This is eric from egotech. I know its been a while since my last video, but i hope this new one will make up for it guys. I got a message from blackvue asking me whether i wanted to review one of their new phones and, of course, who am i to refuse an offer like this. So, of course i said yes and it arrived on my table ready to be unboxed for you guys. So in this video im going to be unboxing, the blackvue osco c20 pro. So what are we waiting for guys lets? Get this unboxing going Music. So ive got my trusty pocket knife over here. Let me open up the box so based on their color scheme, theyre, calling this the airy blue color, and you can see the specs at the back. Its a budget phone, so youll know that the price is pretty low uh. This is going to be the first uh really budget phone that im going to be reviewing on the channel guys, and it does say its just signed in italy, so lets see how the phone looks. So, as your usual unboxing experience, uh lets open up lets. Take out the phone – and it looks like it already has the jelly case installed so thats pretty new first time im, seeing something like that, but lets set it aside for now lets see what else is in here. So youve got your manuals, click start guide, Music and youve got your, so the phone still uses a micro usb cable, so i was expecting it to be at least a usbc, but uh.

This is what it came with and, of course, youve got the charger which im seeing here. This is a six watt charger, so lets see how fast or how slow this six watt charger can charge up. The phone and doesnt seem to be anything else in the box guys. So there is no included. Headset lets. Take a look at the phone. Does it have a headphone jack uh? Yes, it does so. You can still plug in uh one of your headphone jacks lying around, and you can see here this dosko c20 pro. It has a six inch, hd plus water drop screen, two gb ram and 32 gig of storage thats, a pretty average 3280 mah battery and the camera system is 2 megapixels on the front or the selfie shooter, and an 8 megapixel rear, hey so lets remove this. I dont think thats supposed to happen, hang on guys, okay, so the removing the jelly case actually removed the back cover. So this is actually telling me that the phone has a removable battery. So in case you need to replace the battery, it should be pretty straightforward. So let me try to get this back case out of the jelly case. Hang on guys, so there you go guys. Actually the box indicated that this had a blue phone, but opening it up. It actually had the apple green color. So let me just connect the back case, and you know what this phone reminds me of.

Ive got an iphone 12 here and its pretty similar guys. This is actually just a bit bigger, but color wise is pretty close, and the camera system is also very similar to an iphone, so maybe theyre trying to get an iphone feel or iphone vibe on there. On this oscillo c20 pro now ive got the iphone 12 pro max here. This has a triple camera system similar to this, but from what i saw on the specs, this only has a single rear camera. So im not sure if any of these other cameras are working and as you can see there, its powered by android go edition. So the main difference between uh stock, android and android go is that with android go most of the app or the google services and apps installed on the phone is the light version, its basically built for low powered systems like this one? So looking at the phone doesnt seem to have any form of fingerprint scanner, so this tells me that youre, probably going to be using a pin or a password and most likely face recognition. So before i discuss the price on the phone, let me discuss a couple of the key specs. So, as i mentioned before at the beginning of the video, this phone has a 6 inch hd plus display with a resolution of 720 by 1560.. It does have a water drop display, but im noticing that the chin at the bottom and at the top is pretty thick uh.

I guess um, it is a budget phone for a reason. Cant really expect it to have very thin bezels and, of course, at this price point guys, i dont think there is any form of gorilla glass protection. So i recommend getting a temporary glass or a screen protector right away to protect the screen on this phone and talking about the build and design of the phone like i said it does remind me of an iphone because of the triple camera setup look and at The side youve got all the buttons at the right side. So if you got the volume up and volume down and the power button and at the left is uh pretty empty, i guess i didnt lock it in really tight and it seems to have a single downward firing speaker at the bottom and youve got your micro Usb port and at the top youve got your headphone jack kind of actually wondering why they decided to add a water drop notch, because they could have actually moved the display a bit lower because of that thick bezel at the bottom and then just use the traditional Camera at the top, so at least the display is not interrupted by this notch in terms of cpu and memory. This actually uses a unisoc octa core chipset and is actually rated at around 1.6 gigahertz. It has 2gb of ram and 32gb of storage and it does have support for a micro sd card.

So if you think that 32 gig is not enough, you can actually install or put in a microsd card to to increase your storage. So if youre interested in getting one of these uh budget phones, it actually comes in four uh cool colors, so youve got the airy blue, so youve got apple green. That ive got right here. Youve got a lavender purple and a midnight black. Now, of course, im still interested in finding out how well or how good the single downward firing speaker will sound on this phone, because if youre going to be watching or consuming media content, then a decent speaker system is a must guys. Good thing. This has google services installed, which is a refreshing change, because ive been primarily reviewing china versions of phones or gaming phones to be exact, and you have to install those google services or the google play store separately in order to even install youtube. So let me run youtube here. Okay lets start the test, guys maximum volume, Music Applause – oh Music, okay, to be honest, not too bad guys, it gets pretty loud, of course, theyre not going to be getting any hint to base, but it should do well enough, especially when youre watching netflix or youtube Videos and of course, youve still got the headphone jack up top, so you can use your favorite headset when using the phone and one cool feature there is youve got an fm radio but of course, youre going to be needing a pair of headsets.

That will act as your antenna in order to make use of this function now in terms of pricing. This phone is actually available on lasada right now and its only selling for 4099 philippine peso. If you convert that directly to us dollars its going to be around 82 and for my viewers in india, its going to be costing you around 6084 indian rupees, which is an insanely low amount to pay for a phone like this, especially since it has a pretty Big 6 inch display, so who is the target audience for these kind of phones based on the specs and the screen size itself? I can actually highly recommend this phone, especially because of the big 6 inch display, and it does have dual 4g support, so its going to be very useful in online learning and, of course, students are not going to be just purely learning or doing online learning on This phone they might want to play some games every now, and then i know here in the philippines a lot of students play mobile legends so well see if this phone can actually play decently, because if it does, then this phone has my thumbs up seems to Be able to handle the main ui, just fine lets see what kind of settings we can get so set the graphics as smooth keep it there hd mode. Okay, low resolution optimization now lets try out damage text, no shadows so ill. Give it some time to download all the resources and then we can try out a test match, so be right back a few moments later: yes, Music, all right guys, so it does manage to play mobile legends pretty well um.

Of course, you cant expect the high frames or the 60 frames per second option with such a budget phone, but gaming wasnt too bad to be honest, didnt lag as much as i thought it would. So it is perfectly playable. So this is a good budget option for students who will need a phone for online learning and, of course, to play games during their free time. So ive added the purchase link in the video description below so please check it out guys so ill go ahead and end this, not so quick, unboxing and initial impressions of the oscar c20 pro guys. Let me know if this is one piece of tech that you want to get, but until then a sub would be massively appreciated.