, A product that has the potential to change the industry, just as the introduction of color in 1916 or sound in 1927. Did. Wait a minute. You aint heard nothing yet.. They transformed forever the way, not just how people watched films at the time, but the entire industry.. Only time will tell this time around. But if I was Canon, Sony, Nikon or any other manufacturer of mirrorless or DSLR cameras, Id be looking at the iPhone 13 range and be very worried., Because this phone, and in particular the cameras inside with the new cinematic mode, could revolutionise the way. Films and content are filmed., Ok, so what all these things have in common? Can you guess These are things that have been cannibalised by the iPhone since it first came out in 2007., And there are probably way more than you can see in this list.. These are things that at some point were used in everyday life by pretty much everyone.. The iPhone has gradually disrupted ruthlessly obliterated or essentially killed off outright. So many things that we thought we couldnt imagine life without. And these things theyre gone now and if theyre not gone for good theyre, pretty much reduced to a footnote now.. There are things in this list that we still use today by nowhere near at the levels. We did 15 years ago. By simply creating a better and simpler product. Apple has shifted the interest into their platform and products. Theyve already destroyed the point and shoot camera market by a whopping 90 and now, with the iphone 13 range.

I think they are about to start taking on the mid to low end DSLR and mirrorless camera market., Because what the cameras in this phone can do in such a compact size honestly is amazing.. Youve probably heard a lot by now about the new cinematic mode, something weve been requesting apple for years.. They have now finally released it and even though its a first generation software, I can tell you, the results are really good. And if you stop and think about what its gon na be like in 3, 4 or 5 years time.. If I was a camera manufacturer today, Id be taking a seriously good look at what I can offer to compete against it, but not just today, but in 3 5 7 years time., Because cinematic mode with all its limitations as a first generation product. It actually gives you some pretty amazing results if you know what youre doing. Right. So this is what I need to carry with me to match what the iPhone 13 offers. Today., A camera body, a 16 35mm wide angle, zoom a mid range 24 70mm and I may as well throw in a 70 200mm zoom because the iPhone can zoom in to an equivalent of 234mm. Add to the mix, all the batteries, memories, cards, cables, accessories and A decent tripod – and you can clearly see why high end gear is not something the average person will carry or even want to carry around.

. It honestly is back breaking stuff.. You can now pretty much get all of this in just this compact size. And yes, up until now, you could totally argue that the images from an iPhone would look nothing like those that you can get from a camera with interchangeable lenses. The depth of field was simply too large and there was no way to match those amazing images with shallow depth of field or blur background., And the truth is You just couldnt argue with that. There was no way around it.. If you wanted that blurred background. Well, there was no other way you had to film with interchangeable lenses and all the shenanigans that go with it., But now there is the cinematic mode and although it still feels a bit far from cinematic, for instance, you cant shoot at 24 or 25 frames per. Second youre limited to just 30, which is not a frame rate. I would call cinematic the results you get for a first generation. Software are simply phenomenal. Its quite tough. At the beginning, I mean facing the crowd facing the people. You know exposing yourself. The public is a bit like errgghhhh… Eventually you slowly get confident talk to people, entertainment, so… Basically, you make them stop and enjoy the music, the play., But to be fair, you know what I do is playing every day, so I play at home. I said why not just go outside and play outside., Please are really humble, are really generous.

I am always quite surprised because it goes really well actually.. It makes me feel like good. You know You do something good for the people. People is like enjoying London.. I wont lie to you. The iPhone 13s cinematic mode is for all intended purposes, what Id call a first generation phone. And to be frank, and to save you hours of watching other reviews, if youre not into cameras, creating content or anything in which the new improved cameras in this phone can Be of any use to you, I dont think this is a phone worth upgrading to. If, for instance, you already have an iPhone 12. Trust me on this, youll be saving yourself, some money, the iPhone 12 range, are still brilliant phones, really fast, apps, open, quick and as a whole. A very reliable phone. Bottom line is other than a few tricks here and there. The iPhone 13 is all about the improved cameras. So if you are not too bothered by that stick to the 12, you wont be missing out on anything. And with that out of the way lets focus on what this review is all about. The 13 Pro Max cameras and, more specifically, the cinematic mode, because lets be honest here – this is what this phone is all about., I wont lie to you. The iPhone 13s cinematic mode is for all intended purposes. What Id call a first generation phone. And to be frank, and to save you hours of watching other reviews, if youre not into cameras, creating content or anything in which the new improved cameras in this phone can be of any use to you.

