Let me just check mobile spr, 5 metal, smartphone video rig mountain microphone and light video stabilizer cage with tripod mount for iphone android. Now, in my opinion, is one of the tools for starter content creators that is the best, but it has four five flaws that were going to talk about it soon, but first lets take a closer look and and see the unbox of this thing. Now the movo sp r5 metal smartphone is actually two products: smartphone holder and a camera cage. Okay, the smartphone holder, its quite impressive. It has three universal tripod screws on it: two hot shoes on the bottom, on in on the top and two levelers for horizontal work and vertical work. That is very. This is the first smartphone holder that i see with this feature. Also unique. Hooker itself is not a spring, is actually a screw, so you have to screw the smartphone in it takes longer to put a smartphone here for longevity. This is excellent because a spring can get old. This is a screw, the screw never gets old. But for me the start of the show is this camera cage. This thing is strong, its real metal, not plastic, with a really good rubber grips that it wont fail on you, okay and its, not a gross rubber that picks up dustin. This thing has a bunch of screw in on this thing: okay, it has one two, three, four one fourth screws and two 380 screws.

This is very rare for a thing that its supposed to be used on a smartphone. I really like as well this screw here. It stays put so it has a little thing to hold it in place, so it wont get lost. As you can see now. I am connected with an arca swiss plate and i can put it on a tripod as easily as so so it has also this two cold shoes over here to put in lights. Microphones, wherever you want, you can adapt almost everything on top of this beast boom. Universal connecting things to use with a smartphone there you go so i tested this thing with philippe music producer dash creator and fellow youtuber on a live video recording. It was a recording non stop of 35 minutes. Of course, he tried as well and well im gon na share as well his opinion, which is basically the same as mine. I collaborated with him because hes a starter, youtuber and content creator, so hes a good candidate to test this thing during the recording of 35 minutes non stop. I was really really happy that this thing was pretty damn light yeah, because 35 minutes like that in filming, you should try it its hell, and the main thing is that i wasnt creative limited at all. I could use dutch plans level out rotate navigate move as i want. As long i was doing a correct crab movement without too much sickness, but i was using his iphone with optical stabilization and probably has some digital stabilization as well and looked smooth af.

Now one of the problems of the wide angle lens will show up this screw over here, and sometimes your fingers holding this thing. There is a really really simple solution. You just unscrew the stand of the smartphone holder and connect it directly on the cage without any problem. Now that is kind of painful in the s, because you lose the ability of rotating vertical to horizontal as easy as so. But if you have a really good tripod, that wont be a problem because you just rotate the tripod head. If you are a guy that uses a lot the wide angle lens, i really advise you to move this smartphone holder from here to the side and the smartphone holder as its very very strong. You can grip your smartphone from one side of it and it will work properly well, the spawn holder on rotates in one access. If you are using like a small tripod like this one or a gorillapod like this one, you are limited in the position of your smartphone. If it was a ball head, you could tilt as well, and it would add on the price of this thing, because a ball head is expensive thats. Why? I advised to use this with a really good stripe head, so that wont be a problem for you. Okay, talking about the bad things lets talk about the good things now, a bunch of tools for smartphone for content. Creators has a big problem, its not future proof.

That means if your audience grows. If you are starting to make money with your content, you will jump to real cameras. You will jump to better lighting better stuff and you have already the tool to start with okay. Why im saying this? Because this thing is two pieces, you can adapt your new 4k high end camera on this puppy without any problems. Do live stream with the setup that you already build on your desk and you can use your smartphone as a b camera as a teleprompter whatever or as a selfie stick with a selfie stick: okay, really easily as so and thats. The really cool thing is that you can evolve and everything will be compatible with everything and a tool that will last as long as this thing can last its pretty damn good price. Okay – and you definitely can find cheaper stuff but youre, starting to degrade on the quality of the metal or probably is not even metal. It starts to be not as a good camera occasion as this one drop a like.