So sorry, i never upload video and maybe yeah you can say this is my first time video on my youtube channel, because in some of the previous video i have never uploaded a video to youtube like directly talking to all of you. So this is my first time uploading video like this to youtube. I would apologize first if my english is still not good enough im trying to miss in this video, i will unbox or review and provide several ways to connect this earphone to pc and smartphone. First of all, i will explain this uh earphone. First, this iphone uh, maybe like my favorite earphones, because this earphone is very, very simple and really easy to carry everywhere because im really a person who really likes music. So i have to carry earphones everywhere. Okay, here it is truly wireless earphones from base. I think the products come from china made in china, but in china, for your information. Ive ever opened this item before, but i didnt record it all just few parts that i recorded, because at that time i didnt think this would be a video for about my excitement and content. Okay, go ahead check it out. Music lets read first, some information and specification of this one of us: Music, wm01 truly waters; many airbus, bluetooth, airbags that are designed, small and lightweight so easy to carry anywhere. It uses bluetooth, 5.0 technology and has long battery life ergonomically, designed making it comfortable to use and equip it with three sizes of air tips, namely s m and l.

It is also equipped with noise cancelling feature that functions to isolate noise from outside sports voice assistant via touch control, and is it and is compatible with operating system, android, ios and windows? Okay. This is so amazing here. What is this specification named by extension? Truly wireless earphones model, vs angel wm01 material, abs version, 3, 5.0 communication, distance, 10 meters, music time 5 hours, 70 of the following music listening duration with the charging box 25 hours battery capacity here are some specifications that are a bit difficult to read. So you can see for yourself in this photo: okay charging interface type c suitable for compatible with all wireless devices. Lets take a look inside Music, Music, Music, Music Music is Music. The first thing you have to do is take your phone and get out from the place to turn on the bluetooth Music turn on the bluetooth on your pc. You can go to the bottom left corner and click the windows and click settings. The fourth click turn on and add bluetooth or other device. Music make sure the bluetooth is connected to the devices named basis: Music, Music, okay, thats, all from me im.