature of this smartphone, but what about the other features of the TECNO Pova 2? Is it worth buying? Well were going to find out in this video? The techno cover 2 comes in three colors: polar silver, energy, blue and dazzle black opening the box. It comes with a warranty card, a sim ejector to a tpu case, earphones, usb type c cable and an 18 watts fast charger for the charging time. It took two hours 47 minutes to charge a 7 000 per battery from zero to one hundred percent, which is not bad and for how long the battery will last well more than that. When we get to the battery section of this video now for the build quality, the techno poverty has a plastic rear end frame. As for the front, you need to be careful because it doesnt have any form of protection for the weight of the techno forward. 2. Well, its on the heavy side, it weighs 230 grams and thats because of the size of the battery that its packing. Now the techno prover 2 doesnt have an ip rating. So if youre thinking of dropping it inside water, you need to be careful and also you need to know the nearest car care center around you.

Please do not try this at home now for the external features of the TECNO Pova 2. Well, it has dual nano sim card and memory card tray on the left side at the top. There is what there is nothing on. The right side is where the volume buttons and power slash. Fingerprint scanner are located by the way the fingerprint scanner is fast. This smartphone also has the face unlock feature and its equally fast now moving to the bottom. It has a 3.5 mm audio jack, usb type c port and a microphone for this speaker well, im, sorry to let you guys know the techno. Poverty only has one speaker and its located at the front of the smartphone at the position that is located its hard to block the speaker. As for the sound quality, well, its just all right, i actually wish it came with dual zero speakers on the front. It has an eight megapixel front facing camera and an led flashlight now switching to the rear of this smartphone. It has four cameras, but only two are usable and thats, the 48 megapixel main camera and the two megapixel micro camera. The two other cameras are just there to do. Woo. Oh you see this guy see this guy number one guy, but i mean weve come to the age where the number of cameras on your smartphone doesnt, really matter. Techno shooters are just giving us two cameras. The camera isnt one of the strong suits of the techno prover 2, but for the price of the smartphone, the display is, if you love smartphones, with big displays, you will love the TECNO Pova 2.

. It comes with a 6.9 inch ips lcd display with a resolution of 1080 by 2460 pixels. The display has a 60 hex refresh rate and a 180 heads taut sampling rate for the brightness. I got a reading of ‘6 nits, which is okay for use under direct sunlight now for consuming content on youtube or netflix. The sheer size of the display is going to blow you away. I mean youre going to have a swell time consuming content on the 1080p display for those that care the display doesnt support, hdr 10, but its a very good ips lcd panel, as you can see now for performance. Well, the techno poverty comes with the mediatek helio g85 processor, its a 12 nanometer processor that its okay for gaming and its also okay for multitasking for the gpu. It comes with the money, g52 gpu and for the ram. Well, it has six gigabytes of ram and you cant expand it. Yes, the antutu and geekbench score and, of course, benchmark results wont show you how well a smartphone will perform when using it daily. But for my test, the TECNO Pova 2 held up just fine multitasking is decent with a 6 gigabyte of ram and, like i said again, the ram isnt expandable for gaming. Well, it played pop g on hd, graphics and high frame rates. The gameplay was smooth. I mean the size of the smartphone will come in handy for property players that use the claw method, switching to call of duty.

It played the game on medium, graphics and high frame rate, although the gameplay was smooth but call of duty players would not appreciate these settings for the operating system, while the TECNO Pova 2 is running android 11 with ios 7.6.0, which isnt the latest skin from techno. No word from techno: if this smartphone will get the android 12 updates for bloatwares. Well, i counted 17 of them. You can uninstall some of them, while the others will. You would have to just disable the app for ads. I didnt see any, although i got notifications from bloatware apps, but you can always disable them if you want to time to talk about the cameras. Well, the 8 megapixel front facing camera is just there to be honest when outdoors, the skin tone is good, but because its an 8 megapixel sensor it lacks details when you zoom in for social media, the front facing camera will do. Okay, you can check out my instagram handle if you want to see how it looks potter. Shots are all right on this smartphone and when taking pictures in those it messes up with the skin tone, whats up guys so right now, im using the front facing camera of the techno pop up ii do not mind the noise cosino bar water uh, no light. So yeah we just have to make our video anyways right now, shooting in 2k 30 frames per second and its not looking bad for an eight megapixel camera.

So what do you guys think about the video quality? Now the audio quality coming out from the TECNO Pova? 2, let me know in the comment section below and now this is video poker mode and its shooting this in 720p 35 per second, as you can see, the quality has dipped anyways. What do you guys think about the video and audio quality coming out from the technology using the video broker mode now, moving to the 48 megapixel rear camera? I like the pictures it captures portrait. Shots are also good im moving to the micro camera. Well, its just there night photos are also okay, so guys im using the red camera to shoot this video, its shooting in 2k 30 frames per second and uh. What do you guys think about the video and audio quality coming out from the techno cover 2 shooting in 2k 30 frames per second now for the battery? This 7000 milliamp battery should last two to three days easily with normal usage for the charging time. Well, it took two hours for several minutes for the battery to charge well for the battery drain test. I compared the techno prover to with the iphone 13 pro and that smartphone has a very good battery. I mean the techno power tool lasted for 12 hours, which is outright impressive. I made a dedicated video where i compared the battery of the techno poverty with the iphone 13 pro, and you can check out that video after watching this one now for the price.

Well, the TECNO Pova 2 is being sold for 105 000 naira and with that it comes with a large display, a 6.95 inch display, which is good for consuming content. I mean the front facing camera, wont, win any awards and for the rear, camera well, its on par with smartphones around its price range for performance. Well, its okay for a budget. Smartphone and multitasking is okay on this smartphone as well. Gaming isnt the best on the technology, especially for call of duty players, but overall, if you want a smartphone with the best battery life for budget smartphones, the techno prover 2 is a no brainer so guys. This is my review of the TECNO Pova. 2. Click on this video over here to watch the drain test between the iphone 13 pro and the techno prover 2. click on this icon over here to subscribe to my channel.