Obviously, budget mid range and, of course, the best that we can get with the pro series from tcl. This is tk and this is the tcl 20 series hands on and initial impressions. So here are the three devices we have the 20 pro the 20s and the 20se. All three of these devices are going to give us a slightly different experience. We have the budget, the mid range and, of course, the professional or, i would say, probably the flagship version of tcl devices for this year. So this is going to be the best that we can, and this is going to be more of a mid ranger and again for budget conscious, but they still want to be able to get a large display. The 20se is definitely going to be able to hit that spot. I have the marine blue uh. We have the milky way black here with the 20s and then, of course, the se is the nui black, which essentially is a nighttime black. So this ones more of a mirror finish this ones more of a gradient, a little bit more sparkly kind of a finish, and, of course, the 20 pro has that very nice kind of like a smoky side and, of course, very nice lines, uh right there. Now they do come in other colors. This is not the only colors that we have um and i will say this much that the 20 pro from last year.

So this is the 10 pro from last year, and this is the new 20 pro. I definitely have always been the ones that always look like the most premium out of the bunch. Of course, we still have the curved display, which is something well get a chance to talk about a little bit more now. Tcl did include a couple extra goodies for me and i do want to say thank you very much. They included this nice little multi tool, thats very nice for outdoor camping, a nice really cool flashlight with a nice magnification, which is really really nice. Of course, a face mask which is definitely very cool, very nice and, of course, very soft. Last but not least, which is really really nice. Is it one of their water bottles? That includes a piece. Well, i cant technically a small speaker that you can charge at the top so when youre walking around youre going outdoors, obviously, as you can see the flashlight the multi tool, they want us to do things outdoors, even with the backpack, as you saw, it looks really Nice, so this one definitely very, very cool and of course, a bluetooth speaker at the top will always be nice when youre walking around. So you can actually start jamming to some music now theyre all going to include a free, clear case, thats included in the box, and each one will have different experiences. This one is meant specifically for the se as thats the one with the fingerprint scanner on the back the sds, i think, features the fingerprint scanner with the power button and, of course, the pro features, the fingerprint scanner directly within the display, but again free cases.

18 watt chargers usb type a to usb type c cables, and they also did include an additional case for me for the 20 pro, which is definitely a very nice one, and this one is drop, tested and, of course, made specifically with the dual layer configuration here. Very nice and this ones made by accessorize uh thats, the pro tech one so for connectivity, 4g, lte, 4g lte, for course, 4g lte plus 5g. Here on the 20 pro thats, one of the main features that we get here. We have a different configuration on each one of these devices and surprisingly, actually, if you think about it, the sc, although considered to be the more budget friendly. Its definitely packing in a very large display, well get a chance to check that out. Real quick but again uh the main differences again fingerprint scanner on the back fingerprint scanner, thats built into the power button, and then here the fingerprint scanner is built in directly into the display. So if we power it on, we put the fingerprint scanner, we can unlock our device and get into it, and that was one of the pictures i was taking in the backyard there. Now, when it comes down to the display sizes, were looking at a 6.6 inch display fully amoled curved edge, display 60 hertz up to 700 nits, and here on the 20s. We have a 6.67 inch so for the most part of roughly a same dimension display the only difference between the two is that this is a flat display, and this is a curved display.

Now, when we move over to the 20se, which is essentially again a more budget friendly, this one is a 6.8 inch, hd plus. So this is a 720p 1080p 1080p resolution all running at 60 frames per second and, of course, uh. This is going to be obviously 100 percent dc, ip3 and, of course, pixelworks i6 processor, which gives us the ability of enjoying some of that content keep in mind. Tcl is known for their displays, so they are not going to disappoint you, regardless of which version of the tcl20 series you decide to pick up. So definitely one of the first things youll notice is from the 10 pro. The display definitely did get a little bit bigger. The fingerprint scanner is still in the display, but you definitely appreciate the dimension and the improvements that theyve done. We still have that smart key thats present on the left side on the top. We have the ability of using the headphone jack, as well as the ir blaster, which is definitely something that is very unique, so youre able to control your tvs again. They are known for their tvs on the bottom. We have usbc microphone bottom firing, speaker and, of course, the sim tray that also supports an sd card. So not only do you get 256 gigs of internal storage with the 20 pro, you definitely have the ability of expanding that storage with an sd card again something that weve carried over from last year.

