Well, when choosing a tripod, it does welcome to smart photo reviews channel where today we will see how much the size is important when choosing a tripod. What were having here today is one little interesting, tiny tripod meant for smartphone vloggers, for people who dont know how to stabilize their mobile phones while recording themselves for some youtube channels or for some private use. This is manfrotto pixie, b model, which looks like this. You have three little legs that you can put like this, and then you can attach your smartphone on this clamp up here. You have this little button that you use to press to release this ball head to adjust angles and also you can unscrew this clamp for smartphone and screw it in other directions. So you can choose whether youre shooting youre filming yourself in landscape or portrait mode. A few words about quality of materials. They seem to be of pretty high quality. Polycarbonate materials that looks like they are metal more than plastic about. The clamp. Clamp is very strong. I can show you how you can mount your phone, the clamp you just put it here then, like this mount your phone and you can mount it either way, whether youre using your front or rear camera to record or film yourself. What is also important is that in this clamp, you have a additional rubbers here and up here to protect your phone from scratches. Also, if youre not satisfied with the height of this little tripod, and you need something a bit higher and more options for uh mounting your smartphone when filming yourself, you can unscrew this clamp completely and use these screws to mount it on any tripod.

You can imagine so its very useful and handy for filming yourself. Another interesting possible usage of this little tripod that is specified by manufacturer also is to use it as a selfie. Stick like this, you can use it as a short selfie. Stick. It doesnt have the length, maybe that you need, but for some situation it can really be useful. So lets conclude about this little tripod, its an excellent accessory for the people who are on the move, who want to film them themselves, who want to vlog, with their cell phones its very useful, its very practical, its handy, its small. You can fit it in any pocket, you can carry it whenever you want with you, and this clamp is very durable and also if you want to mount it on some other, more serious tripod. If i may say then its possible – and you can do even more serious recordings with your smartphone, if you want even a clamp of higher quality theres an option, a little pricier option that you can buy its uh – also manfrotto model. But it has this clamp of better material and with a screw on the back side. So, instead of using this grip, you tighten the screw and adjust to the dimensions of your cell phone, so thats about it of this pro. We hope you liked our latest review and, as you see sometimes the smaller is better until next time.