I dont think this is a phone worth upgrading to if, for instance, you already have an iPhone 12. Bottom line is other than a few tricks here and there. The iPhone 13 is all about the improved cameras. So if you are not that bothered by that stick to the 12, you wont be missing out on anything. And talking about the cameras lets be clear here. The telephoto lens is only useful in full bright daylight. Forget about using it in low light or indoors, where there isnt plenty of light. Its a great lens to have and in the right lighting conditions, gives you really nice images, but I cant see myself using it Very often because, in all fairness, its even worse than the telephoto in the 12 pro max., You do get cinematic mode in the telephoto and you can see the potential because it looks really good. But you wish it was of the same quality as the main wide. You would then really be able to use this lens. The ultra wide. On the other hand, you can tell right away: it is a much better lens than before. In the 12 pro max, it started to fall apart. The moment light was beginning to drop, even if just a little, but in the 13 pro max, essentially the ultra wide matches the quality of the main wide on the 12 pro max. So that is already a really big improvement and clearly noticeable.

. I genuinely love the quality of the ultra wide lens. And the fact that they have added a Macro feature to it. This is awesome because you can now literally get right up close to anything and get some pretty cool shots.. Now you might not do much macro. Recording, but this is really cool if you do reveal shots where you move the camera from behind something to reveal a location for instance., The phone now can focus on the wall or whatever you are behind and then, as you move to reveal, the focus will shift To the location or whatever it is that you want to end the shot. With. Do not underestimate how cool this is, and also how difficult it is to get right, even with the best gear and lenses.. The fact that the phone can do this pretty much automatically without you having to do anything is brilliant.. The main wide lens is still is by far the best lens in the phone, and it has been improved massively from the main wide on the 12 pro max.. This is a really good lens and youre, probably gon na do most of the filming on it., Even in low light, you get brilliant images and honestly it holds up really well., And there is one thing that I really like is that for the first time you Can easily add or edit metadata to the clip when you press the info icon, when you playback the recorded video.

, This lens is phenomenal. I am always amazed at how much the iPhone can capture in such a tiny lens.. It really is incredible., Although you still have the annoying lens flaring, especially obvious at night or when there are loads of lights, around., Its so freaking annoying – and I really hope Apple can address this issue when they release the iPhone 14.. But the main thing thats got everyone raving about is the cinematic mode, and let me tell you its not perfect, and there is still a lot of room for improvement, but for a first generation wow. If you know what youre doing you can get some really cool. Results. My advice to get the best results is to stay away from f2.8, set it to f8 or 9.. You could go a little lower up to 6.3 or 7, but anything lower than that, and you can clearly see the limitations. Cinematic mode is not quite there. Yet. Still, I never quite understood why, suddenly, everyone is using fully open apertures with lenses.. Nobody in the film industry does that.. If you get a lens that is lets, say T1.3 or 1.2. You probably want to film at T2 or 2.8.. If you go back to actual films, youll notice that you hardly ever see the totally out of focus backgrounds that people on YouTube seem to favour.. But the coolest thing about the cinematic mode. Is that, even if you get it wrong on camera – and you probably will, as the iPhone seems to favour f2.

8 as the default f stop, you can easily change this later when you playback. – And this is soooooo amazing trust me – this is really helpful. – I mean it. Can be a pain if you want to go through all the shots, but to have the ability to go later and choose where you want the focus to be, and not just that, but to be able to change to f stop as well. Man. This is some seriously good stuff.. You can even do focus pulling after you shot the clip, which is mad, if you think about it. And its so easy to do as well. You just tap on the screen and youll see it happen right in front of your eyes.. Honestly, this is mind blowing and the quality is really good as well To have this level of control once youve finished filming were not used to this and its definitely gon na change. The way people film edit and process their clips.. I am totally blow away by this.. It makes it almost impossible to get it wrong. Even better. You can now easily focus track a persons face something that, before it was impossible to do and its a feature that you could only get in expensive, mirrorless cameras., You just tap on the persons face and thats that the iPhone will keep that persons face, always in Focus., This is a mega improvement and one that no one expected.. I can already see the iPhone 14 next year, allowing this feature and cinematic mode with all three cameras at 4K and at 24, 25 and 60 frames per second, rather than just the 30 at 1080P.

That they 13 is locked at., But you know what I kinda like it on 1080P, because the footage is still sharp, but it doesnt have that ultra sharpened. Look that you get from the 4K cameras, which is such a giveaway look., The cinematic mode on 1080P sort of softens the image a bit and to me it actually looks more pleasant to look at.. The other incredible feature that makes this phone so unique is that for the first time you can record on prores. – And this is a game changer, because not only the footage looks much better with a lot less compression, but the files are so much easier to edit.. Now Id recommend that you shoot on prores LT rather than the HQ.. The difference in quality is negligent, but the file sizes are way smaller and given the fact, the data port is still the USB2 lightning port Id stay away from prores HQ.. Unless, obviously, you are happy to wait for several hours for the footage to download or youre doing some sort of green screen or similar, where you really need as much detail as possible., But the fact that you can record on a professional codec on this phone. I dont think people realise how incredible this is.. This is a better codec than some mirrorless cameras record on., And this is a codec that cameras like the Sony, A7S3, the Alpha 1 or the FX3 record on. So that gives you an idea.