The biggest aesthetic change, though, is that we went from an entirely smoky gradient. Look on the back with the 10 pro now we have more of a solid green color. Yes, fingerprint magnet but definitely looks super super nice and the camera sensors now are aligned more along. The line as opposed to being sideways so definitely a better configuration for whenever youre taking images so now that all the sensors are actually set at the same level, you no longer have to kind of adjust a little bit between the sensors if youre switching between the Standard focal length or the ultra wide as far as the processing power and ram and storage availability were looking at the 750g hero with the 20 pro. This can also be featuring six gigs of ram 256 gigs of internal storage, again uh expandable with the microsd card. When we look over on the 20s were looking at the snapdragon 60 series, the 665, with four gigs of ram 128 gigs of internal storage with microsd support, which is definitely very nice again flat, display curved edges on the display here flat display and then a flat Display on the 20se now this ones going to be running the snapdragon 400 series, the 460., this ones going to have a 4 gigabyte internal ram and, of course, 128 of storage, again all supporting micro sd cards. Now, when we start looking at the ui elements, of course, we have android 11. Under the hood.

We have the google assistant or the feed on the left side on the right side, youre able to download, install applications, youre able to customize it with either gestures or button navigation. Dark mode is also present here and again, as i mentioned to you guys, we do have 5g here. This is the tcl20 pro i am running it currently on t mobile, so ill go ahead and turn off this one and then well slip it up and, as you can see right, there were picking up 5g here in the us now currently only available on t Mobile and i was able to also get a t, mobile, wi fi, calling here using the tcl 20 pro, so it definitely looks really nice and it works very nicely under the configuration. We have all the options that weve seen before customization, adding emergency contact information, wi, fi, bluetooth connectivity. We do have nfc, obviously usb power charging usb audio. Of course, android auto home screen configuration display configuration again with dark mode that it is also supporting now. Ntx vision is something that obviously we always want to be able to turn on. It enhances the video, especially with the tcl displays now. The other thing i didnt get a chance to mention to you guys is that we have an amoled display on the 20 pro, but we have ips lcd on both the s and the sc so thats, something to keep in mind when youre.

Looking at the different configurations, although all of them are running at 60 frames per second, the display here under the ntx vision, which is present on all three needs to turn on image, enhancement and video and game enhancement, which enables us to have a very nice, very Rich colors on the tcl displays and ill definitely do a real, quick demo for you guys. We have reading mode eye comfort and, of course, sunlight display. That was also kind of the ability of boosting the uh for the brightness up to the 700 nits uh notification. Buttons and gestures, as i mentioned, advanced features you can go in there. We do have access to the edge bar thats, one of the new features that they brought in, and this one seems to be present on all three versions of their devices. Fingerprint quick launch enables us to launch activities by holding and press and holding the fingerprint sensor after unlocking the device game mode gives us some additional features. Keeping in mind that this was running the 750 g, the g is for gaming, so definitely some focus there. For gaming experience, one handed mode screen, recording and, of course, multi user for multiple users on the same device. Last but not least, smart manager. We have obviously auto start memory, notifications, security and biometrics location, privacy, apps and, of course, we have access to private private space within the entire ui. Sorry, we do have access to private private space applications directly within the ui element: storage, again, 256 on this model, 128 and 128 on the other one all supporting sd cards.

