So this is the latest mid ranger smartphone by oppo. They are launching on november 15th yeah. So lets learn more about this device and uh a quick note for you guys, uh. My review unit here is actually running pre production software, so the experience might be a little bit different compared to the retail units. So come on, lets learn more about it. So, as usual here are the specification of the oppo a95 pause it. If you want to read more detail about it because im not going to go through one by one, you are done. Lets go to the review itself, so lets kick off things with the design of the oppo a95 here, okay, so basically, oppo is saying that this device is actually weighs at 175 gram and its thinness is just only 7.95 millimeter. Yes, this device really really feels very light to grip on and also the back cover, because it has a curved corner yeah. It is very easy to grip on for a long period of time at the back is using the oppo glow design and according to oppo. Here they say this color here is called glowing rainbow silver yeah. It looks very, very nice on the left. You can see the volume rocker sim card slot and the power button on the right top, basically thats, nothing. Much and bottom. Here you have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and the usb type c port charger for your charging needs and data transfer.

And, lastly, the mono speaker grill here: okay yeah world design. I really really like it being a mid ranger is look very stylish for the performance department on this oppo a95 review unit i have here is packing a snapdragon 662 chipset, which is actually last years chipset, but nonetheless, the performance here is still quite adequate for daily Usage as well and this review, you need, it actually comes with six gigabytes of ram. Okay, im, not sure about the uh retail version in malaysia, but for now it has a six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal storage. So uh oppo also has added some performance features on this uh a95. Here he has put in a ram expansion uh whereby it adds a virtual ram on this device to make it a smoother experience for your daily usage and also theres. Also a system booster, also whereby a software will be optimizing. The performance of this device for your daily usage – it definitely also can play some mobile game titles such as like genji impact, which i will be showing to you right now: Applause, Applause, Music. So, as you can see from the clip here, yeah, even when youre playing game, theres a game mode system as well to optimize the gaming performance on this oppo a95. So overall the performance not bad. To be honest seriously for mid ranger, you wont be disappointed with the performance here provided by oppo themselves for the display department on the oppo a195.

Here ya is rocking a 6.43 inches amoled full hd plus display yeah uh the display not bad. To be honest, if you want to use it for content, viewing playing games or even doing work because uh, it has a 2400 by 1080 pixel resolution here yeah. It really really looks amazing, but one thing this display is only using the standard 60hz refresh rate, uh theres, no fast, refresh rate here so thats a little bit downside here, but thats also a good thing, because you are going to save up on the battery consumption As well as for the screen, brightness for indoor usage is not bad, quite adequate brightness for your viewing experience, but for although uh i do wish its a little bit more brighter for the audio department on the oppo, a 95, the moon speakers setup actually is not Bad okay, its quite loud there is a little bit bass there, but i do wish they should have put it a uh, dual stereo speaker setup. If you really want an immersive audio experience, yeah theres, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, you can use it or, alternatively, you can use a wireless headphones earbuds to enjoy your audio experience here. So here is a clip for you to check out the speaker sound on this oppo. A 95 Applause. Meanwhile, for the battery department on this oppo a95 is rocking a 5000mah battery here uh battery life. Here it will last it will definitely last you the whole day.

Uh no worries about that, and if you really need to charge it, it supports 33 watt fast charging here yeah. So you dont really have to worry about the battery department here and if you still need more assurance, oppo also added some battery features on this device. So the first one is a battery guard ai night charge. The second one is charging heat control and, last but not least, super power saving mode plus super nighttime standby. Now to the uh. Long beats the camera department on the oppo a95. So lets start off with the rear, camera theres a triple camera setup here: okay, uh, first theres, a 48 megapixel main camera, which you will be using most of the time and then theres a 2 megapixel depth sensor for your bokeh shots and then lastly, a 2 Megapixel macro camera, which doesnt serve any purpose. To be honest, i will be more emphasizing on the main camera on this review. Okay, for photography, yeah, the main sensor is amazing. Okay, i do wish it only has a ultra white camera here to go along with it, but because it doesnt have so all eyes on the main camera for photography. It really really looks nice for the photos, so if you just shoot it in just normal mode, without the hdr and ai mode, yeah photos look a little bit dark. And now, if you turn on, hdr photos look bright and when you turn on hdr and ai yeah, the saturation looks a little bit palm up a little bit.

Uh photos output would definitely look like uh after you are edited. The main camera also can capture good video, however, is limited only to 1080p 30 frames per second, so lets check out the video Music, and if you see a poster on the seat, we currently ask that you dont sit. There were trying to ensure that theres social distancing in place – thank you for the 2 megapixel macro camera photos taken is just ok, all night time, photography yeah. This main camera has a bit some focus hunting issue, but, however, there is a night mode here as well. I do highly suggest you to use uh the night mode uh because it will control the exposure much better for the selfie. Camera is sporting, a 16 megapixel front camera which actually perform not bad. To be honest, if you are taking a lot of selfie photos, i do highly recommend you to turn the hdr on not auto turn it on. Okay, because the dynamic range will make your photos, look really really awesome and if you are shooting selfies at low light condition. I do highly recommend you to turn on the flash or use night mode and for the selfie videos it can only pop up at 1080p. 30 frames per second, alright folks, so its time to wrap things up on this oppo a95, here, okay, so before we are going to do that, if youre still new to the youtube channel, please go ahead and subscribe it and follow us on social media.

Like this content, give a thumbs up like share to your families and friends, and also hit the notification bell to receive update when trainground uploads a new video, okay, once youve done that lets back to the final relay uh as the time of recording this video uh Oppo, malaysia has yet announced the official pricing of this device. Okay, so therefore uh here are the subtitles okay, so this video will be uploaded right after the launch of the oppo a95 in malaysia, okay, so uh. My final verdict yeah this oppo a95, is a surprisingly good, mid ranger to be honest, yeah. It has the Music features that really provides you one of the best performance for your daily usage as a mid ranger, okay, as long as youre, not too demanding with it. Yeah, its definitely a smart, buy to get this uh oppo a95. In malaysia, however yeah there is pros and cons so uh. If you can live up with the cons of the device, i would say you were generally going to love this device all right guys. So thats all for the uh final verdict of the oppo a95 im, giving it a final score of 7.5 out of 10, because this mid ranger from mobile really really surprised me and it works exceptionally well for that price range. Okay, yeah! I do highly recommend you to shortlist this device if you are looking for 2021 mid ranger smartphone right now in malaysia.

So as again, there is a pre order deal for this device. You can go to traingrounds website to read about it or head to the description link, which i will try to put on it, and special shout out thanks to oppo malaysia for loaning this review, you need okay, uh for two weeks yeah. I have been using this guy for two weeks and uh. However, this is not a paid content. Therefore, uh oppo does not have any creative input. No final approval is needed for this uh review video. Whatever im commenting on this review, video is merely based on my two weeks of experiencing this device, and again i have to stress uh. This device is actually running a pre production software, so uh it might be a little bit different from the retail unit. Okay, guys thats all for it. Hopefully you guys love the content and uh wish you guys stay safe and ill see you guys on the next content.