, Even the real pro cameras like the Arri Alexas record on prores and before you say, come on mate youre, comparing apples and bananas. Here I am just trying to give you some perspective on how much better these cameras and lenses are compared to anything. Weve seen before. Im not suggesting here that the iPhone 13 is better than cameras and lenses worth hundreds of thousands. Far from it. Those cameras and lenses cost what they cost for a reason they are amazing., But they cost a tonne of money.. When you look at the size and weight of those cameras – and you look at this well, you can clearly see why I said that this phone is going to be historic. Because lets face it. If you have the option to either carry a fully loaded camera bag or a phone in your pocket, what would you really take? What Apple is doing is lowering the entry bar for anyone who wants to create amazing looking footage without having to use the expensive stuff.. Now does footage from an A7S3 or FX3, with proper lenses look better than the iPhone. Of course it does come on. Lets be honest here. The iPhone is not quite there yet by a stretch., But given what apple is giving you today with this first generation phone, will you say the same in 2, 3 or 4 years time? What is so special about Cut Grind. Well funny enough right. How about I read you, something that I got first thing: this morning.

Hands down the best haircut you can get in London plus great look and vibe in the shop. Hows that First thing in the morning: 5 stars.. I guess that says it all. No Great atmosphere! Great vibe, best haircut in London, say no more, let the clients talk.. You havent, seen this right, A secret door to where the fun happens downstairs. This is for VIPs only., Its called the white room right, Thats whats behind the secret door., See No ordinary barbershop. And lets not forget to mention the stabilization., Its pretty phenomenal.. I have genuinely been impressed by it.. You still need a gimbal. If you want to do certain shots, but for walking, if you do it slowly, the results are very good. In cinematic mode. The processing itself is done after youve stopped recording and you might its a bit wobbly when youre recording. But then you play it back and it is super smooth.. I am well impressed by this. For shots like going from the ground up and complex shots. You still need a gimbal, but holy cow for a lot of shots. Youd never thought it was shot handheld.. So can this camera be your main camera on a professional job? Hell no. Well depends on the budget and the clients expectations really., But could it be your B camera absolutely. For youtube? Is it good enough Id say yes without a hesitation.? Let me remind you of a film called 28 days, later.

A film that was shot back in 2002 on a MiniDV camera and film lenses.. That camera was standard definition not HD, and the film was so successful that it literally got the zombie genre off the gutter. Nearly two decades ago.. The thing is that once a viewer starts watching a video as long as it is well shot and he is engaged with the story, he wont tell the difference as to whether it was shot with a low end or high end camera and lenses.. If you grab your audience attention, nobody is gon na, be pixel peeping, your footage., And this is what this phone allows you to do.. It allows you to leave behind expensive and heavy equipment and literally run with a camera that fits in your pocket literally.. I cant stress enough how mind blowing this is. For the first time, you can be confident that you can shoot something as wide and flat as you want, with the brilliant 12mm ultra wide or as close and intimate as an 85mm cinema lens would look. And lets Not forget that you can use cinematic mode with the telephoto lens as well, and although it is the weakest lens of the lot – and you need a lot of light to use it, if you film outdoors in daylight, it does look good. its not as good as The main wide on the phone of course, but if you dont, go for the extreme f2.

8 and keep it around the f7 to 9 or less you can get very good results.. This phone is going to change the way people buy equipment., Maybe not now, but it will in a year two or three.. I can totally see a near future where someone starting out in the industry and wondering whether they should upgrade their gear and buy cameras and interchangeable lenses. They might just look at the iPhone and think well for now. This is good enough., And that is the scary part of all of this., Because this is just the start. This technology is going to get better and better every year, and now that Apple has taken the genie out of the bottle, they are gon na make sure that they put their RD into this and keep up the development because they know that the cameras are one Of the main drives for people upgrading their phones., I can totally see a future and not too far where many people just wont bother buying expensive heavier and yes, better lenses or cameras, because youll probably be able to do most of it in a device that fits In the palm of your hand., I mean think of cassette tapes and vinyl discs in the 80s and 90s.. When CDs came out, they were gone within 5 years, how it all went pop when the mp3 and the iPod came out and how eventually the iPhone and streaming killed off the iPod itself.

. When was the last time you bought a CD watched, a DVD, let alone buying a vinyl or a cassette Hell depending on how old you are. Do you even know what Im talking about This all happened so quickly, and I think it could well happen to mirrorless and DSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses.. I might be wrong and there will always be a market out there and I own a good few expensive canon lenses and cameras. So its not like I dont, stand to lose out. Its definitely interesting times, and anyone who creates content should be really happy that companies keep innovating and pushing the envelope. Apple is certainly a safe bet going into the future, and I cant wait to see what the Iphone 14 brings next year.. For now the 13 pro and pro max are amazing. Camera phones that I totally recommend and youll find a link below if you want to buy one.. If you already have a smartphone and wonder how creative you can get with it, I have a video appearing just about here that gives you 10 cool and unique shots using just a smartphone, a gimbal and a monopod. Its worth watching, and I am sure youll get Some inspiration. And with that being said, smash the like button.