Of course you can log in with your google play account or google account and customize. You know digital well being and everything else on that as well, and i can see here, everything is pretty much the exact same, the only main difference between the three devices when it comes down to the capacity um. All three of them are supporting wire charging at up to 18 watts, although the tcl 20 pro supports wireless charging for up to 15 watts as well, is the fact that the battery on the 20 pro is a 4500 milliampere battery and the other two are five Thousand milliampere and ill explain to you one thing to keep in mind the device itself. The 20 pro is definitely the more sleekest, definitely very design forward approach when it comes down to their smartphone. So to do that they have to kind of kind of fit the capacity of the battery to fit the size of the device youll notice again, the pro is by far looking at least it looks like itd, be the smallest of the three, even though its the Same display size on both of these guys same resolution, but again we definitely get some of the best technologies with the 20 pro im. Pretty sure you guys want to know exactly how the cameras work. The camera ui is very much similar across all three different devices. You have additional modes that youre able to bring up there theres an auto mode for front facing and back facing sensors.

The video mode will change, depending on the device that youre on 4k 30 frames per. Second, is going to be the primary function here. So lets go ahead and switch over here. 4K 30 frames per second with a 16 by 9 aspect ratio with the 48 megapixel sensor. Now. The good thing about it is, if i switch over to the front facing camera, were not compromising. That experience were still able to shoot 4k 30 frames per second, so youre, benefiting from a consistent experience on the front facing sensor, as well as the primary main sensor in the back, so thats the main benefit here and of course, we have video stabilization using electronic Image stabilization uh, we have portrait imaging, obviously super night mode and pro ill have obviously some more time to spend with those uh. Initially, i would say my pictures that i was able to take in the backyard weve been going through a massive heatwave within the last couple of days here in southern california. So i will probably say is what youre seeing right now is some samples from the backyard. I took some images, of course, some portrait images there and, of course, an image of our one, tiny little bird house that we have backyard there. Images look really nice very crisp and i will spend obviously more time to be able to do a full, full readout, at least or full experience, uh, sorry and, of course, ill definitely be working on a full experience with the camera.

As i publish the review, hopefully within the next week or so, but that kind of gives us a quick glimpse into what we get here with the 20 pro again. The primary shooter here is a 48. The secondary is a 16 megapixel thats going to be the ultra wide. So although the configuration may seem like its changing, the experience is definitely focused here for the best experience you can get now, switching it over to the 20s. The 20s gives us a slightly different experience. We have a 64 megapixel primary shooter in the back and thats gon na, be the experience youre getting there again, similar camera modes that we get with the 20 pro auto video portrait super night and then, of course, pro the biggest thing on the video here is, If we go into the settings, configuration again, 4k 30 frames per second available on the primary shooter on the back and if we switch over to the front, lets, go ahead and switch cameras and ill go ahead and turn it over 4k30 is also supported here. So definitely a very similar experience to what we get with the 20 pro and what youre. Looking at some of the pictures here, as well as the video i took in my backyard again, some of the nice really hot summer, uh summer days here in southern california. So definitely just representative of what youre able to do and definitely will focus heavily on the camera experience in our full review thats coming up very soon now the 20se features a slightly different experience again.

The primary shooter is a 48 megapixel sensor and i feel like thats, going to be the primary best sensor that youre able to get there on the front. We have a 13 megapixel sensor, again: expandable storage, massive display, thats one thing: uh, the shin, the chin and the forehead are definitely a little bit bigger, but keep in mind. This is the budget friendly version of all three of these devices. So when it comes down to the camera, experience well go down into the camera. Some of the additional options that we have here under more are a little bit more tailored to it. We have an auto mode, video portrait, ai color and pro you notice. The super night mode is not available here, the camera experience or at least under video. The best experience were going to be able to get is 1080p 30 and 1080p 30 on the front and the back so thats. What youre, essentially looking at right now is some images that i took in the backyard, and i tried to be more consistent to take the same images with all three devices so that you guys can see some of those experiences portrait photography as well as 1080p. Video from the main sensor on the back now, the last thing i want to share with you guys, real quick before we come into our conclusion of this hands on is obviously the speakers or the sound experience. Now all of them are playing the exact same song.

Here we just need to make sure that its sitting at the 52 seconds exactly right, where the drop is so were going to start off and again all of them are running at 100. Uh volume level so well go ahead and start off with the 20 pro ill go ahead and play alex quindo jumbo from ncs release. Applause definitely sounds pretty good and it can get pretty loud now. I will mention that this one only has a one firing. Speaker thats, going to be mono on the bottom. We dont have a stereo experience jumping over to the 20s again same song about the same spot. Volume level is at 100 lets, go ahead and start Music Music. Now the experience here is slightly different. Definitely not as loud as the 20 pro, although we do have a more of a scary experience. There is a little bit of sound coming in from the top earpiece, but the sound definitely sounds a lot louder and more bassier on the 20 pro. But again, definitely a very nice experience for the price point that were looking at last but not least, the 20se. This is going to be the budget. Guy of all three of these devices again same position same song lets go ahead and start of course, volume level. All the way to 100. Music before we finish our quick hands on, i do want to mention that every single one of them also features a programmable key.

Now the smart key is configurable directly within the application that we have in here. So under the settings. Just look for the word: smart key, uh single press right now we have it. We can turn it on. You can have it customized to either launch the google assistant, so well go ahead and do that once so. As far as the configuration you can customize, obviously the experience based on what you want so right now i have single press opens up the camera very simple. Although keep in mind, you do have the ability of double pressing here, the power button that gives you the same function, uh double pressing, it will open up the assistant for me thats, also very nice, and again you can re customize it now pressing and holding it. Will open a third party application? This is called the uh app manager, and this is something that thats built in here to most uh tcl devices that enables it to basically kill background processes and so on. So if you like to use it, you can definitely have it there. You can customize it and again its present on all three of the tcl 20 series devices, so tcl is providing as a device for each experience. They want to offer us if youre looking for a budget friendly device, the brand new tcl20 se, will give you that experience large display, large battery decent cameras and, of course, uh just intended to last you for an extended amount of time with a great experience, definitely Focused on the display, so when we go over to the 20s, the battery stays again.

5 000 milliampere. We got bumped up a little bit on the internal storage as well as the ram and, of course, the experience kind of follows there. With the 64 megapixel sensor that we have the primary shooter there, the 20sc has a 48. This one has a 64. now when it comes down to the best of the best that they have to offer for 2021. The 20 pro obviously is a jump, a massive jump forward from what we got last year with the 10 pro first ill say its a bigger display. We have obviously a 5g connectivity with the 750g processor that we get directly here, as well as the fact that we have obviously at the aesthetics the device looks a little bit more refined. The look on the back. The cameras are aligned in the right format, at least in my opinion, whenever youre taking pictures, you always want to make sure that all of your cameras are at the same level, so that, if you switch from the wide angle lens to the primary shooter, all of The cameras have the same positioning, so you dont have to readjust to get the same frame thats, primarily the best experience that i can say now. Im still going to be working on providing you a review on each one of these guys. Todays video was primarily focusing on everything that was announced at ces, and we finally have it here in the us now.

The last thing i did want to mention to you guys – which, unfortunately, i dont have my hands on it yet last week, tcl did make the announcement about the ntx, where g. Now, those are the glasses that i got a chance to check out back at ces. A couple of years ago, where they enable us to connect to the 20 pro and thats, going to be the initial support that we get right now and gives us the ability of using basically um, almost like a large display format in a glass, obviously configuration that Goes with you everywhere, so youre able to basically have a massive display connected to your smartphone anywhere. You are now thats going to be coming up later on, hopefully ill have some time to spend with that so ill share with you guys. My experience im very excited to see what tcl is doing here and obviously giving us the best experiences again from the uh professional. That is a flagship version of their smartphone.